New Wizard101 AND Pirate101 Bundles!

Nov 15, 2013

Two New Bundles have arrived in the Spiral, the Wizard101 Hive Bundle and the Pirate101 Empire Bundle!

Each bundle is available for $39 and available at GameStop USA Stores

So, First thing’s first; The Wizard101 Bundle: 

It is themed around the new Wizard101 World: Khrysalis! (See Post here about new updates to Wizard101).

The Hive Bundle Comes with 6 Items;

5000 Crowns or 1-Month Membership

Amber Estate

The Amber Estate is the perfect place for Bee-Lovers, let’s take a look at what it has to offer:

PvP Circle, off to the left as you arrive at the house (through a Teleporter)

DragonFly Ride, this Magnificent addition to the house allows you to take an Aerial View of the AMAZING house.

Bee Wings Mount

A lovely set of new wings for you!

Stinger Gear, Slingshot Weapon and Bumble Bee Pet!

Dont’ you just LOVE looking like a bug, right? Well, now you can with the Stinger Gear and Slingshot!

Who can resist the cuteness of the New Bumblebee Pet! This pet comes with a new Talent: May Cast Life Fuel

That’s all for the Wizard101 Bundle, don’t forget to check out the new World!

Last but not least; The Pirate101 Bundle: 

It is themed around the Pirate101 World: Aquila!

The Empire Bundle Comes with 6 Items;

5000 Crowns or 1-Month Membership

Lady Centaur Companion

 The Centaur Companion has finally arrived to the Pirate101 Spiral! Check out her stats here on the Companion Database!

 Imperators Standard

When equiped (it’s a Totem) it will place a Power into your “deck” and it will boost all your Bird Companions:

Imperial Galleon

That’s right, a Pirate101 Bundle wouldn’t be complete without a pirate ship, here’s a look and the stats of the new ship (Tier 6):

Gladiator Outift and Emperor’s Villa

The new Gladiator Outift will surely make you ready for the colloseum!

and a little Sneak Peak at the Indoors!

That’s all for now! See you in the Spiral/Skyways



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