Top Five Anticipated Pirate101 Updates

Nov 10, 2014

Ahoy! With the Wizard101 Test Realm online, there has been much talk in the spiral about when the Pirate101 Test Realm will come online for…..???? However, I’m sure we can speculate, so we thought that it would be great for us to sum up the Top Five Anticipated Pirate101 Updates for a post!

5. Ship PvP

Blowing ships out of the sky when they’re enemies is fun, now imagine that, but when they’re your FRIENDS! How fun could that be… no, no, how fun WILL that be?

4. Crafting

Now, now, I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out. Imagine crafting a ship… physically crafting a Pirate ship… A SHIP or crafting the best looking gear you have ever seen better than some boss gear… don’t you want that? (if not, then you’re beyond cray cray)

3. Companions

Probably the best thing in Pirate101 besides combat and storyline are the Companions, the constant marriage-like bickering, brilliant one liners and amazing attack visuals are what make the game amazing… and imagine new ones, a Valencian Horse or a Corgi or a Werewolf or a Lagoon or all those other amazing companion possibilities that are out there… just imagine.

2. Captain’s Quarters

(Thanks to Tom over at Friendly Necromencer for the Picture of the W101 Dungeon)

If our First Mate can walk around our house and judge our decorating (good or bad) I think we should be able to judge our crew’s sleeping quarters and be mean about it. Imagine the possibilities you could have, storing “cargo”, keeping prisoners or maybe even smuggling in unwanted visitors. How piratey of us.

1. Book XV

THE most anticipated update for Pirate101 is Book XV, it has been 18 months and counting since the last Book addition and I think I speak for all pirates when I say that the wait will be worth it…hopefully. Whether we go to explore more of Valencia, the new eery lands of Darkmoor or the mystical deserts of Krokotopia, Book XV will be welcomed by every pirate.

Well, that’s our Top 5, let us know what you want to see in Pirate 101 in the comments below and be sure to check out our other ranking post “Top 10 Favourite things about Pirate101



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