Talk Like A Pirate Contest Winners!

Sep 29, 2014

Ahoy there! We’ve decided the winners for our Talk Like A Pirate Day Contest and want to share some of the top entries with everyone!

The first place winner is Humble Brandon Quincy, taking home 10,000 Crowns, a Huge Pile of Treasure housing item, and The Pirate hairstyle – congratulations! Here’s Brandon’s idea for a mini-Pirate101 broadcast!

Avast, thar all ye pirates! Welcome to th’ first Pirate101 livestream! this day we be goin’ to speak ’bout our latest update to th’ game, ‘n also a secret surprise gunna happen at th’ end! Stay tuned!

Well, our latest update included th’ popular Moo Manchu tower, a Cool Ranch revamp, ‘n doubloon tradin’! Th’ Moo Manchu tower has had countless band ‘o pirates farmin’ their eyepatches off fer th’ infamous items that it offers, such as th’ wonderful wand. Oh, not to mention th’ change in length we made from th’ test realm to live. (*wink*) Its rare badges be also full ‘o awe, such as th’ title “Nerfarious Six”, which gives ye th’ ability to wear a monkey mask!!

Our revamp ‘o Arrr Ranch includin’ th’ enlengthenin’ ‘o several dungeons, ‘n plenty ‘o bugs were squashed along th’ way. Thar’s also a new transporter by th’ moniker ‘o Pat Brennan who gunna take ye anywhere in th’ spiral fer a small amount ‘o crowns or gold.

Lastly, we’ve had many requests fer people to be able to trade th’ doubloons ye earn. Well now ye can! When ye click on a person’s moniker, thar gunna be a button that says ‘Trade’, ‘n wala! Ye can collect them all, or help some others out! Have a ruckas!

Now, we have a giveaway fer ye guys! Th’ first 1500 people to redeem th’ code “p101broadcast” gunna get a random transformation from th’ followin’; monkey, zebra, or elephant! That’s all fer now, Leala ‘n I have to head off! Heartly enjoy th’ rest ‘o ye day! Arrggggghhh!

It looks like One-Eyed Jack has some competition there!!!

Here are our second place entries in no particular order, each winning 5,000 Crowns and The Pirate hairstyle:

Dead-Eye Steven Strong

Avast me hearties!  Dis be Pirate101 whar band ‘o pirates

set sail on adventures in th’ spiral. Sailin’ from skyway to

skyway in th’ most beautiful ships. this day, we gunna be

discussin’ th’ best ways to gain nautical experience.

‘O course, th’ most experience pirates be travel’n in packs

‘n gang up on th’ villainous enemies rather than sword fight

one on one against these scurvy dogs.  ‘O course, dun be

gettin too close, ye might pick up more den one of dem good

fer nuffin cutthroats.

It be always easier to sink a ship rather than board her ‘n sword

fight to th’ Davy Jones’ treasure chest. So, next the hour ye be

sailin’ ‘n ye spy wit’ ye eye a bunch ‘o ships goin’ after a ship, don’t

hesitate to join th’ other band ‘o pirates ‘n sink th’ ships, ye still get

all th’ plunder ‘n nautical experience if ye get just a single whallop

in on th’ enemy ship.

Ambitious Christina

Ahoy! Seein’ t’ wide acclaim o’ our maiden Wizard101 live broadcast, we be hostin’ a Pirate101 one this time. We feel that we need t’ brin’ t’ ya personally some important updates in th’ respective games. ‘N what other way than t’ sit down and talk, over a bottle o’ delicious yum-yum fruit juice, aye, th’ greatest juice ya has ever drunk? Now let’s get started on our first fillin’.

Tired o’ yer ship emblem? Good news great adventuaaarrrers, now ya can change it! We hear yer requests ‘n we be proud t’ brin’ this new feature t’ th’ skyways o’ Pirate101. It’s called th’ Ship Emblem Alteration Service. In th’ aft o’ th’ Bazaar ya find this new character named Major Flagstaff. He can change yer emblem fer a crowns fee.

Changes will reflect th’ flag o’ yer ship ‘n yer companion colors. Ya get t’ sample more than 20 new emblems before ya choose one. Also, when creatin’ yer flag for th’ first time, ya get a preview o’ how yer colors look on yer first mate. Change yer emblem design for a whole new look ‘n feel. Imagine havin’ yer companions thankin’ ya fer their new coat o’ paint!

Avast! There’s plenty more t’ Pirate101’s latest patch. Th’ next epic feature we’ll be talkin’ about be t’ formidable Tower o’ Moo Manchu…

Clumsy Calamity

Ahoy there land lubbers and welcome to the first Pirate101 live stream.  We be so excited everyone showed up t’ listen.

Today’s converstings will be pets!

We be curious to know what you guys be thinking about them beasties in Bestia?  Starboard now thar are many amazin lookin pets here in the Spiral.  Me personal favorite is the FawnFaun, tis looks like it be mighty tastey.  The artists have hauled in a mighty treasure with these.  You be have’n the newly found hybrid the Bullrog (or Balrog from LOTR) which tis oh so witty and clever and who knows what other treasures are waiting to be uncovered.

Now I don’t want to be just talkib’ bout looks thar, but lets also discuss the Talens/Powers.  Now this tis a mighty firey topic right now thar with many people breeding their beasties to do different things.  Arrrr you mates trainin yar creatures to be a fighter a long side ya in battle?  Or arrrr you trainin them for some arena sparin?  Or arrrr just training a pet that will help boost your stats?

Now I must be setting sail. Send me a bottle with yar replies.

Fair Winds me pirating fellows.

Alex Andrews

Ahoy all! Welcome to our live Pirate101 broadcast! this day we be goin’ to discuss an aspect to th’ game that can be really enjoyable: housin’! From th’ Castaway Cove house to th’ Haunted Grotto, thar be a home out thar fer every type ‘o scurvy pirate!

Now ye might be thinkin’: oh how borin’, I don’t want to waste doubloons on a ship. How can that possibly be excitin’?? Well it definitely can be! thar be a whole seven seas ‘o possibilities when it comes to decoratin’ ye house. ye can make it look like anythin’ ye want. Maybe a haunted forest, a store, or even a bakery. Get creative!

((I’d be showin’ example ‘o some ‘o me favourite houses in game)) 

thar be many ways to obtain decorations fer ye houses. ye can buy them directly from th’ crown shop, or even give a go’ ye luck wit’ one ‘o th’ card packs. Mr. Trelawny ‘n Aruna be also a couple ‘o housin’ items vendors that be spread throughout th’ spiral.

((I’d be showin’ th’ different items available fer purchase at these vendors)) 

So maybe next the hour ye be keal hauled in battle ‘n lookin’ fer somethin’ to do, gift housin’ a give a go’! ye might just find ye’re new favourite hobby. hearty thanks fer joinin’ us!


Ahoy pirates! Welcome t’ today’s stream. We’ll be coverin’ t’ recent news and updates today.

T’ first major update was t’ Tower o’ Moo Manchu. T’ get t’ this multi-level dungeon, you must first complete Mooshu and t’ Moo Manchu side quests. T’ dungeon has rare booty too!

Cool Ranch has been changed t’ be more enjoyable as well. Pat Brennan, t’ stagecoach driver, has opened up shop by t’ docks o’ Cool Ranch to get pirates from Point A t’ Point B in a more smartly manner!

You can also trade doubloons with each other, stack pet supplies, return t’ bosses when you’re defeated, team up with other pirates and much more!

Everyone else who entered won 2,000 Crowns! Yarr!!!

Congratulations to everyone!



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