Trivia Contest Winners!

Apr 1, 2013

Full Answers:

1.What’s the name of the character based on the popular meme?


2. Who is the first person we speak to in Wizard City?
Merle Ambrose

3. What are the name of the quests where we fight Malistaire?
The Final Countdown, This is the Way the World Ends

4.What wand is given to the Wizard101 Official Fansite: Wizard101 Central?
Umbra Blade

5.What is the name of the Life boss you fight in the Labyrinth in order to get Rebirth?
Scarrik Gallowgaunt

6. How many bosses are there in the Great Spyre?

7.What are the four students you fight in the Pigswick Tournament, and what worlds are they from?
Kisai Shugenja – Mooshu
Beatrice Wildwind – Weirwood in Avalon
Nalia Dunestrider – Mirage
Randolf Spellshine – Wysteria

8. Name all of the worlds in the Wizard101 universe
Worlds currently available in game:
Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu, Dragonsypre, Grizzleheim (Wintertusk), Pigswick, Celestia, Zafaria, Avalon, Azteca

9. What two Schools are not located in Ravenwood?
Balance and Death

10. What is Unique about the Fire School’s Ceiling?
Burnt Patches

11. Where do you go to train your pets?
Pet Pavillion

12. What pet was given to Beta Players as a special Thank you?
Pioneer Dragon

13. What world is Merle Ambrose from?

14. Who is Gamma the Owl?
Merle Ambrose’s Pet

15. What character’s wife died?
Malistaire Drake

No one actually got all the answers correct, Question 1 and 3 caught most of you out 😉


First Place: Alura with 14/15- Gold Bundle, Fog Staff and Viridian Sceptre
Second Place: Gavin Stardust with 13/15- FOG Staff and Goldenbeak wand
Runner Ups:
Jack Dragon Shield -12/15-Fog Staff
Tabitha Darksword-12/15-Fog Staff
Matthew MythGlade-10/15-Fog Staff

I am sending the Emails with your Prizes now.



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  1. Alura Silverdust

    I love trivia contests! thank you for this

  2. Rony

    I would of won, but I forgot the 2nd quest "This is the way the world ends" DARN…D: xD

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