The Great Detective Bundle

Nov 12, 2018


Hello all! Even though the player base is currently entranced with the newly released Empyrea Part 2, let’s look really quickly at another new release (before we dive into all of our new Empyrea content and this article gets lost in the flood). The game is afoot in the latest bundle in Wizard101. Cliche you say? Never…  Utilizing this newness you could’ve attended a halloween bash as Sherlock Bones…or declare your love for Sherlock’s sense of style. In addition to the usual new clothes and a ghostly new pet, the Great Detective Bundle also comes with a fascinating new mount and stellar housing item! So, without further ado, let’s investigate! I can’t stop and I won’t stop.

The Gear

Right out of the box the gear comes in the standard red. This lets you know exactly which parts of the gear can have their colors changed…which also lets you know that that brown is here to stay. While that brown definitely doesn’t match with some color combinations, I really liked the mix of dark green and silver- which in this case takes on a green hue. In fact, with this color scheme it reminds me a lot of traditional English hunting or riding gear (Idk man I just feel like I could jump right on a horse and go galloping through the woods) in addition to a reference to Sherlock bones.

Essentially, I think the gear’s stats reflect the majority of bundle gear in being pretty ehhh standard. Thus I really only view this set as one to be stitched and thus my primary focus is on aesthetics. Overall, I think it’s a cute set with a lot of potential! Something that could definitely be explored would be the pairing of other hats and boots with this robe. I’m also finally appeased because the male and female sets are different in this bundle!

The Wand

Similarly to the gear, I didn’t find this wand’s stats to be particularly notable at any level. The one thing that was, though, was the Arcane Deduction maycast! Basically this feature allows you to watch an opponent’s actions, just as you would if that opponent was beguiled. It becomes available on the wand at tier 11 and continues to the top tier of the wand: 13. Check out the level 120 stats below:

At the very least, I thought this was a unique idea for a wand. The passive animation of looking through the eyeglass was a really cute touch. If you’re into the detective look or just really like the wand’s design I think it could make a unique and quality stitch!

The Gyrocycle

First impression: “man, this is really cool!…..I feel like I’m gonna topple over…” This is one fascinating mount and in my opinion would be perfect for jetting around Empyrea, which, in my view is one of the more technologically savvy worlds we’ve visited. First of all, the speed boost is always nice. I’ve been loving the move into  creatively technological mounts recently and for some reason this one really brings to mind the junk-copter. I keep calling this thing a gyrosphere, though, which is not in fact its name. This has so many little detailed touches, including a subtle wavering motion while it moves. 

A side note, though: things get weird if you have a long cape like me. If you look at the picture below you’ll see that it kind of juts out to one side of the gyrocycle unnaturally. Does this stop me from using this mount? No way!

The Pet

I like to think of this pet as the St. Bernard’s spooky cousin! This is a brilliant option for anyone that likes dogs, in my opinion. It’s a really good sized pet, about half the height of our wizards. I think this actually helps make the dog seem even more like a true companion to travel the spiral with. I know I certainly would never feel alone with this pet by my side! In addition to companionship, this pet also comes with a stun block card which might be helpful to low level wizards. 

If you’ve ever read Sherlock Holmes or seen the show Sherlock, you should know about the famous “Hounds of Baskerville” story. The dogs are supposed to be giant (which explains the size of this pet a lot) and spectral. On that last point I think the Wizard101 version really delivers. I really, really like the ghostly mist that surrounds the dog! (I tried to capture it in the screenshot below) If you don’t choose to use this pet I think it’d look great running freely running around in a haunted house setting.

The Balloon Ride

This is by far my favorite part of this bundle, but the funny thing about it is that it’s a little incongruous (in my opinion at least). Seriously, though, is it supposed to be a Victorian era connection or?…I’m just gonna answer my own question and say “yes.” This bundle is so overtly Sherlock Holmes (aside from maybe the gyrocyle) that this gorgeously designed balloon feels a bit out of place next to everything else. However, we aren’t really here to debate the Sherlockishness…level of sherlockism… a hot air balloon’s relationship to Sherlock Holmes, we’re here to talk about how totally wicked awesome this looks in a house!

Love, love, love the magic that swirls around this housing item. So, from just a decorating standpoint this is already a favorite. However, this item has more to offer than just being a nice conversation piece. You and your house guests can actually ride in the balloon and get a birds eye view of all of your outdoor decorations! Either way, this really appeased the decorator in me.

Up, up and away!


All in all I think this is a really cute little bundle, especially for fans of Sherlock, Marleybone, or just fans of Wizard101 in general who want to collect some unique items. I can also see getting the bundle for just one aspect of it, like the gorgeous hot air balloon housing item or the mount. I know I’ve certainly been having a lot of fun jetting around Empyrea Pt. 2 in my gyrocycle and have seen several others doing the same! Come and join us!



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