Companion Spotlight: Zeena!

Nov 5, 2013

As a new addition to the site, we’re introducing a Companion Spotlight section on some of your favorite companions. Every month, we’ll highlight one of your favorite companions and give you tips, tricks, and advice to make them excel in combat!

To start it off, this month we’re focusing on Zeena – a new Musketeer companion from Aquila that you may just find extra useful on your PvP team!

What’s so good about her?

Zeena, like Bonnie Anne, can train Burst Fire, one of the best Musketeer epic talents. In fact, she is the only companion currently in the game that can train Burst Fire 3. This means that, if she attacks an enemy with low health, she’s more likely to get another hit in! Additionally, that hit will lower the enemy’s health even more, making it more likely for another Burst Fire to go off! That being said, you should definitely invest in Burst Fire 3 for her.


Ratbeard, one of the developers of the game, noted on the message boards how Relentless, Burst Fire, and Mojo Echo 3 work. It’s a very interesting bit of mechanics behind the epic!

 Wounded = less than 100% health. Depending on how wounded the enemy is, the bonus may be up to 25%.

For her last epic talent, go with Overwatch. Parting Shot, Double Tap 2, and Return Fire 2 simply won’t activate as much as Overwatch will, and it provides as an activation trigger for Burst Fire. What does this mean? If Overwatch activates, you’ll have a 35% chance (or more, depending on the enemy’s health) for Burst Fire to activate!

Firstly, Zeena has Guaranteed Critical Strike, tier 1. While this may only be a Super Hit rather than a Mega or an Epic one, it’ll deal well over normal damage and is perfect if you need an extra boost to ensure that she’ll finish off an enemy.


More importantly, she has not one, but two Rain of Fire cards. They will do 1x damage in an X formation, hitting up to 5 enemies at once! This will leave fires in the squares where no enemies reside, so, even if she’s not in range of enemies, you may want to use this power sort of how you would with Musketeers’ traps – place them in empty squares and watch the enemy damage themselves as they walk near them.

And… did you know that Rain of Fire can Burst Fire? Zeena may just consecutively hit the enemy who you initially attack…

Pro Tip: Did you know that Zeena’s fires deal 5% of an enemy’s maximum health? For example, if an enemy has 100 health, they will lose 5 health for each time they are damaged by a fire. This means that, theoretically, regardless of the health of an enemy, it will take 20 hits by a fire to defeat them. Of course, rather than letting a fire defeat an enemy (which they can and will easily move away from), let it weaken them and then strike them down!

How do you use her?

Your best bet is to make use of her Burst Fire 3. If it’s towards the beginning of the fight, the enemies may not be at low health, so just focus on attacking the largest threat in the fight – this will most likely be the enemy with the highest damage output potential and the lowest health. On most occasions, this will be a Swashbuckler, such as El Toro. Before he can damage your units, aim for him with your Musketeers – it’s not too likely for a Swashbuckler to dodge a Musketeer. That being said, if you’re against a Privateer who can increase their units’ dodge or maybe a Buccaneer who can reduce Zeena’s accuracy, it may be in your interest to use her powers at that point. Not only are they fairly strong, but they are also a guaranteed hit!

When an enemy is at low health, it’s Zeena’s chance to finish them off. When she finishes them, she’ll Double Tap onto another enemy and possibly hit some Burst Fires off of them, too! If you’re not sure if a regular attack will finish the enemy off, you may want to use her Guaranteed Critical Strike power. Also, you can use her Rain of Fire power, putting the enemy in the center of the X, so they will take damage from four fires if they aren’t finished off!

Keep in mind, though: Zeena’s range is 4, compared to Bonnie Anne’s 5. Your opponent may strategically place their Bonnie Anne five squares away from your Zeena, so they can hit you but you can’t hit them. While you should make sure that Zeena isn’t in the center of the fight, make sure she is in range to hit the enemy!


Have you had success using Zeena? Do you prefer her, Bonnie Anne, or perhaps the Magnificent Seven Musketeers? Let us know in the comments!



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