AOS Egg Hunt: Zeke Rocks!

Oct 5, 2014

Time to add a few more eggs to the AOS egg basket!


Zeke loves to task traveling wizards with finding his lost critters or items. But, did you know that each item/critter is named after a real band?!

Wizard City – The Smiths

In the Game: “The Smiths” are 10 little dwarf-like people that are scattered all over Wizard City!

The Band: “The Smiths” was a band that was formed in Manchester in 1982. The group’s members included Andy Rourke, the bassist, Johnny Marr, the guitarist, Mike Joyce, the drummer, and Morrissey, the vocalist. Four of The Smiths’s albums appeared on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. In fact, The Smiths have went down in history as the most influential band since “The Beatles.” The band broke up in 1987, but their legacy still lives on.

Krokotopia-The Beetles

In the Game: Prospector Zeke asks you to find 10 lost beetles throughout Krokotopia!

The Band: I think everyone knows this one! ūüėČ The Beetles that Prospector Zeke asks you to find actually refers to the very popular band, “The Beatles!” The Beatles is a band that started in Liverpool in 1960. The group consisted of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. The Beatles started out playing in tiny clubs in Liverpool and worked their way up. Their first hit song was, “Love me Do” and the group soon gained a cult following. The quartet was nicknamed “The Fab Four” and their following coined the term, “Beatlemania.” The Beatles met international support and were the catalyst to the “British Invasion.” The group broke up in 1970, and only two members, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, are still alive. The Beatles are considered the most influential band of all time. They are the best-selling band in history, have received numerous awards, and hold the most number one hits on the Hot 100 chart.

Marleybone-The Stray Cats


In the Game: Prospector Zeke urges you to find 10 Stray Cats throughout Marleybone!

The Band: The Stray Cats in the game refer to the band, “Stray Cats.” The Stray Cats was a band formed in 1979 in Massapequa, New York. The group’s members included Brian Setzer, the guitarist and vocalist, Lee Rocker, the double bassist, and Slim Jim Phantom, the drummer. The group had numerous hit singles and are considered very important to the history of Rock and Roll.

*Extra Easter Egg!-The quest that Prospector Zeke gives you is named, “Stray Cat Strut.” One of the band’s hit singles was named “Stray Cat Strut!”*

Mooshu-The Blue Oysters

In the Game: Prospector Zeke gives you a quest named, “Blue Oyster Cult,” which tasks you to find 10 Blue Oysters scattered around Mooshu!

The Band: The quest, Blue Oyster Cult, actually refers to a band of the same name, “Blue Oyster Cult.” Blue Oyster Cult was a heavy metal rock band that formed in Long Island, New York. The group got a lot of attention when their music videos were played in the premiere of MTV in 1981.

Dragonspyre-The Stone Roses


In the Game: Prospector Zeke asks you to locate 10 Stone Roses throughout Dragonspyre.

The Band: The Stone Roses refer to the band of the same name, “The Stone Roses.” The Stone Roses was another band that formed in Manchester. In fact, the band has told that they were hugely influenced by “The Smiths.” The Stone Roses’s songs met critical acclaim and their debut album is considered one the best albums of all time. The group disbanded after poor reviews in 1994. However, the group reunited in 2011 and did a reunion tour in 2012.

Grizzleheim-The Yardbirds

In the Game: Prospector Zeke asks you to find 10 hidden Yardbirds throughout Grizzleheim.

The Band: The Yardbirds refer to the band of the same name, “The Yardbirds.” The Yardbirds were popular in the mid-1960s and are credited with starting the careers of great guitarists such as Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page. The Yardbirds are widely known for their hand in electric guitar innovations. The group broke up in 1968, and Jimmy Page founded what became the popular band, “Led Zeppelin.” The group reformed in the 1990s and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992.

Celestia-The Lounging Lizards


In the Game: You are asked by Prospector Zeke to find 10 Lounging Lizards throughout Celestia. (Lizards like to relax too!)

The Band: The Lounging Lizards actually refer to the band, “The Lounge Lizards.” The jazz group was founded in 1978 and are known for their creative and distinctive sounds.

Wintertusk-The Troggs


In the Game: The Troggs are 6 little critters that Prospector Zeke tasks you to find throughout Wintertusk.

The Band: The Troggs refer to the band, “The Troggs” of the same name. The group formed in the 1960s and had a number of hits in both the US and UK. Three of the Trogg’s songs, “Wild Thing,” “With a Girl Like You,” and “Love is All Around,” have received gold disks for selling over one million copies.

Wysteria-The Wallflowers

In the Game: Prospector Zeke is in need of your help again!This time to retrieve 4 wallflowers throughout Wysteria!

The Band: The Wallfowers refer to the real band, “The Wallflowers!” The Wallflowers were originally known as “The Apples,” but that name later was changed. The group formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1989. The Wallflowers have won two Grammy awards and their biggest hit is their song, “One Headlight.”

Zafaria-The Monkeys

In the Game: Prospector Zeke is up to his usual antics and needs your help finding 7 Monkeys scattered throughout Zafaria.

The Band: The Monkeys are a reference to the real band, named “The Monkees.” The Monkees were originally formed in 1965 in Los Angeles, California. Oddly enough, The Monkees were formed because a TV sitcom, called “The Monkees,” that depicted the struggles and adventures of four young men trying to become famous rock stars. Although the TV show was cancelled in 1968, the group continued to make music afterwards. To this day, The Monkees have sold over 2 million records worldwide. However, the group has disbanded and reunited several times over the years.

*Extra Easter Egg!-The quest Prospector Zeke gives you is called, “Hey Hey It’s The Monkeys,” this quest name refers to the one hour comedy special named “Hey, Hey, It’s the Monkees.”*

Avalon-The Crows

In the Game: Prospector Zeke asks for your assistance in finding 9 Crows scattered throughout Avalon.

The Band: The Crows in the game refer to the real band named, “The Black Crowes.” The Black Crowes formed in 1989, and have sold over 30 million albums. The Black Crowes have been on and off hiatus for years now.*Extra Easter Egg!-The quest name “Crowology” that Zeke gives you, corresponds to the acoustic and most popular album by The Black Crowes, “Croweology.”*

Azteca-The UFOs

In the Game: Zeke is in need of your help again! This time, he asks you to find 11 UFOs from all over Azteca.The Band: The UFOs refer to the band, “UFO.” UFO is a heavy metal and hard rock band that was formed in 1969. UFO was #84 on VH1’s “100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock.”

Khrysalis Part 1-The Khryckets

In the Game: You are tasked by Prospector Zeke to find 6 Khryckets hidden all over Khrysalis(Part 1).

The Band: The Khryckets refer to the band, “The Crickets.” The Crickets was formed by Buddy Holly in the 1950s and started out in Lubbock, Texas. Their song, “That’ll Be the Day,” was their first major hit. The Crickets, with their guitar-bass-drums arrangement, set a template for later bands like “The Beatles.”

*Extra Easter Egg!-The quest name “Oh Boy, Khryckets!,” refers to a popular song performed by The Crickets called, “Oh, Boy!”*

Khrysalis Part 2-The Iron Butterflies

In the Game: Zeke is not through with you yet! This time he asks you to retrieve 5 Iron Butterflies scattered throughout Khrysalis(Part 2).

The Band: The Iron Butterflies refer to the band, “Iron Butterfly.” Iron Butterfly was formed in San Diego, and is distinctively¬†known for its dramatic¬†sound that¬†contributed¬†to the creation of hard rock. Iron Butterfly was the first band to receive an RIAA¬†platinum¬†award and their best known song,¬†“In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” has sold over 30 million copies.Who knew Professor Zeke had such great taste in music?! I knew he was hiding something!

We’ll be trying to do an AOS Egg Hunt once a month, so stay tuned for more!



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