Trivia Questions! [Closed]

Apr 15, 2014


Here are the trivia questions for this contest – be the first to answer them correctly to win!

We’d like to thank everyone for entering our trivia contest – some came really close, but unfortunately we were only able to award the top six people a prize.
Here are all of the correct answers:

1. Where was Sarah Steele raised?

Our original intentions was accepting Flotsam for this, as Sarah Steele comments that she was raised there when you dock for the quest “The Stench of Betrayal”. However, in Sarah Steele’s Rogue’s Gallery, it is mentioned that she was raised in Scrimshaw. We accepted both answers for this one – either Flotsam or Scrimshaw would be counted as correct.

2. What two things did Old Scratch give to Sister Snake?

Sister Snake explicitly states in Old Scratch’s first promotion that she requests of him what she requested of his teacher: his hand and his Soul.

3. Where is the “center” of Kane’s power?

In Sivella, we are told that Cadiz is the center of Kane’s power. Although Valencia is the world that he rules from, Cadiz is the true center of his power.

4. With what ancient relic does Ratbeard seek to bait Captain Fowl?

In Ratbeard’s second promotion quest, he seeks out the Golden Gobbler as bait for Captain Fowl.

5. What is the homeland of the fuel vendors?

This was not directly stated in the game, but, by knowing that Guinea Pigs are from Valencia, it can be inferred that all of the fuel vendors are Valencian.

6. What is the secret behind the Gold Monkey?

The Monquistadors in Puerto Mico believed that the Gold Monkey was a priceless relic in the Isle of Doom. However, this was not the case; Gortez himself is the Gold Monkey.

7. What does Bishop refer to Beachhead as?

Bishop described Beachhead many ways. He simply calls it a “Station”, as well as saying that it is “the pinnacle of Armada artistry and engineering”. Further into the dialogue, he makes note that Beachhead is indestructible. Any of these answers were acceptable.

8. What is Rooke doing in MooShu?

Rooke’s original intentions in MooShu were to trade Armada weapons to General Tso in order to gain Egg Foo Yung’s piece of Marco Pollo’s map. He later states that he wishes to translate it. Additionally, he forms a treaty with MooShu to later attack Marleybone. Mentioning any of these things would be correct.

9. Why was Rooke’s plan to flank Marleybone crucial to the war?

This answer could be found in Bishop’s puppet show. The one key word here is “surprise”. Marleybone wouldn’t see it coming, ultimately destroying the Royal Navy.

10. What significance does Krokotopia have in the game, so far? (List at least one aspect)

–World Origin


–The Rosetta Stone

–Queen Isadore is the Empress Regent of Krokotopia

11. Who do we have to find in order to receive a bow?

This question was directly referring to Ulysses’ bow in Aquila. Any of the following characters would be correct, as they were all involved in this questline: Medusa (or the Gorgon), Nigel Wethersfield, and Medea.

12. What is “Doomspell”?

Doomspell is the Witchdoctor version of Flanking/Crossfire. It is currently not trainable on Live realm, but it’s coming with the next Test Realm update to the game! Ratbeard also mentioned it on the Official Message Boards prior to the Test Realm being released.

13. What world will we have to sneak into after Valencia and why?

At the end of Aquila, we visit Meowiarty in Marleybone, who tells us that we will have to sneak into Valencia next in order to find the Toymaker and learn how to defeat Kane from him.

14. Why do the Waponis double-cross Ratbeard?

They were never truly interested in helping him, but, instead, sought to sacrifice the gold to their Fire God.

15. What Stormgates would you be able to access with a Green Windstone?

This one was a trick question – only one person had the correct answer to it! A Green Windstone can access the MooShu Stormgate, but, according to Blind Mew, it can do more than that:

“Oh, and in game each color Windstone also can function for all the colors below it: they follow the visible spectrum, in reverse: Violet is lowest, Red is highest. So a Yellow Windstone could let you travel any violet, indigo, blue, green, or yellow gate, but not an orange one.”

We warned you that you’d have to have knowledge outside of the game!

16. Why did the production of Peacemakers stop?

The creator of the Peacemakers, Sam Colt, swore to never make another set of them after what happened to Wyatt Chirp

17. What was the Prize for winning the Contest of Champions?

According to Pindar, the prize of the Contest of Champions was to be sacrificed to Typhon the Terror. (That doesn’t seem like much of a prize!)

18. Who was Old Scratch’s old Patron?

In Old Scratch’s second promotion quest, the Dark Crawler reveals himself as Old Scratch’s old patron.

19. Who originally stopped the Minotaur?

Aquilus originally stopped the Minotaur. This could be known from Philemon’s narrative prior to beginning the Minotaur chapter in Aquila or from the new Bestia puppet show in Test Realm.

20.What was the end result of the Monquistan theology debate?

The Order of St. Simian had their evidence confiscated due to them being plantains, not bananas. The tree evidently won out in the argument.

21.Who did Monkey King give his Turtle Ball to? Why did he do this?

Monkey King gave his Turtle Ball to the Brass Monkey, also known as Count Castillo de Brass, with the intentions of the Pirate seeking him out and being defeated by him.

22. How did Jack Washburn acquire his fortune?

This was a tough one! Jack Washburn is also known as “Burly” Jack Washburn; we left the nickname out to make it harder. His gang of irregulars stole a shipment of Union gold.

23. In what region of Achaea do the Amazons reside?

This one was difficult as well. We found this answer in a certain Aquila side quest, though it may also be said in others. The Amazons reside in Themiscyra.

24. What family does the Royal Monocle belong to?

The answer to this question could be found in a Port Regal side quest. The Royal Monocle belonged to the Von Trouser family before it was destroyed by Water Moles.

25. What does Valencia believe the Marleyboneans are famous for?

In the Valencia side quest “The Halls of Learning”, it is said that the Valencians believe that Marleybone is famous for their industry, discipline, and skill at engineering.

Here are the winners:

First Place: Zane DarkHeart (24/25)

Second Place: Logan (23/25)

Third Place: Duncan StormThief (22/25)

Fourth Place: Katherine NightSong (21/25)

Fifth Place: Wordy Morgan Freeman (20/25)

Sixth Place: Tattle Tale (20/25)

*We are very, very, very proud to say that no one got all 25 correct!*

Well done to Sneaky Kevin for coming up with the questions. (I wonder who put this here, erm, hmm)



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    i am young so yeah but I know the answers to the questions I wish I knew how to enter thee contest

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