It’s Time To Show Some Support

Jun 24, 2015

Yes we all know that it’s been over 2 years since the last storyline update for our beloved Pirate101 game. Yup, we are aware that they broke Wizard101’s record for longest time between story updates.
We are also aware of some of the players really giving the developers a really hard time about it.  Every time Pirate101 releases something fun for us like a pet or neat stuff to buy or just plain free stuff to celebrate a special day I see many players responding in a really ungrateful way as they show off their impatience.  No matter what nice things they do for us, the common response is “Where is Book 15”?  “Yea that’s really nice but I would rather have Book 15”.  “I am not renewing my subscription until you give me Book 15”.

There are threads all over Central with doomsayers and negativity dripping off of them as they rant about how poorly they think Pirate101 is handling this and how they think it should be done.

Well I happen to trust the great team that created this wonderful game and I believe them when they say that the new content is in the works.  I think it’s high time we fans and fan sites not sit back and just shake our heads at all of this haranguing on the developers. I think we need to let them know we stand behind them and we are cheering them on with well deserved pats on the back for their remarkable endurance and for working SO hard for us for SO long. We are in your corner.  All of you gifted artists and programers that are busting your tushes through this long haul are our heros.  We don’t want you to think that we have given up on you. We know you have been working at a feverish pace for such a long time and we don’t want you to feel even a little unappreciated as you toil through what must, by now, seem like a thankless task.  We are behind you and are willing to do whatever we can to help you get through this.

Yes we would love to hear something encouraging from you. No teasers, vines or having to break the “That would be telling” clause is being hinted at here.  Just an encouraging word to let us know that all our patience WILL be rewarded WHEN it is ready would be beyond appreciated but is not the point of this post.  We just want to let you know that we support you, we celebrate you and we encourage you in any way we can help cheer you on.

Of course I am aware of the lack of communication as to why it is taking so long and what their hopes are for the new content release but that does not break my faith in the team that did so much to create our beloved game.  Blind Mew told us that Marleybone and Aquila were well on their way when the game was launched so the quick addition of the new books was bit deceiving.   They didn’t pull that off in 6 months, it was almost completed before the game was even released.

The kind of quality and craftsmanship that makes up our spiral does not happen quickly and many are so easily forgetful of all the non story updates and game mechanics revamping that has happened.  It is no small thing that was done to make all the changes and improvements the game has had in the last 2 years.  It has, by no means, been a drought of new content as the months have passed by.  With weapon and skill repairs, total pet revamping and training along with pet sparring, many new quests in the first areas of the storyline, wonderful and challenging dungeons that drop amazing gear or scrip, the output from the developers has been pretty amazing.

Let’s check the records in the Monquista Library and look at the time line and you will see just how hard they have all been working.

Pirate101 Update Timeline Highlights

As you can see the developers at Pirate101 have been far from unproductive and these are only the highlights. You can check the update pages yourself and see just how many myriad of things have been improved and adjusted since Books 13 and 14 were released.

So, on top of all these massive updates that have happened in the last 2 years, the development team has also been hard at work creating brand new content to bring us, finally, further along in Blind Mew’s wonderful plot line.

Fair Chrissy Nightingale Clapping Render


To all your creative magicians on the Pirate101 side of the Spiral,  we know you are really working hard to please and delight us and despite what all the very vocal whiners and complainers have been saying, your loyal fans and fansites are in your corner and greatly applaud your efforts in our behalf.

   Ok fellow readers and loyal fans of Pirate101, let’s give the hard working staff your words of encouragement in the comment section below.  I am sure it will really make their day to read how much faith we all have in them.

Blessings and giggles on your day



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  1. John

    Well Chrissy keeps coming out with these wonderful and informative postings. She is right though on what she says. Just be patient everyone. It takes time to develop games. Good job Chrissy my friend x hugs x

  2. Chrissy the Blesser

    Why thank you John. Your encouragement means much. Precisely why I know how much our encouragement to the game makers will mean to them. x Chrissy hugs back x 😀

  3. Nicholas LionRider

    How much of that stuff actually had a lasting impact on gameplay? Besides advanced pets (which in reality only a very small percentage of hybrid hunters care about, about 2% of the overall Pirate population). And Moo Manchu, which doesn't have good enough payoff to make it fun or something people want to do repeatedly. A new pet or something isn't good enough for an MMO. WoW has weekly updates with quests and content, a new pet that we have to buy is useless to most players. Patience is 100% good, but sometimes this is a bit ridiculous. It only goes so far, then fails. Notice how your "list of updates" merely went up until late 2014. We are in summer 2015. And haven't had an update since then. Nor word of any progress. Wizard has at least been doing updates that involve content for new and old players once every few months, but Pirate has literally done nothing. Even KI Live, all that is anymore is 50 minutes of a new wizard101 update, oh "I guess we have to do Pirate, let's all fight troggies in Skull Island since we haven't nothing to show, again" for 10 minutes. The main problem is pirate doesn't get the same attention as Wizard anymore (or arguably the other 5 untitled projects that may, or may not ship, or even do well if launched) and do to this, people don't care. If the devs don't care enough to show they are alive, why should the players. Having faith is normally good, but entrusting complete faith in a company you are supporting, isn't. KI does need to learn that they need to fill demand for content, or they will lose players and if the community just sits back and says "Yeah we will mindlessly buy bundles, hoards and subscriptions while you guys do nothing to keep us around", then KI is in complete control and could just say "We will finish the next pirate update in 3 years after we ship Alien101 and 4 IOS games". KI should have overall control of their own game, but from a marketing standpoint, they have a duty to the players. Especially when they have little excuse to do regular content since they have a massive library of models, animations, sound effects and code already done from the two games. There is no reason that at least a small 5 level expansion couldn't be released, using Darkmoor, Krokotopia or Grizzleheim content, heck if Polaris since they have some models. Plus this massive expansion with Valencia and a new world, why does it have to be a massive expansion? What makes KI think players WANT large two world updates years apart. It might make more sense to have just released the Valencia part, then later add the world separately so the content is evenly distributed instead of. Here is Aquila. Wait 8 months. Here is a small cosmetic update. Wait 8 months. Here is a single tower. Wait another half year with still nothing.

  4. Anne Radcliffe

    Yes, Chrissy, I do love Pirate101, and it continues to be my favorite game, recent updates or no. I do really miss the conversations and comments that had often been given by Blind Mew and One-Eyed Jack, but I know Blind Mew must remain silent for a while longer (he has answered all the pertinent questions that he can), and I know Jack is busy juggling both Wizard and Pirate. Happily Decius and Ratbeard post from time to time (and I really love 'Ratbeard's' quirky comments and cleverness, which make me laugh). But there is a more 'distant' feeling right now, which does make me feel a little sad. Still, I believe this state of affairs is a temporary one.

    There is a positive aspect to all these demands for Book 15 (which is probably now exceedingly tiresome to hear for the KI staff), and that is it displays the strength of the Pirate101 storyline. The story is so engaging, that we are all on tenderhooks, yearning to know 'what happens next!' It shows the eagerness for a well-loved game, I think. But as I playfully tell my husband and kids in the kitchen when they are impatient for dinner: 'It will be ready when it is ready!' KI, I am certain, wants to put out updates as much as the players want to experience them.

  5. Chrissy the Blesser

    Excellent points Anne. I too miss all our "Visits" with our beloved staff. Those interactions meant a lot to us and they still do. I cannot wait for this delay to pass and we can converse again. We are just tapping politely on the door and asking if everything is alright. We miss them.
    You are spot on about the storyline huger and your analogy about dinner is perfect. I just love it.
    The smells are fabulous KI, we just wanna eat soon but mostly to tell you our favorite place to eat is RIGHT HERE. <3

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