Ultra Update to Wizard101 goes Live!

Jul 15, 2015

A new update has arrived to Wizard101, and it’s sure to make your wizards ULTRA! Complete with ultra dungeons, ultra pets, ultra seeds (and more!), there’s plenty of new additions to keep you busy in the Spiral this summer.

Here’s a recap of the Wizard101 Summer Update!

One-Shot Rematch Gauntlets

If you think Krokopatra and Meowiarty were easy, think again – these bosses and more are back, and they’re ready for a rematch! This time around, they’ve learned new tricks and aren’t afraid to use them. Wizards up to the challenge will receive great rewards if they succeed, including ultra seeds, exclusive reagents and new mounts. And, if you haven’t gotten around to fighting Malistaire the Undying for your exalted gear, these new dungeons have a chance at dropping gear with stats close to those of Darkmoor gear!

Not sure where to find these new gauntlets? You can buy them in the Crown Shop for a small price, or they can be obtained as drops from various bosses. Rattlebones is a good place to start – battles can last just one turn, and the drop rate is fairly high. The Jade Oni is another popular spot, or you may receive some on your quests through the Spiral…

Remember: these bosses are tough, so be sure to prepare yourself before jumping in. The Mercenaries team have put together some great guides that will help you take down these pesky bosses!

Ultra Pets

First we had epic pets, then mega… and now ultra! Take your favorite pets to the Pet Pavilion to level them up to this new level, and it’ll become even stronger in combat!

A pet that reaches ultra will grant you a Star jewel. This new type of jewel can only be affixed to a pet’s jewel collar (usable once your pet reaches ancient) and can grant bonuses to your pet’s stats, your wizard’s stat’s, or derby talents. You can also obtain Star jewels via combat, crafting, and the Purreau’s Plentiful Pet Provisions hoard pack.

Gardening Improvements

Some great updates have been made to gardening, most notable of which being the new ultra seeds! Obtainable through the new one-shot gauntlets or as rare harvests from existing seeds, these new ultra plants can give great rewards. Their elder harvests have been reported to give new treasure cards, housing items, and rare reagents.

…And Much More!

Finally, a new item known as the Seed Vault has been added. Purchasable through the Crown Shop or craftable from Toshio at MooShu, this housing item can store up to 100 seeds without filling up your backpack. You can craft as many as you’d like, but only two Seed Vaults can be placed in each of your houses.That’s not all – new gardening spells are available, including the frequently requested Plant All spell. No longer will you have to go through the time consuming process of planting each seed individually after an elder harvest. Just visit Roger the Shrubber in Avalon to pick up this awesome new spell!

Houses can now be placed in the shared bank. School-themed mounts can now be crafted. The treasure card limit has been raised from 500 to 999. The critical calculation system has been revamped. PvP has entered into the third age, and a solution has been implemented against “puppet teams.”

Don’t forget about our favorite part: new fish! Ten new fish have been added to Celestia – can you catch them all? Don’t forget to check out our Celestia page on the Fishing Database to help you on your fishing adventures!

What’s your favorite part of the Summer Update to Wizard101? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and enjoy these ultra additions to the game!



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