Doubloon Contest Winners!

Sep 4, 2014

Congratulations to all the winners – you have been emailed your Crown Code! We received so many great entries that we decided to place the First and two Second Place winners in a post (All the entries were great, but we’ve picked out First Place and Top Second Place to share with you!), see them both below:

FIRST PLACE: Destiny Devereaux

We were blown away by Destiny’s entry and after careful consideration between the other great entries, we decided that she deserved First Place!

Destiny was kind enough to compile her entry on a Blog!

See it here:

SECOND PLACE : Merciless Hunter

It was a tough Choice between Grey Garris and Destiny, Garris provided us with a wonderfully thought out dungeon and a nice looking loot roll!

Pirate’s Name: Merciless Hunter Grant

This dungeon is part of a quest line, specifically to gain access to the mysterious realm of Darkmoor. There are a few initial quests I have created that goes along with it that transitions into the actual dungeon. I made this dungeon a “prerequisite” to get into Darkmoor because: I enjoy quest based dungeons instead of infinite repeatables and I think Darkmoor would be an AWESOME world! So here goes, hope you guys like it!

!NOTE!: The Battle scenes are in blue whereas everything else is in black.

Quest: “Step Out of Sunlight…”

Quest Giver: Captain Avery

Quest Goal: Speak to Captain Avery

Avery: Catbeard doesn’t have the map piece?! You dreadful cat! I ought to… Oh, my apologies Captain, I had no idea this gentleman had joined your crew. I’ll deal with you later Catbeard. But for now, the Map! You discovered what the Mechanical Birds were saying?! Wonderful! What is it? GET BACK INTO VALENCIA?! ARE YOU MAD?! Captain, I know every route to every world in the Spiral like the back of my palm, Kane has shut down every… wait, no, I have an idea! There is one Stormgate that Kane can’t block, the darkest of all the Spiral Worlds. Darkmoor. Captain, know that I would never send someone knowingly to their death, but in this case, I don’t think we have a choice but to try. Speak to Madame Vadima, ask her for the Black Windstone she carried from that haunted realm. You will have to travel through Avernus first, but believe me, Avernus is nothing compared to the horrors that await you in Darkmoor. Be  careful Captain, be very, very careful.

Quest Goal: Speak to Madame Vadima

    Vadima: I sense you have a dark task ahead of you young Pirate, how might Vadima assist you? Darkmoor? Yes, I have the Windstone Pirate, I had hoped not to need it again. You may have the Stone, but before you go, allow Vadima to help you first. Talisman of the Guede, lost in Cave of Night in Ruined Lighthouse, is very strong magic, Talisman will protect you from spirits you face in Realm of the Barons. Bring me Talisman and you may have Stone, not sooner, I will not send you to die, I hear enough angry spirits already. Tread softly Pirate, the Talisman is not what it seems, it will protect itself, be certain of that.

Quest Goal: Explore Shadow Forest (The Cave of Night is the actual Dungeon to be entered, it is repeatable once completed though. The Cave of Night is located in the barren side area in Shady Hollow, to the right just before entering Hoodoo House. The entrance would be a new one, as a hole in the wall on the left side of the dead tree, smoke would flow out of it across the ground to indicate it).

Quest Goal: Get Talisman of the Guede

Room 1:    

The first room you enter is identical to the Moomori Clanhold Cave, including the darkness, but animated shadows of skeletons move along the ground, skull torches with green and purple fire are hung at irregular intervals and the sound is soft whispers. There is a pile of Skeletal Dragon bones in the water pool.

Voiceover: You feel cold, but not from the damp. Power, cold, dark power fills the whole cave. This is the right place. *Crack!* What was that? Oh no, of course something had to wake up. (The bones in the water reassemble themselves into a Skeletal Dragon with red-black smoke swirling across the bones)

Black Heart: I smell flesh, living flesh. I have not had such a delicacy in centuries. Time to eat. Where are you creature? I know you are here, I can hear your heart hammering, I can smell your very fear. Ah, there you are. Stand still and this will be over relatively quickly. (The Fight begins)

Battle: Black Heart is a single enemy boss, Buccaneer class with 4200 health. He possesses: Rank 3 Relentless, Rank 3 Turn the Tide, Rank 3 Cheap Shot, A Version of Steely Resolve called Heartless Revenge, and Rank 3 Vengeance Strike. Appear alone and you have your Firstmate with you, with 2 or more players and Black Heart interrupt summons a shadow copy of himself (with ¼ health per friend) at the beginning of the first round. His basic attack is a spinning swing of his tail, Epic Hit is a hump and wing slap, Mega Hit is a double claw strike and a jaw bite, Super Hit is an air jump and fly down with Skeletal Dragon blast (from Wizard101). After you beat him he sits back on his nonexistent haunches and speaks.

Black Heart: Beaten, by a flesh bearer. I have no words. What has brought you here living one, surely not to fight me? The Talisman?! Turn back now foolish one or perish by claws worse than mine! You truly wish to have the Talisman? Very well, perhaps the Old One will let me have the scraps left of you. Take this claw of mine, and draw this symbol on the doors you come across, you will pass. I will be sure to keep you in memory when you die, and you will die.

Voiceover: The dragon snaps off one of his claws and draws a simple symbol into the dust. Now to find the Talisman.

Room 2:

You exited the first room and now enter a room of the same design but without the stalagmites and lake in the center. Instead the middle of the cave is dominated by a hexagonal platform with a sarcophagus in the middle and purple fire burning around the edges of the platform. A block of stone in front of you is carved with letters indecipherable to you but Bonnie Anne can read them.

    Bonnie: Its an old language from Albion Captain, I can read it. “Interred here is the oldest of the oldest of all. Mighty Ghede, Lord of Haunted Places, Master of Night, First of the Dead. Awaken him by three times calling, Die by awakening him.” That doesn’t sound very promising Captain, but we survived the dragon didn’t we? Let’s press on.

    Voiceover: There’s a pungent smell in the air, its coming from over there. Phew! That’s awful!

    Old Scratch: I recognize da smell Captain my Captain, it be incense. It must be how we call Ghede here. Burn the incense and he come.

    NOW HERE IS WHERE IT GETS SPECIAL: There are three bowls of incense on top of statues, one bowl per side room. But they have to be lit in order: First the statue of a wraith (Haunted Places) has purple fire, then statue of the moon (the Night), and then a statue of a mound of skulls with the incense plate on top (First of the Dead). If lit in the correct order skip the battle described below and head straight to the conversation with Ghede. If not see below.

    Voiceover: The smell only got worse. *Crash!* Oh not again.

    Mighty Ghede: I am Ghede, First of the Dead, Ferrier of Souls, Speaker for the Dead, and you have disturbed my rest. Now you will learn to respect your elders. (Ghede is a ghostly man of old age [think the librarian of Dragonspyre] dressed in the attire of Dr. Facilier from Princess and the Frog, his ghost is purple though and his eyes glow black, he carries a silver cane in his left hand.

    Battle: Ghede is also a single enemy boss, Witchdoctor with 3980 health. He possesses: Rank 3 First Strike, Rank 3 Witch Hunter, Rank 3 Riposte, Rank 3 Repel Boarders, and Escape Artist as talents. He can also use: Mojo Reaver, Mojo Storm, Ghostwail, and Mournsong. He does the same as Black Heart when you come with friends BUT his “shadow selves” have ½ health instead of ¼. He uses his staff to attack (when he isn’t casting spells which uses the Witchdoctor animation) and as such he gets the talents usually attributed to Swashes and Privateers. He doesn’t have a high crit rate with his “hack and slash” attacks but his crits are the same as normal pirates using smashy weapons.

    Mighty Ghede: You are clever. I have not had the opportunity to be bested in millenia. As reward I will answer for you one question, and I will, to the best of my ability, answer honestly.

    Bonnie: Captain ask him about your parents! If anybody knows about them he does!

    Voiceover: You could ask him about your parents, but much more is at stake right now. Ask him where to find the Talisman.

    Ghede: An interesting question, and with an answer I don’t think you’ll find favorable. My family’s Talisman was hidden away long ago, but a vile demon stole it from us. I have attempted to get it back for millenia. The demon known as the Old One holds it, deep within the earth. You have a long way to go Pirate. If you do manage to find the Talisman, keep it, I think it will be safest in your hands.

Rooms 3, 4, and 5:

These rooms are all identical. They have the same design as the open atrium room where the Fintooth Warlocks reside in the Waterworks in Wizard101 (not water filled of course). The rooms’ domes are made of black stone and the walls are purple with deep red columns. Skull torches with red fire are hung on the walls. Each of the rooms has a “mini boss” controlling it. Each boss summons a different type of minion as will be described below. Each boss summons two of their own special minions regardless, then another one for each friend/companion that enters the battle/

    Room 3 Battle: The boss is an Undead Cutthroat Shark named Carson Fira. He has the body design of a cutthroat but his left arm is skeletal, he has pieces missing out of his body where you can see the bones (think of a shark version of Wormguts from Wizard101). He carries a long, curved bone sword.

    Speech: Twisted teeth and broken fins. That’s all I got for resisting the Old One. What makes you better than me?

    Carson is a Swashbuckler boss with 3870 health. He possesses: Rank 3 Riposte, Blade Storm, Relentless, Flanking, and Second Chance. He can also use Assassin’s Mist as well as a special ability: Toothy Smile (3 square, ranged, triangular attack in front of him executed by slamming sword into the ground like Talos and then leaning forward and “roaring” to blast out teeth). He summons two Undead Cutthroats that are Swashbucklers with 3180 health, Rank 3 Riposte, Relentless, Bladestorm, and First Strike.

    After Speech: Free, finally free.

    Room 4 Battle: The boss is a Raven named Sirrew (her name and speech are a play on Wiress from Hunger Games: Catching Fire). She looks like the Raven mages but with a white cloak and a tall, metal staff with an hourglass at its top.

Speech: Tick tock, tick tock. How to pass the time down here. Tick tock, tick tock, the whole world is a clock.

Sirrew is a Witchdoctor  with 3750 health. She possesses: Rank 3 Witch Hunter, Counterspell, Coward’s Bane, Intuition, Relentless, Multiple Copies of the Shadow Step Spell, Mournsong, Ghostwail and Soulreaver. She summons two Aztecosaur Mummies (the parasaur ones that act like Musketeers) with 3000 health, Rank 3 Overwatch, True Grit, Turn the Tide, Quick Draw, and Quick Adjust. Sirrew can also use an ability called Overload (3*3 square attack that hits with Epic level damage and traps the damaged party for a round (does not affect hidden players and Shadow Step can bypass the movement lock).

After Speech:Ah, Nuts.

Room 5 Battle: The boss is a Skeleton called Pair o’ Bones. (His name is intended to match the word “parable” as his way of speaking is that way. He is a very large skeleton, as big as a Drowned Zombie but entirely skelton. He has two sets of arms, the top two carrying swords and the bottom two carrying guns.

Speech: Once there was a man proud of his stature and appearance. He loved his mirror as only he could, for within it was his own reflection glorified. But one day the mirror was shattered, and the man woke up in a cold, dark cave, only to find he was nothing but bones!

Pair o’ Bones is a Musketeer with 4020 health. He possesses: Rank 3 Witch Hunter, Overwatch, True Grit, Quick Draw, Quick Adjust, Parting Shot and a special ability called Quad Threat: Spins around in a rapid circle throwing knives outwards to hit anyone within 2 squares of him. He summons two Drowned Zombies with 3380 health, Rank 3 Turn the Tide, Vengeance Strike, Cheap Shot, and Flanking.

After Speech: I guess I shoulda learned my lesson.

Room 6:

     After exiting the last mini-boss room you come to a room where there is nothing but a pit in the ground, with the tiny golden Talisman hanging over the center glowing with purple light.

    Gracie: Captain look, we can use the ropes over there to make a lasso and grab it!

    Voiceover: You and Gracie work quickly, pulling the rope into the desired shape and calculating how hard and where to throw it.

    Gracie: Here if we throw it from her we can… *rumble rumble*… Oh no, we’re so close!

    (A huge, red, clawed hand like the ones that appear when the Flying Monquistadors die appears from the pit, reaching for the Talisman. The Old One speaks with a hissing, slow voice)

The Old One: Fooooolisshhhnesssss, you cannot hope to escape my place of rest unscatthhedd. My power will strip you of your very identity, and wipe you from existence. Give up mortals, and join me willingly, or die and join me eternally.

(Ghede appears as a much larger version of himself by the pit and the hand freezes.)


Old One: Hahahaha, fool. Your time is running out Ghede, I can even now overturn death itself. I can overturn you.

Ghede: Not yet demon. Begone! (He swings his staff at the hand and the Old one hisses before the hand quickly retracts into the Pit once more.) There, the Old One is gone, for now. (Ghede reaches for the Talisman and shrinks down again.) This Talisman is extraordinarily powerful, its magic is strong enough to match even my own. You have passed trials enough to earn the Talisman, but you are not done yet. For the Talisman to accept you as its bearer, you must face its power yourself. Stand at the edge of the Pit and you will learn what I mean. (He tosses the Talisman over the Pit and you it transforms into an image of Kane.) The Talisman will present you with your greatest fear to fight, come out victorious, and you will be able to become its bearer.

Battle: The Battle is done on a board composed of animated smoke over the Pit. The sole enemy is the Kane doppelganger and you have your three companions. It is both a Musketeer and Swashbuckler class but is listed as a Swash. Depending on how many friends are in the battle the doppelganger will have 4500, 6000, 7500, or 10000 health. Its not that hard of a fight though. Th Doppelganger looks like Kane but acts more like a basic Clockwork. It does however have Rank 3 Relentless, Blade Storm, Riposte, Quick Adjust, Quick Draw, Cheap Shot, and Overwatch.

Ghede: You have done it. You have earned the Talisman.You have done what I never dreamed a mortal could do. Take it, with my blessing. And, if you happen to go by my home of glorious Darkmoor sometime, make sure to show it to the guardians, they will let you pass.

Quest Goal: Speak to Madame Vadima

Vadima: You have found it!

Quest Completed!!!!!!!!!!

Vadima starts next quest with: I must admit I was very worried about your fate, you were hidden from my sight. Whatever happened in that dark place, I do not wish to know, you have earned your Windstone, take it and sail to far off Darkmoor. Be careful who you speak to first.

Drops List

    Hats, Outfits, and Boots each have a drop rate of 5% and are found on the main bosses. The Weapons have a drop rate of 2% and can be found on all bosses. Rings, Totems, and Charms have a drop rate of 4% and are found on the mini bosses. Accessories have a drop rate of 10% and are found on Doppelganger Kane only.


Buc Only – Horned Circlet – +12 Strength, +15 Armor, +65 Health

Witch Only – Ghede’s Top Hat – +10 Resistance, +10 Will, +60 Health

Musket Only – Ghede’s Crown – +10 Will, +13 Accuracy, +50 Health

Swash Only – Brim of Night – +13 Armor, +12 Weapon Power, +45 Health

Priv Only – First One’s Cap – +18 Armor, +85 Health


Buc Only – Blackened Mail – +11 Strength, +5 Weapon Damage, +55 Armor, +75 Health

Witch Only – Ghede’s Longcoat – +10 Will, +50 Resistance, +70 Health

Musket Only- Old One’s Hide – +10 Agility, +9 Will, +45 Resistance, +65 Health

Swash Only – Shadow Cloak – +18 Armor, +20 Weapon Power, +60 Health

Priv Only – Scaled Raiment – +12 Will, +45 Armor, +110 Health


Buc Only – Skull Stompers – +8 Armor, +6 Dodge, +70 Health

Witch Only – Ghede’s Wraps – +10 Will, +14 Dodge, +60 Health

Musket Only – Quick-Step Sliders – +12 Agility, +15 Accuracy, +60 Health

Swash Only – Smoke-Light Drifters – +15 Agility, +15 Dodge, +60 Health

Priv Only – Spirit’s Greaves – +10 Will, +25 Armor, +90 Health


Ghede’s Scepter – Staffy/Smashy – 246 Damage – Requires Staffy Weapons 2

Black Bone Shard – Slashy/Smashy – 289 Damage – Requires Big Choppy Weapons Rank 1

Dragon’s Horn – Stabby/Slashy – 234 Damage +8 Armor +22% Armor Penetration

Pair o’ Shooters – Shooty – 228 Damage – 4 Range


Eternal Circlet – +12 Agility, +13 Will, +55 Health

Glow Stone – +10 Will, +13 Resistance, +55 Health

Obsidian Band – +11 Strength, +4 Armor Penetration, +50 Health

Black Blood Signet – +12 Armor, +10 Weapon Power, +60 Health


Vodun Medallion – +9 Will, +12 Resistance, +15 Armor

Obsidian Fang – +10 Armor, +13 Strength, +18 Weapon Damage

Old One Idol – +10 Will, +9 Agility, +12 Armor


Black Claw Necklace – +10 Accuracy, +12 Dodge, +60 Health

Ghost Hair Pendant – +11 Resistance, +8 Armor, +65 Health

Ghede’s Silk Strand – +10 Will, +12 Accuracy, +65 Health


Psychopomp’s Patch – +12 Resistance, Gives Mournsong and Stygian Chorus

Bone Rimmed Monocle – +13 Accuracy, Gives Hail of Cannonballs and Bounding Overwatch

Patch of Starless Sky- +10 Strength, Gives Vicious Charge and Leviathan’s Call

Guede’s Ghostly Eyepatch – +12 Armor, Gives Revive and The Big Guns

Patch of Blackness- +9% Armor Penetration, Gives  Assassin’s Strike and Black Fog”


 Thank you to all the wonderful entries!

Happy Sailing!



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