Secret Message Contest! [CLOSED]

Aug 6, 2014


Arrrgust has arrived in Pirate101, but we want to give Wizard101 some attention! We’ll be hosting a contest where you have a shot at tons of great prizes: Energy Elixirs, Hoard Packs, Aquariums, and even the new Medieval Build-a-Castle sets!

So how does this contest work? Well, this very post has all the answers you’ll need! We’ll give you a cipher composed of several numbers – each series of numbers refers to a letter in this post, and, after decoding all of the clues, you’ll come up with a phase! The goal is to uncover the phrase within this post as fast as you can, email it to us at, and you’ll have a shot to win the prizes you see above!

Official Rules

Using the clues below, decode the hidden message within this post.

You may only enter once.

Email us your answer once you decoded the message – do NOT share the answer anywhere else or you are at risk of disqualification!

Include your wizard’s name, or community name, in your email to us – please not your real name!

Use the subject line “Secret Message Contest”.

Send all questions to us via email, as a comment on this post, or as a tweet to us at @OfficialAotS.


Everyone who successfully sends us the exact phrase will be entered in a raffle to win 2 Medieval Build-a-Castle sets, 2 Energy Elixirs, and 1 Hoard Pack of choice! There will be TWELVE (12!!) draws!

The FIRST 4 people to send us the phrase will win the same prizes as above – the castle blocks set, Energy Elixirs, and the Hoard Pack, PLUS a Regular Keeper Aquarium Pack!

This contest will remain open for five days, then we’ll draw the winners – be sure to send your entry in by Monday, August 11th at 11:59pm US Central Time before the contest closes!

The Cipher

The cipher will be written in a string of numbers. Each series of numbers corresponds to exactly one letter and is three numbers long. Let’s use the example “16-5-2”. This clue refers to one letter – the first number is the line of the post where that letter is located, and it keeps getting more specific. Can you guess what the second and third numbers mean?

*Note: Any form of punctuation does not count – only include dashes as separate words. Do not spaces, however. When counting lines, include titles (“Official Rules”, “Prizes!”, and “The Cipher”), though not lines that only consist of spaces. Also, be sure that you are viewing the site on Zoom: 100%. If you’re doing this contest via mobile or there is another reason why you can’t see the site normally, a picture of the post is below.

Letters are separated by semicolons (;) and words are separated by “|”. Also, we’ve scrambled the letters to make it more difficult… so, each word might not make sense until you unscramble them!

Here is the cipher for you to solve!

36-6-7 ; 10-7-5 ; 6-13-2 ; 12-8-2 ; 8-3-6 | 12-10-1 ; 12-10-1 ; 16-15-1 | 18-8-4 ; 12-1-5 ; 17-1-4 ; 2-15-1 ; 10-4-4 ; 18-8-4 ; 10-4-4 | 34-6-3 ; 1-5-2 | 16-7-1 ; 16-7-1 ; 5-1-4 ; 1-1-4 ; ! |

Remember to send your answers to us at before Monday night to be eligible for the prizes listed above!



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