Future Companions Part III: New Ideas!

Oct 13, 2014

There’s plenty of great companions out there – whether they’re Musketeers, Swashbucklers, Buccaneers, or any other class, you can always find the perfect companion that you need! In this post, we’ll be taking a look at some ideas for future companions that could be added to the game!

Not Your Average Companion 

Bonnie Anne is an excellent sharpshooter, El Toro is great for dodging attacks, and not many enemies can withstand the SON OF ZEUS! (err… Hawkules…) Then there are some other companions who are different. This trend began with Nausica, who can be built specifically
to counter certain types of units
. In her case, this was Musketeers – with several tiers of Burst Fire and True Grit as well as her automatically trained Quick Adjust, she can easily charge an opposing ranged unit with Quick Draw and take them down immediately. Against other classes, like Buccaneers and Witchdoctors, however, Nausica won’t fare as well. This is because her specific set of epics isn’t meant to combat powerful non-ranged units, so you may want to leave her out in these types of fights.

Nausica isn’t the only companion like this. In fact, there are plenty of them – Hoodoo Cornelius is another great counter for Musketeers as well as Witchdoctors – units with low dodge won’t be able to stand up against his Going Bananas power! Like Nausica, however, this unique strength only comes when he’s facing units weak to him . . . any type of melee opponent can end Cornelius’ chain of attacks, and for the rest of the fight he won’t be as powerful.

There are lots more, too! The new Grizzly Beast companions stand out because they have epics no other companion can access. Sneaky Sneaky is extremely powerful against any type of enemy, Feeding Frenzy can heal you to max health when you’re on the edge of defeat, and Merciless can take out that pesky enemy who hangs on by just a little health.

New Ideas 

Companions like these add a lot to the game – using “all around” companions usually works well, but choosing companions specifically to counter a tough boss is even better. In PvP, too, using a more specialized setup based on your playstyle can make the difference between victory and defeat. Here are some of our new companion ideas . . .

– A Buccaneer with Highland Charge. This would be especially helpful by allowing you to get some strong attacks in and retreat with bonus movement before they can hit you. It can also let you rush the enemy after buffing your units when they wouldn’t expect it. Perhaps we could see a Cat Thug Brute from Marleybone come with this power!

 A wizard! It would be difficult to use mechanics from Wizard101 in Pirate101, but there’s no need to cross both systems over. A wizard would work like a summoner – having a plethora of spells from Wizard101 to choose from (Helephant, Cyclops, Vampire, etc.) which would be summoned as minions. These minions would always stay relatively close to the wizard companion and would disappear if the wizard is defeated. Perhaps wizard companions could even have schools and that would control the types of allies they can summon! Besides, we need some companions to recruit if we ever go to Wizard City . . .

A knight from Avalon. What would make this companion special is armor – as it currently stands, even companions that can reach up to almost 100 armor don’t stand out very much because it’s purely random how much it actually does. Suppose a companion has almost 200 armor, however, and about 70% of the incoming damage would be blocked – THAT makes quite the difference! The weakness this companion has would be against non-melee units where armor wouldn’t be factored in, but, in close-up combat, a heavily armored companion would be extremely helpful.

In Wizard101, the Maestro attempted to change the Spiral’s past . . . but what if he wanted redemption after his defeat? Aside from storyline purposes, having a time traveling companion would actually be quite interesting. He would know what will happen before it does – that means he could potentially teleport away before he’s attacked. A talent called “Foreseeing Future” specific to this companion could provide a 10-20% chance (depending on tier, upgraded by 5% per promotion) to teleport away when he’s selected for an attack. His damage would likely be a bit weak to compensate for this, but it opens up plenty of possibilities!


What do you think? Would you like more companions to fit specific purposes, and, if so, what kinds of companions would you like to see? Would it be an existing character, a creature from an unexplored world, or nsomeone from a world we’ve already been to but just haven’t recruited? And what talents, powers, and stats would they have to make them stand out from the rest of the companions out there? Let us know in the comments, and thanks for reading our three-part segment on future companions!



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