Quest Comfortably: The Coziest Outfits in the Spiral

May 31, 2019


I’ve done some fun outfit-based articles in the past, but I found myself particularly inspired by “Glorious Morn,” Wizard101’s second crowns reward event, which concluded a few days ago.

Some of the unique rewards up for grabs were the pieces of the “Glorious Morn” outfit: essentially a cosy looking hat, morning robe, and slippers. It’s a completely unique outfit design, (unless you got the gear from the previous “Night Knight” event…then it’s basically a recolor #sorryImnotsorry) so if you’re someone who really wants your wizard to be at their coziest while running around the spiral, this would really seem like your only opportunity to achieve that.

So, that leads me to this article, for everyone who missed out on this event or money “other circumstances” got in the way of reaching the top rewards: a guide for the coziest, “Glorious Morn” inspired looks in the spiral! I’m not going for an exact match with any of these, because it’s impossible to do. I just want to capture the same cozy sleepwear-esque tone. I also wanted this to be extremely straightforward and accessible, so all of these clothing items are available from Eloise Merryweather throughout the spiral.


I knew this section would be a little bit hard because the rounded shape is somewhat unique. The best options I found were in Wizard City, surprisingly.

Whimsical Cap

This was my favorite hat that I found for this guide! I like the striped rim and the slouchy point at the end. It’s easy to read this as a night cap, rather than a “real” hat. I think either silver or white works for this hat, depending on the gear you’re wearing it with. Some robes lean more grey than true white and these would be the ones I’d wear a silver cap with.

Regal Hat

This one is also high on my list! It has the same rounded kind of shape that the Glorious Morn hat does, just without a brim. I definitely think this looks appropriately cozy with the right gear paired with it! It’s not too flashy or too plain. The Whimsical Cap was such a good fit, though, so I didn’t use this one as much as I could’ve when creating outfits.

Safari Pith Helmet

With this one I was really looking for something that had a similar brim to the Glorious Morn gear and this was the closest I could find. However, I’ll accept it does look a little like you’re going on a cozy cruise sleepy safari torpid trip strangely casual safari. I’m definitely not sure if this is as good a fit as the other two hats I’ve listed, brim or no brim. Then again, to each his own! (If you’re going on adventures in your dreams and need a safari hat, who am I to judge?)

Alternative: Night Cap

Pigswick Academy Cap

Ok, so, I’ve always thought that the Pigswick Academy pigs constantly look like they’re heading to bed, because of their little caps. If you wanted to switch up the color scheme and go more blue, I think this is one of the most realistic options for a “sleepwear” look. It’s also great for a bad hair day! There are lots of other hats that, when paired with a comfy looking robe, can also read as night caps! It’s definitely something to explore for yourself!


I felt like finding viable robe options wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be!

Oasis Surcoat

This was one of the closest things I could find to the actual Glorious Morn robe! This robe is available from Eloise in Krokotopia, so it’s really easily accessible and available to most wizards. I really like how the fabric slubs. It just looks so comfy and roomy! I also really like the detail in this. While we aren’t talking about intricate armor, I love the little buttons and detail in the robe’s belt.

I think the male version of this robe looks even closer to a housecoat than the female version does! (Love when I find what I need out in the wild)

Smock of the Sphinx

This was another super solid option I discovered in Krokotopia! While it doesn’t look too much like the Glorious Morn robe, I think it looks super comfortable! Again, I love how the fabric looks really relaxed. The rope belt is also such a lovely, detailed touch. If you were going for a more earthy, but relaxed look this would be great for that!

Peasant Robe

This was another favorite robe find! I actually have a long house coat so that’s what I immediately thought of when I saw this! In my opinion, compared to the previous robes listed, this is the simplest of the three. However, simple can be great, whether it be paired with similarly clean and simple gear or when paired with more decorative hats and shoes.

Disciple Garment

This one is definitely a little less “sleepwear” and a little more “street clothes.” When I was compiling this guide I decided to include this because it does have the quintessential elements of a “robe” like the Glorious Morn, but sort of sits on the line between relaxed and ready for questing. (It’s like athleisure- the wizarding equivalent of a sweatshirt and leggings must be like a soft robe right?).

Honorable Mention

Ronin’s Robe

Pirate Garb

I included these in the Honorable Mention section because I think they’re interesting choices that are almost where I want them to be conceptually, but not quite. In the case of the Ronin’s Robe it’s just a little more asian inspired than it is pajama inspired. On the other hand, perhaps it’s just really decorative? The same goes for the Pirate Garb. It’s clearly more adventure-wear than it is sleepwear, but it’s almost a robe. The structure of it definitely is and you really can never go wrong with a comfortable coat. I also really like the little details on the skirt.


It’s quite hard to find a match or near match for the shoes, because the exact “slipper” design is unique. However, if you’re willing to compromise a bit, there are several passable alternatives.

Master’s Footwear

These are the closest thing to slippers that I could find in the game! The slipper shoes almost look delicate. They’re just lovely! The biggest deviation this has from other slipper-like shoe options, including the Glorious Morn slippers themselves, are the more decorative socks. Though I think it’s quite nice, naturally, you can go with a longer robe, like the Peasant Robe, and cover that bit so that just the slippers are visible.

Peasant Sandals

These are an interesting option, but sandals are definitely comfortable clothing- almost on the level of slippers, but aren’t quite shoes. So, at first glance that was what drew me to the Peasant Sandals. However, I honestly don’t like these very much. (As you can see from the screenshot, I tried my best to hide the weird tops of these..) For some reason these shoes are really wide and straight around your wizard’s calves, rather than following the actual shape of them. I still really really like the idea of sandals though, so imagine my glee when I found these…

Moolinda’s Spirit Sandals

If you’re willing to go with green rather than orange color scheme wise (I’m not really a fan of the orange myself, despite this whole guide using the orange…yes I know it doesn’t make much sense, just go along with it) then I definitely think Moolinda’s Spirit Sandals are way better looking than the Peasant Sandals. Word on the street is that…the community isn’t really on the street…word in the twitterverse? Apparently the stats from these Professor’s Hoard Pack boots are quite nice at high levels as well.

Babouches of the East Road

I love these! They’re so simple and elegant! I think I’ve even used them in a different clothing guide… I think…or it’s still a draft that I haven’t released yet…hmm.. The only problem that I kind of run into with them is that I can’t quite decide if they look “slipper-y” enough quite like slippers. At the same time, I don’t think they really look like shoes either. They’re on the simple side design wise, making them very versatile. That said, I think they may be a little bit too elegant for our purposes here. Regardless, I enjoy them, so I’m including them, because this is my ball game I think they should definitely be considered for both elegant and comfortable outfits alike.

Rogue’s Footware

These are definitely more shoe-like than they are slippers, but they just have this comfortable look to them. Some slippers do have this kind of structure, after all. Yes, they do make your feet look a little big… It could be said that they make your feet look a little big, but I think the trick here is really just finding the right balance with your gear. A robe like the Smock of the Sphinx that I’m wearing here might not be the best fit.

Alternatives: Small Shoes

Cardinal’s Shoes

Desert Slippers

Bouncing off of the idea of the Rogue’s Footware, is the option to wear small shoes rather than slippers. There are many different options with this style ranging from styles like the Cardinal Shoes, which are quite shoe-like, to styles like the Desert Slippers, which could almost be considered slippers. (I’m pretty sure this is the most intense study of shoes vs. slippers ever conducted for this game…possibly in the history of the earth…)

This was my first attempt at creating an outfit for this article! I think as I continued to work with the clothing pieces they got better and better!


All that said, it escapes me why you’d want to dress your wizard in pajamas, but, you know, alright. Wizard fashion is a no judgement zone. Storm Lord knows, I wrote this whole thing in my pajamas in real life.

The Elephant in the Room

I find it really interesting that of the two crowns events there have been, the outfit both times has been sleepwear inspired. (I mean, let’s be honest, I expected some super intricately designed armor or something- something that feels really rare and luxurious…but no, it’s just pajamas.)

The response to these types of crowns events has also been really interesting to see. For everyone who has a life For a lot of people this past event was difficult to take part in. First off, it had a short timeline, so if you’re like me and have been particularly busy during the week due to work or the end of the school year, you may not even have had the chance to participate at all, missing the opportunity for rewards completely. The amount of crowns required to get the unique rewards was also subject to much controversy, with some wizards voicing their concerns that goals were impossibly high. However, this article’s goal isn’t really about critiquing this issue in either positive or a negative light. (I mean, it is a little bit, let’s be honest…)

What I Hope You Got Out of It…

My goal is to show how much opportunity there is for creativity because of the options the game gives you. No matter what you have in mind or what you have on hand, whether that’s lots of gold or lots of crowns, there’s stuff out there for you if you’re willing to experiment! It’s always a really fun thing to change up your wizard’s style and it was really fun for me to take such a comprehensive look at gear that doesn’t come from a pack or a bundle. In fact, as a result of the research for this article, I’ve just changed up my main wizard’s long time outfit in preparation for another outfit article I’m writing for June!

For all wizards who want to adventure through the spiral in both “glorious” comfort and style, I hope I provided some inspiration for you! Happy questing (in comfort)!



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