Side Activities in Pirate101!

Nov 18, 2014

Wizard101 has plenty of fun activities when you’re not questing – gardening, crafting, decorating, and the recently introduced fishing. Pirate101, on the other hand, currently isn’t full of side activities, but it’s very likely for us to be seeing more soon. Since Test for Wizard101 came out not too long after vines of the new content were released on Twitter, it’s also safe to say that Pirate’s is right around the corner with more hints becoming available to us… maybe we’ll see some new side activities there!


Crafting is one of the oldest of Wizard101’s side activities. There’s a chain of quests to get you through the ranks and cool recipes that you can buy from each NPC. These recipes can be created to yield powerful gear, housing items, pet snacks, and more… even new spells! But what does this mean for Pirate101?

How cool would it be if this was an actual crafting desk?

Introducing crafting has plenty of potential. Since rare boss loot is currently the best gear out there, this could provide an alternative to players who are willing to put in the effort but not wanting to farm long dungeons. An idea that some players have suggested is being able to customize your own gear from individual parts and use a crafting station plus some extra reagents to form one powerful item. What do you think?


Tending to a garden daily may not seem very exciting, but it has proven to be extremely useful in Wizard101! Right now, pretty much the only way to obtain mega snacks in Pirate is through the mega snack packs, which can quickly consume your Crowns if you’re interested in buying a lot. Gardening would be a beneficial option if you’re interested in acquiring mega snacks over the long term and have a bit of patience.

Wouldn’t this make the perfect garden?

Of course, the system could be changed slightly, just how Pirate learned from Wizard101 in terms of pets. Maybe instead of having to check it every day, you would only have to check up on it at certain stages. Also, instead of wilting when needs aren’t cared for, these could only stop the growth of plants until they’re cared for instead of reverting the process back to the Young stage again and having to start all over. Also, instead of only seeing mega snacks dropping from your plants, maybe we could see unique gear and housing items, too!


A lot of people have been expecting fishing to show up for a while – in fact, many players predicted that it would appear in Pirate before Wizard! Now that we’ve seen how awesome it can be to try to collect all those elusive fish, it’s time Pirate got to try it out – how cool would it be to fish on our ships in the Skyways?

Imagine if the water here was filled with FISH!

With Pirates visiting different worlds, we can definitely expect to see plenty of new kinds of fish and another way to use our energy. Collecting these fish could also have cool benefits aside from just badges. We’ve seen that they can be used for teleport tapestry recipes, but maybe Pirate101 can even take that a step further and use them for creating Doubloons, furniture items, and maybe even gear.

New Activities

The only thing that’s even better than introducing some of Wizard101’s activities is creating new ones! The possibilities here are endless – ship PvP, for example, would be a great activity and a fun way to expand player versus player combat. Daily tasks is also an interesting idea, where we could be given optional missions to carry out for rewards, like treasure hunting or plundering hidden areas for loot!

What other piratey ideas can you think of that you would like to see in the game? Be sure to let us know in the comments!



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  1. Scarlet Frogslinger

    Ooh, yes, I like the idea of treasure hunting. It's even amusing (to me anyway, lol) to imagine how this might work.

    Perhaps there would be a special island that we could sail to and dig for treasure… maybe the shovels we use would be of a shoddy quality and tend to break regularly and we would only be able to get a couple of new shovels a day?

    Or perhaps, using the daily quest idea of yours as well, we could daily receive a map, containing a list of clues, leading to a location… and at that location we would find treasure.

    Or we could learn to dive and dive for pearls or to explore wrecks and find sunken treasure… maybe limited by the amount of oxygen tanks we had or how long we could hold our breath?

    Finally, maybe there could be a trading sub game? Where we buy some sort of cargo in one port and then sell it in another port. We'd need to know the cheapest place to buy it and the most expensive place to sell it. We'd possibly also have to look out for other players too as they would be doing what pirates used to do and raiding our ships to get our cargos (though we could also do the same back to them :D)… guess that would link in with your ship pvp idea.

    Sorry… didn't mean to go on quite so long! I enjoyed your post, gave me lots to think about!

  2. Anonymous

    Oooh, very nice!

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