Unconventional Clothing: Styling Pack Gear

Jan 29, 2018


So it’s been almost a month since Wizard101’s holiday/winter packs left the spiral for the first time. In my experience, that only means one thing: Lots of stuff still sitting in your backpack from when you were buying packs like candy. Now, if you haven’t been diligent about selling stuff, a lot of that is probably housing items. I’m gonna give you a minute to go clear that stuff out.  For some people the reason why this is is because they just haven’t gotten around to selling it all yet, for others it’s because they can’t decide whether or not the stuff they have is worth keeping, and for most winter actually extends past December so all the gear is technically still appropriate. (Meanwhile, I live in California and today the high is 79 degrees Fahrenheit. This is both a good and bad thing, trust me.)

The whole situation has been worsened with the start of Pack A Palooza this week. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely enthusiastic about it. I absolutely am wasting crowns trying to get the light set of Silent Knights Gear. Why? First off: the Winter Wonder pack is back again (and half off!) so if you missed out on anything the first time you get another go. Second: If you’re farming other packs you’re faced with either buckling down and selling things or possibly missing out on the great deals.

I find that the stuff that I kind of get stuck on the most are gear items. In this case that probably means the Silent Knight’s gear or the Snowdrifter’s gear. If you’ve started farming Pack A Palooza (things get worse) that could mean sets from Halloween, Knights Lore, and the Wysteria Lore Pack as well. Of course, option one is to just bite the bullet and go through and sell everything you don’t need. Option two is to keep putting off making a decsion “until later” which is just code for “probably never gonna happen, so into the shared bank it goes”. I do support this option, but I also want to show all the potential that this winter gear holds, even after the holidays have passed!

Quick Gear Review

First things first: today we’re going to be working primarily with the relatively new Silent Knight gear. Why? Well, the new Armor of the Silent Knight just looks sick. In addition, two thirds of the gear is not overtly holiday themed. I definitely think people are still into this pack now that it’s back in the spiral again. As I’ve talked about extensively before, I’m all about detailed armor. It makes me tingly….or that could be my toes freezing off…hmm…I’m just kidding, I actually wish I was cold. Now, I know I normally would probably quibble about how there isn’t variation between the male and female set, but this is actually cool enough looking that I really don’t care.

Something that I really like about this gear is that it honestly has something to suit everyone if you’re looking for a more winter-themed outfit.

  • Black – Just awesome, works for any school
  • White – Great for Ice; Great for anyone who likes light color schemes
  • Christmas Blend – Festive; Great for those who like forest-y colors or just want to feel like Christmas all year

However, it actually proved more difficult to pair than I thought. Some of the colors have a certain quality to them that’s difficult to replicate in other pieces of gear. For example, the red of the “Christmas Blend” is not true red and most other pieces of gear do not have this deeper color. I will say that the light set of gear is likely the easiest to pair out of all three, as from what I’ve seen the white is true white, as it is with other gear. Unfortunately I only received the boots from this set. However, here is what it looks like!


This is gonna be a long one, so bundle up! (see what I did there? I’m just kidding) If you’re frightened by the length of this post, don’t be! Just scroll down to whatever section(s) apply to you!

Hat Pairings | Dark Set

This section is for the players who like and received the Silent Knight’s gear, but didn’t receive a helmet from the packs or is simply looking for a different option.

1 | The Black Werewolf Skullcap

This was by far my favorite combination that I found! Look how amazing that looks! This is the Black Werewolf Skullcap, which is available during Halloween (and right now during Pack A Palooza!) I think this would be an awesome option for someone that wants to bring a kind of Game of Thrones-ian vibe to their look. Seriously, every time I look at this one I think of the Starks. What constitutes a “Game of Thrones-ian vibe”? Sort of a dark edginess added to this wintery garb- you aren’t just any common wolf, you’re a direwolf. This werewolf helm is just fierce. They also have this in brown which pairs really nicely with the festive set! I think it really helps to move the gear away from its holiday origins.

Available in: The Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack (2017)

2 | The Owl

This was my favorite more reserved option and the one that my Ice is currently using. I like that this hairstyle- The Owl -allows for the gear to shine. Because it’s more simple than other hairstyles all the details of the robe can stand out, rather than getting overpowered by a very loud hairstyle.

Available in: the Crowns Shop or dropped

3 | The Ice Wig

This hairstyle is on the loud side and was available in the Winter Wonder Pack, so chances are you received one. I actually switched over the color of this to this kind of light brown to tone it down a bit. You likely could go to black entirely as well, but I worried that if I did that it’d be so reserved it’d be missed completely as part of the outfit. However, if you want a hairstyle that pops, this one is definitely something and I feel really stands out in white or any other bright color.

Available in: The Winter Wonder Pack (2017)

4 | The Night King’s Crown

This was a surprise because I’ve had this helm for a while! This is from the Knight’s Lore pack, which is still available in the crowns shop (and on sale right now!) and I thought that this was actually a really unique choice. Since the Knight’s Lore pack was released so long ago this is a rarely seen helmet. It was also somewhat difficult to pair with other gear when it was released and the stats aren’t anything special. However- stitched -I think this is a really intriguing pairing.

Available in: The Knight’s Lore Pack


Hat Pairings | Festive Set

This section is for those that received most of the gear set, but didn’t receive a helmet.

1 | Stag Lord’s Helm

I actually find myself going to this hat pretty frequently when I’m thinking about gear pairings. It ‘s not a popular hat, but it’s a unique one. Turn to this one if you’re looking for a sort of whimsical, guardian of the forest kind of vibe to your outfit.

Available from: Eloise in Avalon or the Bazaar

2 | Polarian Connical

If you’re into big hats then this is the pairing for you. While this isn’t an exact match in terms of colors I still think it’s an extremely passable option. I feel like this kind of combination kind of moves the armor-like feel of the Silent Knights gear more in the direction of magic and wizardry. Personally, I felt like the gear was a little too cowed by the size of this hat. However, that’s only because I feel like the robe should be the focus of the outfit.

Available in: the Bazaar or from Eloise in Polaris

3 | The Ice Wig

What I wrote above is still true here, though I feel like the light brown that I chose is actually even more natural and reserved looking with this pairing. I definitely prefer the Ice wig in brown with this festive set.

Available in: The Winter Wonder (2017) Pack

4 | Brigadier’s Cap

I was very surprised at how well this hat worked with this gear! I actually really like how the white pops against the darker tones in the gear. Every so often an option like this really works. (Most people are also not super picky about color, like me.) While I do feel like this makes you look a little like a train conductor, if that’s your jam, by all means rock this!

Available from: Eloise in Marleybone


Boot Pairings | Dark Set & Festive Set

This section is for people who either only received a robe, a robe and a helmet, or are simply looking to switch up their shoe options.

1 | Swashbucker’s Boots

Man these boots are so versatile! I’ve used them countless times now. This time, of course, is no exception. They work perfectly with this set and the blacks somewhat match up. I keep coming back to allowing the gear take the spotlight and these boots definitely do that!

Available from: Eloise in Marleybone or in the Bazaar

2 | Whimsical Boots

These are a classic pair of boots from Wizard City! I liked these because they have these little silver highlights that match this gear. Like it says on the tin, they are a very whimsical option. The black doesn’t quite match, but it’s not incredibly noticeable.

Available from: Eloise in Wizard City or in the Bazaar

3 | Brown Werewolf’s Leggings

This is my favorite boot pairing that I discovered! The brown and gold matches perfectly with the festive gear. I really like how these move the gear away from Christmas colors and into more of a “forest” theme. They actually aren’t too clunky considering their size, in my opinion. More like tall Ugg boots with the fur on the outside.

Available in: The Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack (2017)

4 | Noble Shoes

Aside from the Werewolf leggings, this was a really difficult set to find boots for. These tones of red, green, and gold are just not commonly found at all. I didn’t mind this particular boot pairing, as the colors weren’t incredibly off. The dainty design of the shoes also works well with this robe. However, I was really strapped to find another option for this color scheme!

Available from: Eloise in Marleybone


Robe Pairings (aka. Boots Only)

I wanted to do this quick section for people who only got boots or boots and a helmet (though I only have one, admittedly- sorry guys I wasn’t lucky in that respect) when opening the packs, as I think they were the most common out of the Silent Knight drops.

1 | Black Werewolf Fursleeves

Despite the funny name- wow! The red and gold in this gear is a -perfect- match for the Silent Knight Helmet. The black version of this would match as well. I also really liked the pairing of the dark set of Silent Knight boots with this. These blacks match perfectly! Maybe it’s just something about pack gear? I think this is a truly unconventional use of these boots and especially this helmet. This is a great direction for someone who wants to move this gear away from its wintery origins.

Available in: The Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack (2017)

2 | Polarian Gakti

This was such a charming and natural fit. If you like the wintery direction and only received these boots, then this is the perfect solution for you. As usual, the blacks don’t match exactly but it’s not noticeable at all. I chose red as the secondary color for this outfit, but I think anything would work with the black!

Available from: the Bazaar and Eloise in Polaris

3 | Polarian Luhkka

I was surprised by how nicely the boots from the light set of Silent Knights gear went with this robe! Even though the blues don’t quite match it doesn’t really matter in this case. I paired this outfit with The Taffy (which you can get in the crowns shop) in a shade of blonde. The overall effect is actually really quite elegant.

Available from: the Bazaar and Eloise in Polaris


Wand Pairings | Festive Set

For those who didn’t receive an official Silent Knight wand or just aren’t really into swords, this section is for you!

1 | Staff of the Krampus

This is actually one of my favorite wand match ups! All the colors match perfectly with each other! I feel like this one leans a bit more holiday than the rest of my match ups, but it’s such an awesomely matched outfit I couldn’t help but include it here. Unfortunately this wand is only available as a drop from Krampus, but if you didn’t get it this time around there’s always next year!

Available from: Krampus

2  | Ranger Marksman Bow

Check out those beautiful matching golds! This is a stellar option if you like this gear, like bows, and have the Avalon Outlaw’s bundle. I think this wand also helps to move this gear more in a forested direction rather than holiday. I can see this with the Brown Werewolf Leggings to really move it away from its holiday origins.

Available from: the Bazaar and Eloise in Polaris

3 | Waraxe of the Old Times

Something about the way these colors jive (lol where did that word come from) together is just really awesome to behold. I just love how the little red and green details in this wand match with this gear (they’re a bit lighter and brighter than the tones in the gear, but it’s so minor in this case) and the golden glow of the axe blade just pops! This is another wand that I think would look great with the brown werewolf boots, moving this gear away from its holiday theme, or even the Black Werewolf Fursleeves outfit above.

Available in: the Crowns Shop

Wand Pairings | Dark Set

The same goes for this section, but for the dark section instead! However, I will say that I feel like the best match for this gear are the Blade of the Silent Knight and the Silent Knight’s Cold Steel. Personally I use the Cold Steel because I like the way the light handle pops against the dark gear.

1 | Aquilan Secutor’s Lance

I was surprised by how nicely this spear paired with this gear! Even though the blue tones in the Silent Knight robe are a little bit more teal, both blues are muted and work together relatively well. What I really like about this is the vibrance of the silver working with the silver tones in this gear. Overall a very solid choice for a wand stitch!

Available in: the Immortal’s Lore Pack

2 | Antlered Staff

Even though this isn’t the best matching option I still thought it was really neat. I often find myself gravitating towards these antlered, “forest-y” options with this gear. Maybe it’s because of the leaf detailing? I really like the sort of wintery “forest guardian” vibe with my gear. Would that make me a druid? or a Wizard with an outlander background? These are the important questions. Idk why I’m bringing DnD into this. Stop it self.I do think that the silver in the wand helps to tie this all together, despite the elements that don’t quite match.

Available from: Battling Jackie, Flaccitheus Hauker, Flevur Flave, Ginther, Heidi Iron Nails, and Kerr Knucklebones

3 | Snows of Kembaalung Saber

This is one of my favorite wands in general! I love how the silver in this takes on a teal-blue hue, which works well with that of the gear (though as usual the gear’s blue is much more muted). This wand definitely pops against the darkness of the gear and has a very appropriate icey-ness to it.

Available in: Hamakala’s Mausoleum and the Hollow Mountain


I am now totally broke and I did not listen to myself in regards to limits or anything silly like that. Hopefully this was helpful in proving that even if you weren’t lucky enough to get the full set of gear there are still options for you! I also really wanted to show that pack gear- especially this pack gear -has a lot of potential. Even though this was fully intended to be winter gear I 100% believe that it’s still relevant even after winter is over! Again, sorry I wasn’t able to show practically any of the light set, but it just wouldn’t drop for me.



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