Interview with Alric!

Sep 24, 2013


1.  When did you start playing Wizard101?  How did you come across the game?

I started playing Wizard101 July 2009. I came across the game via an ad and article in Beckett Pokemon Magazine. 

2.  When did you discover your love for pets?

Halloween season 2009. At the time the Spider Golem was the rarest pet in the game and I had found out it dropped in the Master’s Tower of the Halloween Towers. I knew I wanted this weird looking pet and I farmed everyday for it-to no avail. This was before Advanced pets of course and being a Sorcerer (Balance) wizard I loved the card that came with the Spider Golem. Balance pets were much more rare in those days.


3.  The Petnome Project is a Wizard101 official website.  Tell us a little about why you started.  Were you excited when you became official?

I didn’t start anything although I have been involved since almost the beginning. The credit for the Petnome Project belong to Kevin Battleblood and Miguel Wildthorn. But I started because I believed in what we were doing would be extremely beneficial to the community and at that time no one else was doing what we were doing. Even now over 3 years later no one has the same amount of data and research that Petnome does. I also wanted to bring the finest quality of information to the community something me and Kevin shared and agreed on. I was very excited when Petnome became official although at the time I was only a regular contributor (circa 2010). 

4.  How can the community contribute to The Wizard101 Petnome Project?

Submit! That’s the best thing you can do. It helps us, help you guys and the community at large. A lot of times we end of spending a lot of our time and real money just to bring the community information (buying packs, pets, snacks etc). It’s nice to work in unison with the community to complete a pet. One of the best things about Petnome is the feeling you get when we all complete a pet. 

5.  What is your favorite Wizard101 pet and why?

We go back to the 2nd question. Definitely the Spider Golem. Just because it was the first pet I tried to farm for not to mention it looks cool. I’ll also say although they aren’t first generations that the Level 48 school pet hybrids are still some of the coolest looking pets around and I like all of them. 

6.  Do you have a favorite Wizard101 class? If so, what is it and why?

My favorite wizard school is also my first one, Balance. Balance for me is sort of like an Avatar. We are a mix of all schools and for that we are a very versatile class that can switch from defense to offense to support on the spot. Other classes can do this too of course–but we did it first and best. 

7.  When Pirate101 launched, how did you like it?  What did you think of it?  When did you start playing?

I loved it. It was familiar enough that I didn’t feel too lost but it was completely a new game too. I’ll just say here and now that I think Pirate101’s writing/pacing is much better (in my opinion) than Wizard101. Whether that’s a result of the slightly older-mature themes or just more experience from the writers, or both, I love it. I originally was invited to Alpha by Paige Moonshade but I decided to wait until Beta and I got early access so I started playing August 1st, 2012 as a Privateer. 

8.  Did you fall as in love to Pirate101 pets as you are with Wizard101 pets?

I did because they had the same style as Wizard101 pets. That is–they are a mix of realism and cartoon in their body dimensions, textures, colors etc. I also loved how simple and yet how useful pets can be. It’s kinda reminds me of the Pre-advanced pets of 2010 they are more for looks but they can be helpful every now and again.

9.  You recently became official on Pirate101 Petnome Project.  How long did it take you to get the site ready?  Were you excited to announce it?

It was an incredible feat, actually. I’ll just say here that I love my Petnome team and I wouldn’t of gotten Petnome Pirates off the ground so quickly without their input and help. It took only 2-3 days to launch the site (We definitely pulled all-nighters) and about a week for it to get it ready for One-eyed Jack AKA Tom to review it. After a few tweaks here and there I got an email from Tom saying “Welcome to the fold” and  there it was—Petnome Pirates on the official fansite list. In all, from launch to becoming official it took 3 weeks of hard work and it is quite amazing how we went from nothing to an amazing sister site to the Petnome Project.

10.  How can the community contribute to The Pirate101 Petnome Project?

Same as for W101 Petnome, submit. We need to know what pets fight with so any chance you have to cast a Juju spell and find that info out send it our way. 

11.  What is your favorite Pirate101 pet and why?

Oooh that’s hard. I’ll say it’s a tie between the Lil’ Labor Golem and the Mini-Minotaur. I’ll throw in a honorable mention for the Skarakeet pet even though I do not own one personally. 

12.  Do you have a favorite Pirate101 calss?  If so, what is it and why?

I do, Privateer, and for the same reasons as Balance for W101. We are a very versatile class and it scares the other classes especially those louts the Musketeers. I’ll also say I enjoy playing as a Buccaneer and if I didn’t like Privateer so much I’d probably pick Buccaneer. The Witchdoctor class is also fun to play with–lots of options. 

13.  Thanks for the interview!  What are your final words or thoughts that you would like to share with the community while we end this interview?

Keep on helping each other out and let go of the petty fighting. I’ve been involved with the community since 2009 and the community has changed a lot since I first came around. Some of those changes were good but some not so much. We need to realize as a community that everyone is different and we need to set aside our differences or embrace them. Otherwise we will degrade into other gaming communities, each facet so different than the next that we are unwilling to come together. That will be our downfall. But I have hope especially with good people still around like Paige, Duncan Stormthief, SorceressMiklai, Alura Silver, Swordroll, Autumn Dreamwalker, Dreamflower, and many others.


Thanks Alric! 

This interview was to follow up the Petnome Article of the Month.  Make sure to check out both Petnome Pirates and Petnome Project!

See you soon everyone!





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  1. Stephen SC

    Not saying anything against Petnome's former administrators, but Alric has done an incredible job with Petnome and really taken it to the next level. Well done, sir! 🙂

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    Alric has indeed done a fantastic job!

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