6th Annual Advent Contest

Nov 30, 2018

Happy Holidays! It’s that time of year again and we want to celebrate it by holding a contest! Starting from the 1st December 2018 to 25th December 2018. On each even day we will be giving away Wizard101 Prizes, on each odd day we’re going to be giving away Pirate101 Prizes and on Christmas Day we’re going to choose two winners from the comments, and two winners from twitter.

You can view the prizes, and on what days they are available on our advent page – Advent Page – the doors will open automatically on that day. Remember, the draws won’t happen until 4pm EST the next day.

How to enter this Contest

To enter, simply tweet #25DaysofAoS (to be eligible for the Twitter draw) or comment on this post (to be eligible for the comments draw) and you will be automatically entered into the contest and our twitter @OfficialAotS will announce the results. Winners will be drawn from Twitter on every even day of December and from the comments on this post on every odd day of December.

If you are entering by comment, please ensure that your email or twitter account is included in the entry along with you community name so we can contact you if you are successful. Don’t worry, our commenting system is set to auto-moderate so only we are allowed to see your email and it will be removed before it is approved at the contest’s end.

All draws will happen at 4pm EST unless otherwise stated, you do not need to enter more than once multiple entries will not count.

Winners will be announced below:

Day 1: (10k Crowns) : @Spiral_Wiz and @Esmee_SW

Day 2: (2 Unicorn Hoard Packs) @Anita8101

Day 3: (2x Ashes of the Armada Packs) Lucas Lee

Day 4: (1000 Crowns) @Edwardsky123

Day 5: (1000 Crowns)@serena_ellis_

Day 6: (Unicorn Hoard Pack and 1000 Crowns) @JustinIronhorn

Day 7: (Ashes of the Armada Pack and 1000 Crowns)

Day 8: (2000 Crowns) @AnddrewDarkFlame

Day 9: (2000 Crowns)@Pimverhagen1213

Day 10: (2 Alphoi Packs and 2000 Crowns) @Napoleguin1

Day 11: (2 Ashes of the Armada Packs and 2000 Crowns) @Asaifraghuraj

Day 12: (5000 Crowns and 2 Alphoi Packs) @DavudKkz

Day 13: (5000 Crowns and 2 Ashes of the Armada Packs) Name witheld

Day 14: (Unicorn Hoard Pack and 5000 Crowns) @TheFighterRD

Day 15: (2x Ashes of the Armada and 5000 Crowns) @FullbusterChad

Day 16: (1000 Crowns) @KaneThePirate

Day 17: (6000 Crowns and Ashes of the Armada) Gavin

Day 18: (7500 Crowns) @Nazayesir

Day 19: (7500 Crowns  and Ashes of the Armada Pack) @Asdop_x

Day 20: (7500 Crowns and 3 Unicorn Hoard Packs) @Nexus2g

Day 21: (5000 Crowns and 3x Grizzly Hoard Packs)@OLanternJack101

Day 22: (10000 Crowns) @Clickntapper

Day 23: (10000 Crowns and 2 Ashes of the Armada Packs)

Day 24: (10000 Crowns and 2 Alphoi Hoard Packs) @AngelNightWhisp

Day 25: (2x Hoodoo Bundle/Aero Plains Bundle/Great Detective Bundle – 1 Winner EEach – and 5000 Crowns EACH. @MaddersSilver, @_stormy12, @iljimae520 and @CapnLoganWest



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