2014 KingsIsle Recap Post

Jan 3, 2015

First off, happy new year!  Hope you all have a wonderful 2015!

2014 was definitely a very big year for KingsIsle with many exciting things that went on for both games!  Here are most of the things that happened throughout 2014.  This will be a path down memory lane so we hope you enjoy this post!

6th: (Pirate101) Rogue’s Gallery: Old Scratch (Watch it Here)

6th: (KingsIsle) Read about what it takes to become a concept artist (Blog Post)

9th: (Pirate101) Marleybone, Aquila, and “Other” critical attack music added to ringtone list (Ringtone List)

15th: (KingsIsle) Check out how they made the Live Action commercial (Blog Post)

20th: (Pirate101) Farewell to the Talkin’ the Plank podcast (Final Podcast)

21st: (Pirate101) New Mooshu and Marleybone wallpaper (Desktop Wallpapers)

28th: (Pirate101) Dueling Diego on Free KI Games now gives Pirate101 rewards! (Dueling Diego)

30th: (Wizard101) Minor Game Updates (Read About Them Here)

Commercial Actors


3rd: (Pirate101) Rogue’s Gallery: Gracie Conrad (Watch it Here)

3rd: (Wizard101) Friendship Festival Arrives to the Spiral!

3rd: (Wizard101) Many different tapestries start to be given out by fansites!

3rd: (Wizard101) Pagoda Gauntlet becomes available online (Pagoda Gauntlet information)

5th: (Pirate101) New Vine – Gracie Conrad (Watch it Here)

5th: (Pirate101) Don’t Fear the Pirate (Guest Blog Post)

7th: (Wizard101) Valentina HeartSong arrives in the Spiral!

7th: (Pirate101) New Vine – Witchdoctor’s Lab teaser (Watch it Here)

11th: (Wizard101) Wizard101 Makes the 2014 MMO Hall of Fame Class (Read About it Here)

12th: (Wizard101) Minor Game Updates (Read About Them Here)

12th: (Pirate101) Hoodoo Bundle announced and available at Walmart! (Hoodoo Bundle information)

18th: (Pirate101) The Pirate101 Twitter account reaches 4,000 followers!

21st: (Pirate101) First Avery Courtcam (Watch it Here)

21st: (Pirate101) Second Avery’s Courtcam (Watch it Here)

24th: (Pirate101) Third Avery’s Courtcam (Watch it Here)

24th: (Pirate101) Fourth Avery’s Courtcam (Watch it Here)

26th: (Pirate101) The Evolution of Pirate101 Combat Part 1 (Behind the Scenes Blog Post)

28th: (Pirate101) Fifth Avery’s Courtcam (Watch it Here)

28th: (Pirate101) Sixth Avery’s Courtcam (Watch it Here)




3rd: (Pirate101) Rogue’s Gallery: Blind Mew (Watch it Here)

3rd: (Pirate101) After many years of blogging, farewell Autumn and Secrets of the Spiral!

5th: (Pirate101) Seventh Avery’s Courtcam (Watch it Here)

5th: (Pirate101) Eighth Avery’s Courtcam (Watch it Here)

6th: (Pirate101) New Vine – Blind Mew (Watch it Here)

6th: (Pirate101) The Evolution of Pirate101 Combat Part 2 (Behind the Scenes Blog Post)

10th: (Wizard101) Pat O’ Gold arrives in the Spiral!

13th: (Wizard101) Many new and useful features added! (Read About Them Here)

16th: (Pirate101) Ninth Avery’s Courtcam (Watch it Here)

19th: (KingsIsle) Where Do KingsIsle Employees Get Their Inspiration? (Blog Post)

21st: (Wizard101) The Wizard101 Twitter account reaches 30,000 followers!

27th: (Pirate101) Sneak Peek to what’s coming in Spring (Watch it Here)

27th: (Pirate101) Creativity and Pirate101 (Guest Blog Post)

28th: (Wizard101) New Khrysalis weapons are added to the Crown Shop

Team Up Update
Dungeon Recall Update

1st: (KingsIsle) The Mighty Steed reaches the Spiral! (Wizard101) (Pirate101)

2nd: (Pirate101) Rogue’s Gallery: Ratbeard (Watch it Here)

4th: (Pirate101) New Vine – Ratbeard (Watch it Here)

7th: (Wizard101) Mount-A-Palooza comes to the Spiral!

10th: (KingsIsle) Tabletop Gaming at KingsIsle! (Blog Post)

14th: (Wizard101) Eggbert arrives in the Spiral!

14th: (Wizard101) New Spring Mounts become available in the Crown Shop (Read About them Here)

24th: (Wizard101) Many new features and content including Khrysalis Part 2 come to the Spiral! (Read About Them Here)

24th: (Wizard101) Reagent bundles can be bought in the Crown Shop

Tabletop Gaming

2nd: (Pirate101) Rogue’s Gallery: Shiruku Neko (Watch it Here)

2nd: (Pirate101) Tenth Avery’s Courtcam (Watch it Here)

6th: (Wizard101) Olympian Bundle becomes available online (Olympian Bundle information)

9th: (Pirate101) Goblin Shark Fun! (Blog Post)

12th: (Pirate101) Advanced Pets, Advanced Companions, and more updates! (Read About Them Here)

13th: (Pirate101) New Vine: Shiruku Neko (Watch it Here)

30th: (Wizard101) Pet-A-Palooza comes to the Spiral!

30th: (Pirate101) Rogue’s Gallery: Gortez (Watch it Here)

31st: (Wizard101) Arcane Builder’s Bundle is announced and available in GameStop! (Arcane Builder’s Bundle information)


2nd: (Pirate101) Rogue’s Gallery: Mustang Sally (Watch it Here)

4th: (Pirate101) New Vine: Gortez (Watch it Here)

16th: (Pirate101) Pirate101 Twitter account reaches 5,000 followers! (@Pirate101)

20th: (Pirate101) New Summer Daisy Eyepatch is released in the Crown Shop!

24th: (Pirate101) New Mechanical Owl Pet is released in the Crown Shop!

24th: (Pirate101) Eleventh Avery’s Courtcam (Watch it Here)

25th: (KingsIsle) Brand new way to get crowns by answering Trivia questions! (Check Out the Blog Post Release Here)

26th: (Wizard101) Two new flying bug mounts in the Crown Shop (Check Them Out Here)

Summer Daisy Eyepatch

8th: (Pirate101) New Vine – Mustang Sally (Watch it Here)

8th: (Wizard101) Vine Vine Teaser! (Check Out the Vine Here)

9th: (Pirate101) 30+ new Marleybone themed furniture items in the Crown Shop!

10th: (KingsIsle) Throwback Thursday – Gardening Fun (Blog Post)

11th: (Wizard101) Spiral Cup Gauntlet is announced and available in Target and Walmart! (Spiral Cup Gauntlet information)

16th: (Wizard101) Fishing comes to the Spiral! (Check Out the Fishing Update Here)

16th: (Pirate101) Stormtiger Shark pet available in the Crown Shop!

30th: (Pirate101) New Aquila Wallpaper available (Desktop Wallpapers)


1st: (Pirate101) Rogue’s Gallery: Fin Dorsal (Watch it Here)

1st: (Wizard101) New Opportunities announcement! After six years of having a wonderful Community Manager, Kiersten Samwell, she has moved on to become a Wizard101 game developer.  Tom Purdue takes Kiersten’s place as Community Manager for Wizard101 (Read More in the August Newsletter Here)

1st: (KingsIsle) Introducing New Faces announcement! Leala Ulrich has joined the KingsIsle staff to work alongside with Tom as Community Manager for Wizard101 and Pirate101! (Read More in the August Newsletter Here)

12th: (Pirate101) New Vine – Fin Dorsal (Watch it Here)

13th: (Pirate101) Behind the Scenes of Pirate101 Puppet Shows (Behind the Scenes Blog Post)

25th: (Pirate101) New Aquila Furniture in the Crown Shop!

28th: (Wizard101) First Bundle-A-Palooza comes to the Spiral (More information Here)


2nd: (Wizard101) Happy 6th Birthday Wizard101!

2nd: (Pirate101) Rogue’s Gallery: Chantal Livingstone (Watch it Here)

3rd: (Pirate101) Tower of Moo Manchu, Cool Ranch Revamp, and more upates! (Check them out Here)

3rd: (Pirate101) Grizzly Beast Hoard Pack newly released in the Crown Shop! (Grizzly Beast Pack information)

5th: (Pirate101) New Vine – Chantal Livingstone (Watch it Here)

12th: (Pirate101) Twelfth Avery’s Courtcam (Watch it Here)

12th: (Pirate101) Thirteenth Avery’s Courtcam (Watch it Here)

13th: (KingsIsle) Participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge! (Watch it Here)

15th: (Wizard101) Blog Post Contest Announcement (Read About it Here)

17th: (KingsIsle) First KI Live with the Community Managers! (Watch it Here)

17th: (Pirate101) A Pirate’s Portal was a great site that had to take some time off, goodbye and good luck!


1st: (KingsIsle) KingsIsle gamers round up to raise money for charity using Extra Life (Read more in October newsletter)

1st: (Wizard101) Gear-A-Palooza event comes to the Spiral!

1st: (Pirate101) Rogue’s Gallery: Mormo (Watch it Here)

2nd: (Pirate101) New Vine – Mormo (Watch it Here)

3rd: (Wizard101) The Five B.O.X.E.S. Event begins! (Read About it Here)

13th: (Pirate101) Become Captain Avery for Halloween for Less Than $10 (Blog Post)

14th: (Wizard101) The Five B.O.X.E.S. Event ends

14th: (KingsIsle) Second KI Live event with the Community Managers! (Watch it Here)

15th: (Pirate101) Pirate101 Celebrates its 2nd Birthday (Blog Post)

15th: (Wizard101) New Halloween themed pack is added to the Crown shop, Harrowing Nightmare Pack, in addition to the original Nightmare Pack (Halloween Hoard Packs information)

21st: (Pirate101) Fourteenth Avery’s Courtcam (Watch it Here)

22nd: (Wizard101) New Vine – dance emote teaser (Watch the Vine Here)

28th: (Wizard101) Mystic Fishing Bundle is announced and available in Walmart! (Mystic Fishing Bundle information)

28th: (Wizard101) New Vine – second dance emote teaser (Watch the Vine Here)

28th: (Pirate101) Dress as Madame Vadima With 6 Items From Your Mom’s Closet (Blog Post)

29th: (Wizard101) New Vine – National Cat Day teaser (Watch the Vine Here)

Five B.O.X.E.S. Event

3rd: (KingsIsle) KingsIsle Gamers raise over $9,000 for Extra Life (Blog Post)

3rd: (Pirate101) Rogue’s Gallery: Calamity Jane (Watch it Here)

5th: (Wizard101) New Vine – Jungle Cruise teaser (Watch the Vine Here)

5th: (Pirate101) New Vine – Calamity Jane (Watch it Here)

6th: (Wizard101) Jungle House Boat castle is available in the Crown Shop

7th: (Wizard101) New Enhanced Spells Coming Soon video (Watch it Here)

13th: (Wizard101) Evergreen Bundle is announced and available in GameStop (Evergreen Bundle information)

13th: (Wizard101) Evergreen Bundle video preview (Watch it Here)

13th: (Pirate101) New Eye of Ursus Battle Standard in the Crown Shop!

14th: (Pirate101) Vine Teaser – No talking directly to the boss! (Watch it Here)

17th: (Pirate101) Vine Teaser – Knock, knock.  Who’s there? (Watch it Here)

18th: (Wizard101) Harvest Hannah returns to the Spiral!

18th: (Pirate101) Vine Teaser – Do ye even dare?! (Watch it Here)

19th: (Wizard101) New Dungeons, Enhanced Spells, and many new features! (Read About them Here)

19th: (Wizard101) New Crown Shop items including two pets, one mount, and 6 new multi-tank aquariums!

20th: (KingsIsle) Third KI Live event with Community Managers! (Watch it Here)

24th: (Pirate101) Fifteenth Avery’s Courtcam (Watch it Here)

25th: (KingsIsle) 50 million Wizard101 and Pirate101 players combined!

Extra Life Goal Reached!

1st: (Pirate101) Rogue’s Gallery: One-Eyed Jack (Watch it Here)

3rd: (Pirate101) Vine Teaser – A Pirate’s Secret to Success (Watch it Here)

4th: (Pirate101) New Vine – One-Eyed Jack

5th: (KingsIsle) New Vines – International Ninja Day (Wizard101) (Pirate101)

9th: (Wizard101) Darkmoor Dungeon Design (Blog Post)

10th: (KingsIsle) Tips Every Gamer’s Parent Should Know (Blog Post)

10th: (KingsIsle) With the start of 12 Days of the Spiral, the Charity mount is announced – Bah Humbug (Wizard101) (Pirate101)

10th: (Pirate101) Captain’s Quarters, Black Market and several other new updates! (Check them out Here)

10th: (Pirate101) The Smuggler’s Cove available in the Crown Shop!

12th: (Wizard101) New Winterland Pack is added to the Crown Shop (Winterland Pack information)

12th: (Pirate101) New Yuletide Pets – Ostrich in a Pear Tree and Santa Claws! (Check them out Here)

15th: (Wizard101) New Yuletide Housing Items are added to the Crown Shop (Wizard101) (Pirate101)

15th: (Pirate101) Edward at Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem is taking a long break, good luck and farewell!

16th: (KingsIsle) Fourth KI Live event with Community Managers! (Watch it Here)

16th: (KingsIsle) 8 Situations Made Much Better with Pirate Lingo (Blog Post)

18th: (Wizard101) New Yuletide items added to the Crown Shop (Wizard101) (Pirate101)

New Yuletide Pets – Pirate101

There was definitely many updates this year.  If you want to go even farther back, check out our 2013 KingsIsle Recap Post!



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