Creating Your Own Caravan Part 2

Jun 1, 2017

Julia Lionflower back again with Creating Your Own Caravan Pt. 2! You may be asking yourself, “Lion, you started this like two months ago…what???” Take it up with my professors guys. jumping for joy at the second installment of this post, but I assure you such excitement isn’t entirely necessary. I’m going to be covering the remaining tents in the Nomad’s Camp and how I continued to turn it into my own version of Mirage’s Caravan, complete with some witty asides and a plot twist ending. Let’s do this!

*Author’s Note: Bear in mind that many of these tents are still works in progress. I actually wanted to write this article while they were in this state so I could talk about how I was making progress with them/where ideas were coming from, etc. etc. instead of just showing you guys a finished product. Basically: don’t judge if you think something looks kind of “bleh”, it’s a process ok? Besides, if I hadn’t done it this way you guys wouldn’t have witnessed my plot twist ending, so…you’re welcome.

  • Yellow Tent #2 | Pets & Mounts

Why I Chose This Tent

This tent is another natural fit. It has tons of covered outdoor space, perfect for a mount/pet corral. I knew the appeal of this one was going to be the outside of the tent, rather than the inside.

How To…

It’s All About the Exterior…

I modeled this tent after a small pet market tent I already designed for my Island Getaway house.

My first pet market

So if you look at my sad cell phone photo why? because I was too lazy to crop a screenshot you can see several essential elements for this area: Firstly, the Rope Fence. These are super easy to obtain and one can easily glitch these together to create a corral/pen. These fences are actually one of my all time favorite housing items. While this is only slightly less impressive now that we have pet/mount crumbs, it’s still a really easy way to keep mounts contained. Quetzel Cages are the greatest way to make your pet market really look like a pet market, especially when you put pets inside them. These are a little tougher to use, however, because they require glitching that’s a little complicated. Luckily there are several guides online on how to accomplish this! For this house I simply used all the pets I got as drops to put into the cages. Wooden Creates are great for more than just glitching! I feel like they add the perfect way to get some difference in levels here. It’s also quite easy to glitch things onto them.

Quick Tips | Other Great Items for Your Pet Market
  • Stuffed Owl | Let’s be honest, this looks like a real owl
  • Bundle of Rope | Really nice accent piece in my opinion
  • Trio of Sacks | Have yet to find a situation where I truly can’t use a trio of sacks
  • Basket of Fish | Fits in really well in an area like this

Outdoor pet market

Mount corral

Let’s Not Forget the Interior…

I wanted to include a few pictures of what I did with the interior, though this isn’t yet complete. While the outside of the tent is a pet and mount market- where one actually procures the pets and mounts -the interior is meant to be all things pet supply. It’s pretty much an organized chaos, I know this. Don’t remind me…Idk, maybe that’s a good thing???

Back of the Tent Right Side

Back of the Tent Left Side

Front of the Tent Left Side

Front of the Tent Right Side

  • Blue Tent #2 | Antiquities

Why I Chose This Tent

This tent is a little tricky. Despite the fact that it looks like it has ample outdoor space it turns out that you can’t decorate on this level. That makes this the only tent that won’t allow for outdoor decorating and that’s why I chose it as the antiquities tent.

How To:

Ok, so I’m gonna be honest here: I approached this tent with the mindset of “All the really cool things in storage that I’ve never found a place for and would like to” “Unique, exotic, and rare items only.” Legitimately though, those two mindsets go hand in hand… It doesn’t totally matter if the items you’re putting into the tent are rare in game terms- unless you really want to play on hard core mode put in that kind of work, in which case major kudos to you -it only matters that they look like they’re antiques. The Parasaur helms and other Aztecan clothing items you can buy in the bazaar were easily my favorite items for this tent. They looked fantastic in the display cases.

Quick Tips | Bazaar Crawling
  • So if you really want to put a lot of effort into a tent like this you are probably going to need to bazaar crawl.
  • What does “Bazaar Crawl” mean? It’s really just what I like to call sitting in the bazaar a long-ish while and going through the tabs really thoroughly, buying whatever strikes your fancy. Don’t think about it too much, just buy it. Obviously this requires a lot of patience and a lot of gold to burn.
  • The best way to go about this is to sort your bazaar by quantity, not by name. This is important so I put it in bold…see? instant sense of importance. This way you get the more rare items that aren’t being sold to the bazaar very frequently. I’ve found some really unique things this way!
  • I always, always, always always put a mark in the bazaar when I’m decorating just so that I can flick back and forth and do multiple bazaar crawls. It just streamlines the process
  • This tip kind of goes for all these tents, but I feel like it needs special mention with this one in particular

Tent Staff

Front of the Tent – Right Side

Front of the Tent – Left Side – The Furniture Section!

Back of the Tent – Right Side

Back of the Tent – Left Side

  • Red Tent #2 | Weaponry

Why I Chose This Tent:

The weaponry tent moved a few times before I settled on this red tent. However, with the benefit of hindsight, this is the clear choice. This tent is a little secluded and while it doesn’t have much space outside, it is next to one of the entrances to the underground room. When looking at the map you’ll also notice that this tent is completely in the shade, unlike the others which are in sunny spots. I really like the element of …shadyness mystery and almost seediness that this positioning provides- like you’re not quite sure whether or not this business is legitimate or not. Seriously though, where is this cat getting her weapons from? You don’t know! You just don’t know. It’s honestly just perfect for the weaponry tent.

How To:

For me, this tent has the furthest to go in my opinion. It’s still feeling very sparse. However, the basic idea is here. There are weapons racks available in the game from many of the different worlds, Avalon for example, thus the concept was to combine those options into one tent and present them as their respective sections. The only thing about the racks is that they come from a variety of sources- not just the bazaar. So, a little research is definitely needed here.

Front of the Tent – Right Side – Grizzleheim and Mirage Section

Back of the Tent – Left Side – Water Mole, Mooshu, and Avalon Sections

Back of the Tent – Right Side – Zafaria, Azteca, Avalon and Mooshu Sections

  • The Underground Room | Black Market

Why I Chose This…Room:

This was an obvious choice. A black market accessible via a rope and a crack in the wall? How could I resist Perfection!

How To:

I really felt like I could expand this room into more than just one smugglers den and instead do an entire underground black market. It’s actually a pretty large space down there and I felt like I was up to the challenge. Boy did I have fun with this! This ended up being easily one of my favorite rooms to do in this house. It certainly got a bit tough when I was moving bigger items in, but it was definitely workable. And by that I mean I probably only got frustrated like three times versus like ten times.

I think that part of what really attracts me to this space and this concept are the stories that it tells/can tell. I really wanted each “vendor” to have their own tent, just like the vendors on the surface do. My most menacing NPCs found a home here and I have to say a big thanks to KI for including them in the pack drops. They just worked out so well. I then matched up the NPC to the tent: ancient Qhat warriors sell stolen relics, Baboon Thugs pay a corrupt Qhat noble with a pile of gold, a Silent Saber protects a fennec fox’s golem for sale, and a shady djinn offers readings of one’s future. Voila! stories! ya! (Some stuff that I had gotten for the Antique tent actually ended up here instead! You have to be flexible with stuff like that)

Quick Tips | A Balancing Act
  • Even though this space is pretty big that same space can disappear quite quickly due to large housing items. In this case, those large housing items were tents. I had several conditions for them as well: There needed to be multiple, the rope down into the market couldn’t be obstructed and should remain pretty much centered, and a player in addition to a vendor NPC had to be able to fit into most of them. Sound tough?
  • The solution is just a matter of finding ones that were the right size and not having too much repetition with them. Even though I could’ve used Dromel Tents really super amazing housing item by the way for every tent, but they would’ve just been super clunky.
  • I instead divided the space between two Dromel Tents- on opposite sides of the cavern, mind you -a Boat Tent, and a Small Astral Tent. This way we have a ton of variation and visual interest.
  • You really want a space like this to feel really immersive, which is why having the two larger tents and packing items in a little tightly is important, otherwise all of your work can go under appreciated. No one wants to feel claustrophobic…but this should also have just the right amount of claustrophbia…seriously though. There’s definitely a certain something when you pass right next to two, large Baboon Thugs. You as the housing designer can force encourage that kind of interaction.

At the Entrance to the Black Market

The Fortune Telling Djinn and the Baboon Tent

The Golem Tent, the Stolen Relic Tent, and two skele-qhats leaping through the air.

  • Conclusion (aka. The Plot Twist) (aka. Oops)

So! Here we are at the promised plot twist ending…so the thing is is that I probably got a little over zealous in the interior, because I ran right into the housing item limit. And by that I mean an already extended housing item limit… So, that means that, despite my best intentions, this house may have to wait for another extension for 100% completion. Let’s all have a moment of silence together in the hopes that that day will soon come………………………………..

Ok, back to it: So, I suppose something to bear in mind if you decide to take on this concept for your Nomad’s Camp is to prepare yourself for this outcome or really streamline things. I do feel like I’m pretty close to having everything that I want in the tents, but there isn’t any wiggle room and that doesn’t help the organization of the more cluttered rooms. Obviously, I’m not gived at streamlining On the bright side, the outside still has a ton of open space for decorating and a lot of options in terms of what you can do with that. My next plan of action is to expand the gardening tent around its back, as well as create some kind of camp ground for travelers.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little peek behind the scenes of my decorating process and got inspired! It’s definitely a bit of a messy business chaos at times, utter, utter, chaos but the results are always so satisfying. Thanks for reading!



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