The 2016 Kingsisle Recap!

Jan 1, 2017

It’s the new year, and it’s a tradition here at Adventures of the Spiral to give you a recap of the year gone, so here it is. Do enjoy our roundup of all the kingsisle related news of 2016!

11th: (Wizard101) New Polaris-themed Witch’s Hoard Pack (Witch’s Hoard Pack info)

11th: (Pirate101) New Ginger Cat Cub Pet in the Crown Shop

13th: (Pirate101) David Bowie tribute with the new Stardust Chameleon in the Crown Shop

20th: (KingsIsle) How KI employees celebrate Cheese Day (Blog Post)

21st: (KingsIsle) Seventeenth KI Live (Watch it Here)

24th: (Wizard101) Winterbane Bundle retires (Winterbane Bundle info)

25th: (KingsIsle) Reasons to play games during the winter (Blog Post)

25th: (Wizard101) Spiral Cup Gauntlet available online (Spiral Cup Gauntlet info)

28th: (KingsIsle) Four essential online safety tips (Blog Post)

29th: (Wizard101) New Polaris puzzle on zazzle (Buy it Here)

Witch's Hoard Pack

Ginger Cat

3rd: (Wizard101) Tips and Trick You Probably Didn’t Know (Blog Post)

8th: (KingsIsle) New and returning items for Friendship Festival (Wizard101) (Pirate101)

9th: (Wizard101) Which Character Are You Like? (Blog Post)

16th: (KingsIsle) First AlphaCat game trailer released (Watch it Here)

16th: (KingsIsle) Featuring KingsIsle innovation on Innovation Day (Blog Post)

18th: (Pirate101) New pets for the Friendship Festival (Check them out Here)

22nd: (Wizard101) New Mammoth Mini Mount in Crown Shop (Check it out Here)

25th: (KingsIsle) Eighteenth KI Live (Watch it Here)

25th: (Wizard101) Throwback Thursday to 2009 (Blog Post)


Mammoth Mini Mount

2nd: (Wizard101) Nostalgic on “Old Stuff Day” (Blog Post)

3rd: (Wizard101) Black Sun Pyramid teaser (Watch the Vine)

5th: (KingsIsle) Cheese Doodle Day (Watch the Vine)

7th: (Pirate101) Slowmo Monday (Watch the Vine)

10th: (Wizard101) Teaser to a new assignment? (Watch the Vine)

11th: (Wizard101) New Road Warrior’s Hoard Pack (Road Warrior’s Hoard Pack info)

11th: (Pirate101) Fan Art Spotlight (Blog Post)

15th: (Wizard101) Zafaria fishing teaser (Watch the Vine)

15th: (Pirate101) Top 10 Cool Things in Cool Ranch (Blog Post)

21th: (KingsIsle) Spring starts with new items and pets (Wizard101) (Pirate101)

22nd: (KingsIsle) Visiting the SXSW Gaming Expo (Blog Post)

30th: (Wizard101) Wizards happily walking in the park (Watch the Vine)

31st: (KingsIsle) March Fan Art Spotlight (Blog Post)

Road Warrior's Hoard Pack

Wizard101 and Pirate101 Fan Art

1st: (KingsIsle) New hat and April Fool’s Rubber Ducky mount (Wizard101) (Pirate101)

6th: (Wizard101) Daily Assignments, New Skeleton Key Bosses, & More (Updates)

7th: (Wizard101) Spring fun with the new update (Blog Post)

10th: (KingsIsle) How KingsIsle celebrates the 101st day of the year (Blog Post)

12th: (KingsIsle) Prepaid cards become available for purchase online (Walmart)

13th: (Wizard101) Emotions Wizards have while playing (Blog Post)

15th: (Wizard101) Mount-a-Palooza returns with new Waffalump mount (Check it out Here)

15th: (Pirate101) New Mystic Skiff mount with Mount-a-Palooza (Check it out Here)

18th: (KingsIsle) AlphaCat becomes available worldwide (Watch video Here)

19th: (Wizard101) Best hangout spots (Blog Post)

21st: (KingsIsle) Nineteenth KI Live (Watch it Here)

27th: (KingsIsle) Community Managers tell a story on Tell a Story Day (Blog Post)

Rubber Ducky Mount



1st: (Wizard101) Arcane Builder’s Bundle retires (Arcane Builder’s Bundle info)

2nd: (Wizard101) Aztecan Builder’s Bundle is available online (Aztecan Builder’s Bundle info)

3rd: (KingsIsle) Appreciating Teachers around the Spiral (Blog Post)

4th: (KingsIsle) Star Wars references in the Spiral (Blog Post)

12th: (Pirate101) Teasing for future updates with Contessa (Watch the Vine)

18th: (Wizard101) Touring the Marleybone Royal Museum on Museum Day (Blog Post)

24th: (Pirate101) New Valencia Desktop Wallpaper (Check it out Here)

25th: (Wizard101) New Cheesiwitz Pet Family (Check them out Here)

31st: (Wizard101) New $39 Witch Hunter’s Bundle at Gamestop (Witch Hunter’s Bundle info)

31st: (Pirate101) New Valencian Steed Mount given to paying players (Check it out Here)

Valencia wallpaper   Witch Hunter's Bundle

Valencian Steed mount

1st: (KingsIsle) Pet-a-Palooza starts with new pets (Wizard101) (Pirate101)

14th: (Wizard101) New Astral Unicorn mount available in the Crown Shop (Check it out Here)

15th: (Pirate101) Book 15 has been released to Valencia! (Update)

27th: (KingsIsle) Twentieth KI Live (Watch it Here)

Astral Unicorn mount


8th: (Wizard101) New Panther pet available in the Crown Shop

8th: (Pirate101) New Astral Unicorn mount available in the Crown Shop (Check it out Here)

8th: (KingsIsle) Get Jiggy app soft launches in Canada (Watch video Here)

14th: (Wizard101) New Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet (Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet info)

22nd: (KingsIsle) Twenty-first KI Live (Watch it Here)

24th: (Wizard101) Evergreen Bundle retires (Evergreen Bundle info)

25th: (Wizard101) Polarian Bundle becomes available online (Polarian Bundle info)

29th: (Pirate101) New Mountain Yeti available in the Crown Shop

Panther Pet

Get Jiggy KingsIsle

3rd: (Wizard101) Summer update is release with Level 50 Elixir and more (Updates)

4th: (Wizard101) New Immortal’s Lore Pack released (Immortal’s Lore Pack info)

8th: (KingsIsle) New EverClicker app soft launches in Canada (Watch video Here)

9th: (Pirate101) New Pygmy Grey Whale mount available in the Crown Shop

15th: (Wizard101) House-a-Palooza w/ new school-themed furniture packs (Check it out Here)

31st: (Wizard101) Talking about recent and future updates (Producer’s Letter)

Level 50 Elixir

EverClicker KingsIsle

2nd: (Wizard101) Celebrating 8th birthday with a new Gobbler mount (Check it out Here)

2nd: (KingsIsle) Twenty-second KI Live (Watch it Here)

22nd: (Pirate101) New Autumn Yeti pet available in the Crown Shop for the fall season

Gobbler Mount Autumn Yeti Pet

6th: (Pirate101) New Rogue Armada Dreadnaught and more (Updates)

6th: (Pirate101) New Ashes of the Armada Pack (Ashes of the Armada Pack info)

13th: (Wizard101) New Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack (Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack info)

14th: (KingsIsle) Twenty-third KI Live (Watch it Here)

14th: (Pirate101) Celebrating their fourth year anniversary (Check it out Here)

14th: (Pirate101) New and returning Halloween items (Check them out Here)

24th: (Wizard101) New Shinobi Bundle at Gamestop (Shinobi Bundle info)

Ashes of the Armada Pack

Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack

4th Pirate101 Anniversary

3rd: (Wizard101) New Celestial Carpet mount for paying members (Check it out Here)

9th: (Wizard101) Mystic Fishing Bundle retires (Mystic Fishing Bundle info)

10th: (Wizard101) Jewel Crafter’s Bundle becomes available online (Jewel Crafter’s Bundle info)

10th: (Pirate101) Set of new Crystal Unicorn mounts (Check them out Here)

11th: (Wizard101) Commemorative Fireworks for Veteran’s Day (Wizard101) (Pirate101)

16th: (Wizard101) Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet available online (Walmart)

17th: (KingsIsle) Twenty-fourth KI Live (Watch it Here)

18th: (Wizard101) New Mirage Raider’s Bundle at Gamestop (Mirage Raider’s Bundle info)

30th: (Wizard101) New world of Mirage, level to 120, and more! (Update)

Celestial Carpet mount

Mirage Raider's Bundle Mirage

8th: (Wizard101) 12 Days of the Spiral begins (Check it out Here)

8th: (Wizard101) New Krampus Holiday Dungeon for all wizards (Check it out Here)

8th: (Pirate101) New Yuletide Pony mount (Check it out Here)

9th: (Wizard101) Two new Snowboard mounts (Check it out Here)

9th: (Pirate101) Three new holiday pets in the Crown Shop (Check them out Here)

13th: (Wizard101) New Winter Wonder Pack (Check it out Here)

13th: (Pirate101) Three new mounts released in the Crown Shop (Check them out Here)

14th: (KingsIsle) New Reindeer Housing Decorations (Check them out Here)

15th: (KingsIsle) Twenty-fifth KI Live (Watch it Here)

19th: (KingsIsle) Winners of the Holiday Tree Topper Contest announced (Check them out Here)

Krampus DungeonWizard101 Snowboard mounts

That’s it for 2016; let’s see what we have in store for 2017!  Happy New Year everyone and hope you all have an amazing 2017!

If you want to look back at 2013, 2014 or 2016 check out the 2013 KingsIsle Recap Post, 2014 KingsIsle Recap Post or 2015 Kingsisle Recap Post!



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