Introducing the Battle Simulator!

May 15, 2017

Battle Simulator Header

For the past couple of months, Jason and Sheldon have been developing the Pirate101 Battle Simulator for Adventures of the Spiral. The program closely models the game’s combat system, so it can replicate an encounter with extremely high accuracy – based on the information you input into form, tens of thousands of simulations will be generated and the your best option will be determined.


You’ll also be able to see some other information, such as the chance of combat being successful. We defined this as the enemy losing a greater percentage of health than you do, so attacking would be worthwhile. We also included the likelihood of each unit being defeated, as well as alternative options. If you want to see examples of how combat could unfold, you can generate new simulations – these can become pretty complex with the more epic abilities you add!

You can customize your stats to reflect essentially any unit in the game – we’ll briefly take a closer look at the interface. Start by inputting essential information like your unit’s name, class, and level.

Based on the class and level, the program can automatically calculate default stats that are very close to what companions have in the game. However, these calculations make some assumptions about what talents you choose for them – if you want to be more precise, uncheck the Use Default Stats box and input your unit’s exact stats. You don’t have to input numbers for everything – any stats you leave blank will be automatically calculated.

Next, choose your epic abilities. You can click on each image to cycle through ranks, and going past rank 3 will set the ability back to zero. Changing your class to one that uses a different weapon type (melee, ranged, or magical) will change the type of epic abilities available, so be sure to remember that certain abilities only interact with ones of the same weapon type (for instance, Quick Draw will not activate if the enemy uses a melee or magical attack, but it will if the enemy is a ranged attacker). To add abilities that only apply to specific classes, check the Show Advanced Epics box.

Be sure to input stats for both the unit and enemy information forms. Once you’re all set, hit the attack button and check out the results! The statistically best option isn’t always clear, so you may be surprised with what you find. In tight situations where one encounter can make a big difference, the Battle Simulator could be a very useful tool in planning your course of action.

You can find the simulator here. Play around with it, and please send us screenshots if you encounter any errors so that we can investigate. Enjoy, and let us know what you think!



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