Happy Birth-O-Ween!

Oct 16, 2013

It’s Pirate101’s Birthday, AND Halloween – aka,

Start by redeeming your free Pirate101 birthday hat, and
check out the Crown Shop for some new, exclusive items! There’s a new Halloween
Galleon that seems awfully spooky, and there’s an eyepatch for you, whether you’re
more into the birthday theme or the Halloween one. Grab them while you can,
because they’ll be making a departure at the end of the month.

Also, Skull Island is completely decorated to celebrate the festive month. There’s a new NPC between the Buccaneer and Privateer classrooms that has a new quest… something about a new statue Captain Avery found, it seems. But, be careful… this statue has a strange curse upon it, and it’s up to you to break it!

On top of that, KingsIsle announced that there will be a new introduction to the battle system coming soon, known as Battle Standards! They’ll give you an edge in battle when they’re placed, boosting a certain type of companion. You can even use them in PvP, too! Keep an eye out for gift cards that will be released soon, and you may just be able to snag one of your own…

Don’t miss out on celebrating Pirate101’s first birthday! It’s been a remarkable year since the launch of the game, and we’re sure that we’ll be in for quite a few more surprises in the future! Speaking of surprises… did you hear that Captain Blood is making a special visit to some Pirate101 fansites? Check them out here, and click the link below to view the complete Update Notes for this month!



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