How to Gear Up for Questing

Sep 7, 2019

Are you new to Wizard101 and don’t know where to get good gear? Have you returned to the game recently, but you’re overwhelmed by all the new dungeons and bosses, and don’t know what’s worth farming? Or maybe you’re experienced with the game and have leveled multiple wizards to max, but you’re not sure when to stop and get new gear to be efficient while questing.

This guide is geared (pun intentional) towards anyone leveling a new character, regardless of experience. So this guide won’t be super helpful if you’re trying to gear up for PvP, need more energy, trying to make a good stitch, or if you’re wanting to be 100% optimized in PvE (although this guide may be a good starting place). If you’re leveling a character, you’ll want fights to go smoothly and efficiently, and to only stop questing to farm dungeons/bosses when you need to (or want to).

To keep things accessible to everyone, I won’t recommend any crowns gear. While some crowns gear can be super helpful, not everyone has the crowns to buy it, and if it is farmable, the drop-rate is usually extremely low and not worth the time and effort. I also won’t recommend many skeleton key bosses, because key drops can be rare especially near the beginning of the game, and most skeleteon key bosses aren’t run much (besides the bosses meant for higher levels). For dungeons, I’ll take into account how often they’re run today, since it can be difficult to find groups if they’re not very popular.

Yes, I know this graphic is amazing.

Everything listed in this guide will be organized by level (1-130), and be listed as:

  • optional: helpful or geared towards certain playstyles, but not necessary for easy questing, and/or the dungeon/boss isn’t run much).
  • recommended: can make questing a bit smoother, but still possible to do well without this gear).
  • heavily recommended: basically a necessity, too good to pass up, etc.).

If you want the easiest time questing, it’s a good idea of get most of the optional gear, but it may make your leveling experience take longer because of all the farming required. If you want smooth questing that’s fairly efficient, try and get most of the recommended gear. And if you’re trying to be super efficient at the cost of having some rougher battles, you can get by with just going for the heavily recommended gear and good strategy. Of course, you can mix and match different gear sets as much as you want to fit your play-style. If you’re soloing, it can be hard to find a group for some of the less popular dungeons, but if you’re questing with others and have the time, go ahead and run those dungeons for a fun challenge and some extra loot!


As a side note, pets are essentially a piece of gear as well, but aren’t covered in this guide. The higher level you get, the more important a pet is, and having a great pet at lower levels can help tremendously. Just getting a pet with damage, universal resist and a school blade can make the game significantly easier, and there are tons of pets like that in the hatching kiosk. Decks aren’t covered in depth in this guide, as they generally aren’t too important (until they start giving an extra pip). Just find a deck that works for you and you’ll be good to go for the most part. Jewels aren’t covered in depth either, but ones that give health/accuracy/pip chance/critical are the most useful if you have them and can socket them. Just don’t use a good high level jewel on an item you’ll replace later, because you don’t know how long it’ll be until you get a jewel like that again. There will also be some spoilers (obviously!) if you haven’t gotten to later parts of the game, so don’t read too far if it’s your first time questing in Wizard101!

Magnificent Winston, AKA, the best (and cutest) piece of “gear” in the game

Anyways, let’s get started!

Level 1-24(or 56-60)

Recommended-Bazaar Gear (Everything)

In general, the best gear worth getting in the very beginning of the game is gear you can buy from the bazaar. You’ll want to go with gear for your school that gives a combination of health/damage, and accuracy (fire/myth/storm), pip chance (life/death/balance), or universal resist (ice). For accessories, you’ll want athames and rings that give health, mana and/or pip chance, and an amulet that gives something useful like school traps. The wand you start off with is good for a while since it gives 5% universal accuracy and a 1 pip heal. I’d suggest switching it out when you can buy wands that give a pip, or switching it for a wand with wand hits if you decide you need those to remove shields or weaknesses. It doesn’t matter what deck you’re using in the early game, as long as it’s big enough to pack enough spells for you to win mob/boss fights (it does help to have multiple decks for different types of fights though). The early game is easy enough to where you don’t really need bazaar gear and can probably get by with just dropped gear, but bazaar gear is helpful nonetheless and will make questing go smoother. Just check by the bazaar every 5 levels (5, 10, etc.) and you’ll usually be able to find an upgrade to what you have already. Constantly replacing gear like this can consume a lot of your gold though, so if you need to skip some upgrades you’ll probably be ok. If you want to be super efficient, you can rely on Bazaar gear until 56-60, but farming for gear before then can make things quite a bit easier.

The Bazaar in Olde Town, Wizard City

Level 25

Optional-Pagoda of Harmony/Hollow Mountain (Hat/Robe/Booots/Wand/Athame/Amulet/Ring)

At level 25 you can travel to Kembaluung through a boat in Krokotpia, and go through two dungeons which some decent items. The main gear(hat/robe/boots) is comparable to the bazaar gear you can find, but some of the accessories (wand, athame/amulet/ring) are better than bazaar counterparts. However, most of the gear will probably be replaced pretty quickly so farming extensively isn’t really worth it.

You can get to Kembulaag through a boat in The Oasis, Krokotopia

Level 30

Heavily recommended (at least once), Recommended after first time-Mount Olympus (Wand/Hat/Robe/Boots)

Mount Olympus is definitely worth going through at least once, because you’re guaranteed to get the sky iron hasta, which is an amazing wand at level 30 that gives a power pip and 10% universal damage(!). It’s hard to find a non-crowns wand that beats this until level 90+, so it’ll last you a very long time. There are also two sets of dropped gear (hat/robe/boots), that are very well rounded and much better than bazaar gear. One set is pretty common, while the other one is more rare but has slightly better stats. Running the dungeon until you have a hat/robe/boots from either set is recommended, and it’ll be a while (level 56-60) before you need to replace it. There’s a lot of people still running the dungeon too, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a group.

To get to Mount Olympus in Aquila, take a chariot located in Cyclops Lane, Wizard City

Level 40

Optional-Barkingham Palace (Hat/Robe/Boots/Ring)

The gear here isn’t as well rounded as the mount Olympus gear but it’s still a bit better and might be worth looking into if you didn’t get the Olympus gear. The rings give some damage too, which is pretty nice. There are multiple dungeons here that each drop gear, but they aren’t run much since Olympus is just 10 levels earlier.  

You can get to Barkingham Palace through Reagent’s Square, Marleybone.

Level 56

Recommended to go with one of the following options or a mix (Athame/Ring)

Bazaar athame/ring- there are some athames and rings that you might be able to find in the bazaar that give a good amount of damage to your school, block, and the other normal athame/ring stats. You may not be able to find them in the bazaar, but if you do, definitely snag them. If you’re unable to find them, a vendor in Hrundle Fjord sells a similar athame and ring that are slightly weaker.

Wintertusk crafted athame/ring- these are well balanced accessories that give health/mana/pip chance/damage/heal incoming/heal outgoing/block, and energy. They aren’t too hard to craft so definitely look into them if you need a good athame/ring, especially if you heal at all or just want some extra energy.

The Vendor is located in Vestrilund, Wintertusk (Grizzleheim)

Level 56-60

Heavily Recommended to to go with one of these options or a mix. (Hat/Robe/Boots)

Wintertusk crafted gear-This is a set of level 56 gear that I would say is basically required, but waterworks/house of scales is just 4 levels later. However, the recipes aren’t very hard to craft (but require grandmaster artisan), and the stats are very well rounded and give a good amount of universal resist for all schools, not just ice. The hat also gives a school blade, the robe a school trap, and the boots a school bubble, which are all pretty useful. The hat in particular can be used for a long time if you want an extra school blade, and don’t want to use an amulet for an extra stackable blade. Having a full set of this gear will make farming waterworks/house of scales go much more smoothly in the future, which is why it’s recommended, but it can probably last you for a long time if you don’t feel like running those dungeons.

This vendor is located in Sudrilund, Wintertusk (Grizzleheim)

Waterworks gear (60)- This set is one of the most iconic in the game, and for good reason. It gives very balanced stats for all schools, gives great universal resist, and also looks pretty neat! Lots of people still run waterworks and the drop rates aren’t bad, so it’s heavily recommended to farm waterworks for your gear. This gear is better than the Wintertusk crafted gear in basically every way except that the waterworks gear doesn’t give any cards. So unless you really need the extra cards, it may be better to go with the WW set.

Dive into Crab Alley from Triton Alley, Wizard City to find the Waterworks.

House of Scales’ Gear (60, hat/robe specifically) is more offensive based than Waterworks or the Wintertusk Crafted gear, so it might be worth it for the offensive schools. There are some good amulets too, and most of them give damage and a school blade, but unless you really care about that damage, it’s probably easier to go with the shango’s amulet of your school. The boots are pretty bad though, so WW or WT crafted boots are a better option if you can get them. This dungeon can be a bit more difficult than Waterworks and isn’t quite as popular, and there’s a pre-dungeon as well, but finding a group still shouldn’t take too long.

Activate a mander statue in the Balance School, Krokotpia to get here

Level 60

Reccomended-Bazaar (Amulet)

Shango’s Amulets give some health and a school blade. Very simple, but very effective. If you’re using the WT crafted hat, you can use this instead for an extra school blade, and replace the hat with the WW/HoS hat. These amulets cost quite a bit of gold whether you buy it at the bazaar or in zafaria though, so make sure you have plenty.

Level 70

Optional-Atlantea (Hat/Robe/Boots)

Atlantea isn’t a very popular dungeon anymore, and the gear doesn’t give as much damage or resist as WT Crafted/Waterworks/HoS for the most part. However, the gear gives more critical, health, and pierce, so if you like those stats, it might be worth it. The boots specifically are pretty good and are better than most non-crowns gear at the level, but it definitely isn’t necessary to stop and farm here unless you want to. You’ll have to beat Mount Olympus before you can go into Atlantea.

Atlantea is located in Aquila

Level 76-86

Reccomended-Crafted Block Boots

Shane MacGobhann Block Boots (76)- These boots give a big chunk of critical block, and its other stats are very comparable to WW etc. Bosses start to critical a bit more as you get further into the game, and block can be very helpful, so crafting these can help quite a bit. You’ll have to be a legendary artisan to craft these, however.

Shane can be found in The Wild, Avalon

Popol Vuh Whitepaper Block Boots (86)- these are basically an improved version of above, and since critical/critical block decays as you level up, you’ll need to craft these to try and keep your critical block somewhat respectable while questing. You won’t be able to craft these until you finish the Azteca crafting quest, so it’s best to get that done as soon as you can.

Find Popol in Alto Alto, Azteca

Level 90

Optional- Tartarus (Hat/Robe/Boots/Amulet/Wand)

While Tartarus gear is very good, the dungeon is much more difficult and very long than most other dungeons up to this point in the game. With Darkmoor/exalted duel gear just 10 levels later, it’s not really worth spending a lot of time farming this dungeon. There is a set of gear that’s basically an improved waterworks, however, and some other gear sets with more niche uses (like resist to two other schools). You can get a good critical wand as well that can be worth it if you already have respectable critical chance. There’s also an extremely rare drop, the Amulet of Divine Influence, that gives great stats at level 90, but doesn’t give a very useful card, and amulets at 99+ are very comparable. You’ll have to have completed Atlantea and Mount Olympus to go into Tartarus, as well.

Tartarus is located on the far side of Aquila.

Recommended- Cronus (Athame)

Cronus is a secret boss in Tartarus that doesn’t require you to do any fights before fighting him. He drops a great athame, and even though there are some better options at level 100+, it’s still very competitive. He also drops a lot of other good items like amber, and it isn’t a very difficult fight overall.

Recommended- Gladiator Dimachaerus (Ring)

Gladiator is a hidden boss in Olympus, and he drops a ring that’s comparable to the athame that Cronus drops. There will be some better options at 100+, but it’s a solid option even at higher levels. This fight can be somewhat annoying with his weaknesses and the minions shielding, but it still isn’t too difficult, and he drops amber and other goodies.

Level 99

Heavily Recommended (Amulet), Recommended (Athame/Ring)- Morganthe

Morganthe is heavily farmed because she drops a great school amulet that gives amazing stats (including universal resist) and school blades. She also drops an athame and ring with great damage and well-rounded stats that’s among some of the best athames/rings in the game. This is a pretty simple fight and there’s no fights before you fight her, making this a worthwhile place to stop questing and farm for a while.

You’ll have to go through the Hive, Khrysalis to get to the Shadow Palace

Level 100

Heavily Reccomended to go with a set of Full Darkmoor gear, or a mix of Darkmoor/Exalted Duel gear (Hat/Robe/Boots)

Darkmoor (Graveyard)- The gear dropped in the final battle of the Graveyard is basically superior to waterworks/house of scales/tartarus gear in every way. You’ll have to do the first 2 Darkmoor dungeons to get your first school shadow spell anyways, and the last dungeon is heavily farmed for a variety of reasons. The first boss drops a great well rounded athame with amazing damage. There’s a skeleton key boss (Aphrodite II) that gives a good damage ring as well in the first room. An amulet comparable to the Morganthe amulet drops from the second fight (biggest difference is the cards and more pierce), and the last fight drops the school gear as well as a well-balanced wand with good crit/block/pierce. The dungeon may seem daunting with the cheats, but if you check some guides and prepare your decks before going in, it should work out. Just make sure to communicate with your team!

After beating the first two dungeons, you can take a portal to take you to the Graveyard, Darkmoor.

Exalted Krokopatra/Rattlebones- the hat from Exalted Krokopatra and Robe from Exalted Rattlebones duels are comparable to the darkmoor gear and slightly better in many cases. While these can be difficult fights, there are no other fights you have to do before fighting these bosses. However, they require their respective exalted duels to fight them, which is a one time use housing item. You can get them as a drop from fighting normal rattlebones/krokopatra, from the Jade Oni, from Mirror Lake, as well as some other places in the spiral.

If you have a duel, place it in your house to use it.

Level 102

Heavily Recommended- Bazaar Decks

At this level you can buy decks from the bazaar that give you an extra pip at the start of battle. It’s definitely worth spending your gold on these. They can give some other stats too, like health, critical, and critical block.

Level 110

Optional- The Rat (Hat/Boots/Wand/Amulet

The rat drops a variety of gear, but the most notable are the boots, hats, wands, and amulets.  The boots give a ton of damage and give critical, but don’t give any critical block and have less resist than the Darkmoor boots. Since critical block decays over time, and less and less items give good block at higher levels, you’re not sacrificing much besides to resist to use these boots. The hats are similar to the boots, but don’t give resist at all, but if you want to go for a glass cannon build it’s a great option. He also drops school wands that give a decent amount of damage, and amulets that are comparable to the Morganthe and Darkmoor amulets, but with more resist. There are improved versions of these boots/hats/wands that you can get in the next two worlds, so unless you want those offensive stats right now, it’ll probably be better to wait a bit longer. If you’re tanking, the amulet may be worth going for, though.

The Rat is located in Horizon Hold, in Borealis Peaks, Polaris.

Level 115

Recommended- Crafted Wand (Legendary)

Assuming you’ve been keeping up with your crafting, these are some great wands that give you a ton of damage and pierce for your school, as well as some pip conversion and a small amount of critical. It isn’t the easiest thing to craft, but it’s probably worth it if you’re using the malistaire/rat wand or just don’t have a better wand yet.

You can buy the recipes from Ignus in the Arcanum.

Level 120

Optional- Skeleton Key Boss Verboten Mimic (Rings)

If you have a crit focused setup, the rings dropped from the skeleton key boss Verboten Mimic in Mirage are probably worth farming for. They give a good amount of damage as well, and you can slot a pip chance jewel if you need it, so you aren’t sacrificing much for the extra crit.

You’ll need a Gold Skeleton Key to fight Mimic in Aggrobah, Mirage

Optional- Sands of Time Bosses (Hat/Boots/Wand)

The bosses at the end of Mirage drop an improved version of the Rat Hat/Boots/Wand. 2 of the fights can be soloed easily (3 if you have a good strategy and pretty good stats). You’ll have to check which boss(es) drop the gear for your school, but most of these fights are easier than the Rat, so it may be worth a bit of farming, especially if you don’t have a good pair of offensive boots yet or haven’t crafted the legendary wand.

You’ll have to go to the Rubal Wastes and then the Chronoverge to get to the Sands of Time.

Level 125

Recommended- Cabal Hat/Boots

This gear drops throughout most of Empyrea part 1, but you can get it most easily from the Secret Tunnel. This is a really easy farming spot in early Empyrea that gives some great stuff. There are hats/boots that are a direct upgrade to the Mirage/Rat boots, and you can get some great jewels, seeds, etc. while farming as well. There’s no cheats and the enemies don’t have a ton of health, making this by far the easiest farming spot for gear like this.

You can enter the Secret Tunnel soon after getting to Aerial Jungle, Empyrea.

Optional- Skeleton Key Boss Corporal Tenni-syn (Robe)

If you’re looking for a slightly better robe than the Darkmoor/Rattlebones robe, this is probably your best bet (unless you’re Storm). I’d recommend this more, but this is a really difficult skeleton key boss fight, and it’s only a slight improvement. If you can find a good team, it’s worth it, otherwise it’ll be easier to just stick to what you already have.

You’ll find Tenni-syn in the Zanadu Sewers. You’ll need a golden skeleton key, though.

Optional- Revered Crafting Wands

These are a slightly improved version of the legendary wands, but also include energy and fishing luck which can be useful outside of combat. The recipe is difficult though and it’ll take a while to get everything necessary to craft them. It’s a good goal to work towards, but it’s just a bit better than the legendary wand so it’s not super necessary. You can get the recipe from Ignus Ferric in the Arcanum.

Level 130

Paradox Gear/crafted alternative-hat/boots/rings

The Paradox gear and their crafted alternatives give good offensive stats just like the Secret Tunnel/Sands of Time/Rat alternatives. The rings are comparable to the mimic rings and give slightly more crit. You can get these items from the final boss of Empyrea part 2 and some of the fights leading up to it. You can also craft an alternative version with the same exact stats using gear dropped from some easier fights in Empyrea part II. A vendor in Nimbus Citadel sells the recipe. I definitely recommended this gear if you don’t have any of the alternatives from earlier parts of the game, but even if you do, it’s still probably worth getting these items to be extra prepared for the next major content update, or if you just want an awesome look (the crafted alternative looks different though, unfortunately)!


Well, that should cover most of the important gear you can get to help level efficiently from 1-130. If there are any important farming spots or pieces of gear that I didn’t mention, or if you have feedback of any kind, please let me know. Thanks for reading and I hope this guide helped you in some way!



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