Trick in Treat Contest Winners!

Nov 21, 2016


Below you can find the First and Second place winning entries from our Wizard101 Trick in Treat Contest:

FIRST PLACE (10k Crowns + Astral Unicorn)

Edward Frost Walker

Wraith- candy name

Now I ‘ave been waitin’ fer an idea


Somethin’ t’ do wit’ spirits would be good


Aye Wraith

Wraith will be its name

t’ make th’ candy ye would ‘ave t’ follow th’ steps that are followed below…

Get a pot o’ blood

put it on a heat

let it boil

at 1000 degrees

Get a breathe o’ a Siren

Tail o’ a rat

Eye from a gizzard

‘n well that’s that.

Skewer a spider

get a gram o’ venom

squeeze it in t’ th’ pan

‘n let it go in t’ th’ pan

Open an eyeball

one o’ fish

loot out th’ pupil

‘n add it t’ th’ dish

Fry a stin’

at 1000 degrees

season it wit’ hairs

‘n other diseases

Then stir th’ pot

In a clockwise direction

If it bubbles

It means spirits are nigh

Then spit in t’ th’ pot

‘n wait fer it t’ blot

It should turn purple

‘n then ye be safe

Take th’ pan ‘n pour th’ mixture

In t’ moulds at 0 degrees

Leave it fer an hour or so

‘n ’twill brew t’ our type o’ dough

Then th’ spirits would board th’ candy

‘n make it all th’ fun

Aft an our hour

needs th’ mixture

be careful

as it burns

Them put it in t’ shapes

o’ all different sizes

make them appetizin’

fer th’ wizards taste

Wha’ will happen when ye eat it may ye ask…

Yer cheeks would swell up

yer head would go red

Spit would turn purple

‘n yer tummy goes th’ colour o’ yer head

ye start t’ speak like a pirate

O golly like me

I reckon I got given one

earlier on today.

SO i didn’ make them up

O god we be at risk

Be thar a cure t’ help us get back

t’ our normal state

Thar may be an antidote

One o’ magic

Well all ye ‘ave t’ say be

that I believe in magic

As I said that I got back to my normal state

But me head was still the same colour as me chest

I guess the spirits never left

So why not be a nice fellow

And give this candy to your mates

On this


Alyssa Rose Grove

PDF of Drawing

If I were to make a Wizard101 themed candy, I would make Gobbler-Stoppers! These candies would be bright green, filled with emotion, and have a huge appetite for other candies in the spiral. When eaten, the wizard will be driven to eat everything in sight, as gobblers do.

Tayler Lifethief

This candy is the most exquisite caramel candy you will ever eat. While consuming this candy you will get surprise pops of strong curd like sourness which comes from the milky webs present in the candy. The webs contain special cobwebs of starburst spider farmed only by the Company hired horned monkey spiders. Only they can notice and collect the starburst spider webs properly which after retrieving are combined perfectly with the caramel of the toffee to create the most unique taste you have ever experienced. When you eat one, it feels as if you cannot just eat one and want to eat another, and another, and another. The effects of eating the candy can be any one of three:

1. It may result in vanishing of your legs. Instead, you will sprout eight hairy legs from your torso. The effect lasts 12 hours.
2. It may cause your eyes to vanish. Instead, you will sprout eight pair of small round eyes clustered together in front side of your head. The effect lasts 12 hours.
3. It may keep all your body parts intact. However in this case you’ll be able to spin webs with your hands and throw webbed lines from your fingertips. So you will be a wizard version of Spiderman, albeit you won’t be able to swing from building to building because your webs won’t be strong enough to hoist you for more than few seconds (This was done by the company to ensure that nobody used this attribute to perform dangerous stunts). The webs you throw at streets, sidewalks or your friends will automatically dissolve every 10 minutes to ensure no serious prank is played. The effect lasts 10 hours.
The third option is the most fun of all 3 but is also the rarest one to take place. Ideally, if you eat the candy, you have 40% chance of sprouting eight legs, 40% chance of getting eight pair of eyes and 20% chance of throwing webs from your fingertips.

SECOND PLACE – Astral Unicorn Mount and 5k Crowns

Joseph Shadowblood


Isabella Blossom

Purple – transform you in an Eggplant

Green – transform you in Cucumber

Orange – transform you in Carrot

Chocolate (delicious) – transform you in……you won’t believe this ….in Pumpkin


Tyler Myththief

PDF of Entry

RUNNER UPS – 5k Crowns (Entries not shown due to length of post issues)


Esmee StormWeaver


Autumn Waterbreeze

Brandon Owlsword

Duggan Lighttamer

Ashley Dragon



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