Birthday Baddies Contest! [CLOSED]

Sep 7, 2015

Birthday Baddies Contest

Welcome wizards!  Here we are with a contest to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Wizard101 as well as talk about the new teasers hinting to the first world of the new arc!

Have you seen the recent hint dropped by KingsIsle? With another update right around the corner, we think it’s safe to say that Polaris is coming to Wizard101! For this contest, we want you to send us your ideas on what baddies we will come across in Polaris.


– One entry per person.

– Include your community/wizard name in your entry.

– Your entry must be your own original idea. Plagiarism will result in disqualification.

Make sure to follow the Contest Policy.

– One entry per person.

– Contest ends on September 28th at midnight eastern time.

How To Enter

– Send us an email with your idea to with the subject “Birthday Baddies Contest”

– You may submit up to 10 different villains for your entry, though you are allowed to only submit one email.

– Each villain idea must include a name, description (i.e. type of animal), and a short explanation to why they are a villain (i.e. motives or backstory). Be creative!

– For each idea you submit, you will be granted an additional entry in the random draw.

– Each idea will be judged separately, so the more ideas you submit, the more likely we are to choose one of them for the top prizes!


First place: 10,000 Crowns + Fog Staff + Floating Mountains Tapestry

Second place: 10,000 Crowns + Floating Mountains Tapestry

Third place: 5,000 Crowns + Floating Mountains Tapestry

Fourth place (Five winners – Random Draw): 2,500 Crowns + Floating Mountains Tapestry

Fifth place (Five winners – Random Draw): 1,000 Crowns + Floating Mountains Tapestry


First place: Victoria DeathHunter

Second place: Gilroy Irongem

Third place: Nicholas DragonRunner

Fourth place: Brand GhostSpear, Luke Firewhisper, Brandon Owlsword, Elijah Darkcaller, Cheyenne Caster

Fifth place: Hunter Frostheart, Sami Dunne, Lucas Dragonslinger, AngelTheWiz, Charles Life

Winner Entries

First place: Victoria DeathHunter

Name: Parum Amicus

Animal: Reindeer (Male)

Backstory: (Christmas Spin-Off) Everyone knows the story of Rudolph but, no one knows the story of the reindeer he replaced.  Before Rudolph was born Santa had a different reindeer, Parum Amicus, leading his sleigh.  Parum Amicus had the keenest pair of eyes out of all reindeer and his excelent vision often aided their journey.  However, when Rudolph came along everyone got so caught up by his glowing nose that they forgot about Parum Amicus.  Santa even replaced Parum Amicus with Rudolph!  Parum Amicus bitter and forgotten left the North Pole and journeyed to Polaris where he was welcomed.  He joined the Palace Guard and quickly rose through the ranks.  He is now an Admiral.  He had vowed to get revenge on Santa and the other reindeer and now that Christmas was coming again he had the perfect opportunity.

Second place: Gilroy Irongem

Name: Old Cob Spirit

Animal: Spirit

Backstory: Back in Khrysalis Old Cob had sent out many spirits to start wars and disaster in many worlds including Polaris.  Four of these spirits had been following the wizard causing most of the misfortunes to happen in Polaris.  Eventually after Nepoliguin is cursed you confront these spirits for the final battle.

Battle Description:

Health – 45,000 each

Schools – Moon, Sun, Star, Shadow

Spells – The moon spirit knows Ice and Myth magic.  The Sun spirit knows fire and death magic.  The Star spirit knows Storm and Life magic.  The Shadow Spirit knows Balance magic.  They each have a -75% resistance to whatever school they know magic too.  They each also have strong shadow magic.

Cheats –

The Astral Cycle Begins

First turn, the Moon spirit casts a polymorph into Old Cob.  For three turns Old Cob can cast strong moon damaging spells.  During this time only blades are allowed to cast.

Respect the Moon

If you cast ANY nonblade spell, you will receive an Insane Bolt which deals 1,550 damage.  Any effects of your spell are then removed.

Moon Phase Complete

Old Cob turns back into the spirit, and any spell may be cast this turn.

The Sun Shall Never Set

The sun spirit will cast an aura for +45% outgoing, -15% incoming, +15% pierce, absorb 400 for every attack.  During this time only traps may be played.

The Flames of the Sun Shall Engulf You!

If you cast ANY nontrap spell you will receive 750 sun damaging Power Nova which gives a -50% weakness to all allies.  The effect of your spell is then removed.

Sun Phase Complete

The aura goes away after three turns.  Any spell is safe here.

The Stars are Limitless

The Star Spirit casts a cloaked charm on itself (Which really doesn’t do anything but it just shows you what phase you’re in).  He then colossal on any spell he uses.  Only shields are allowed.

The Stars Shall Bombard You!

If you cast ANY nonshield spell you will receive Rain of Fire that deals 30+850 Star damage over three turns.  The effect of the spell is then removed.

Star Phase Complete

The cloaked charm goes away and any spell is safe.

Shadow Corrupts Astral Magic

The Shadow Spirit then casts Shadow Beast (+50% damage outgoing and incoming.  50% of damage dealt is reflected back at target), which has no backlash.  Only spells that use shadow pips are allowed (Like the Darkmoor spells)

The Shadow Will Lash Back At You!

If you cast ANY nonshadow pip using spell you will receive a 1000 shadow damaging shadow shepard.  The effect of your spell is then removed.

Shadow Phase Complete…Restart Cycle

The shadow beast goes away and any spell is safe.  Cycle repeats once more.

Third Place: Nicholas DragonRunner

Name: Narwand Caster

Animal: Narwall

Backstory: Narwand Caster was raised in Celestia but moved to Polaris where his powerful magical spiral horn made him one of the most powerful helpful wizards in Polaris.  When Napolenguin arrived in Polaris, he thought that he could acquire a lot of powerful magic pretty much instantly if he had possession of Narwand’s horn.  So, Foxy Trickster (previous idea) and the rebel penguins tricked him and stole his horn.  Napolenguin tried everything, but eventually realized that Narwand’s horn was useless without Narwand himself.  Meanwhile, Narwand had languished in a dungeon, growing weaker and closer to death everyday that he was separated from his magical horn.  When Napolenguin came and offered to return his horn, on the condition that Narwand use it exclusively for Napolenguin… Narwand had no choice.  Sadly, the first thing Narwand was forced to do was enchant the gift-evles and their leader, Aelfrik Giftmeister, into dark elven slaves to Napolenguin.  Hence the dark elves.. the Dokkalfar came to be.



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