Pirate101 PvP Power Spotlight – Angry Orchards

Sep 11, 2019

One of the most annoying powers that people usually don’t want to deal with as it shakes your skill apart. Those trees are a nightmare for any living pirate being. Welcome to the first Pirate101 Power Spotlight.

As a good player with the Fall PvP Weapon gets his foot walking inside the Spar or Brawlin Halls, All what’ll remain camping out there is silence. I will be giving you more details about Angry Orchards and what this power’s purpose is.

Angry Orchards

Angry Orchards power is a summon power that can be found exclusively in the temporarily retired OG Fall PvP Champion weapons which were introduced back in Fall 2015 season. Only way to obtain these weapons is by ranking to the top in Ranked PvP by reaching rank Champion in order to buy and use the weapon and the power. It’s a 3×3 square summon power where you have to walk and summon them. The max summon spawn you can get is 8 Trees. But they aren’t just like any other summon in the game. Trees are packed with the highest ever critical stat in the game, Leaving you with a strong aid in hand that’ll almost always crit every hit they land. They are also working as a wall to meltdown pressure or rush attempts if the opponent is trying to put some stress on you.

The power is indeed quite advanced, As it can be used in many different gameplays. You can use the power for offensive plays (If you’re an aggressive player in PvP and all about pressuring your opponent which is the right direction), Defensive plays or even as a late game bait if you want to give your opponent quite the bad time to deal with 8 annoying summons. One of the most strategic powers in the Pirate PVP battleground for sure.

Offensive Plays

If you’re about aggression and pressure gameplay, You can drop them against your opponent early game while placing out your buffs. It’ll make your opponent think twice before engaging with them or moving any of their companions towards them, As the damage of those trees are good enough to bring one unit’s health to half in 1 round if they’re stacking all together on one or 2 units. Want to put more stress? Try the Grizzly Beast Banner with your trees. Damage and critical strike rating will be the double. Dealing quite ridiculous amount of damage that can take out their targets in a matter of a round or 2.

Rush Meltdown Plays

Only defensive play you can render the trees into is when you’re definitely getting rushed by your opponent and they’re pushing to charge you in a round or 2. Here, In such a situation the orchard trees are extremely useful. Place them down and put your companions behind them like in the picture above. Each tree comes packed with Hold the Line 1. Which halt the enemy target from reaching you. Being surrounded by 8 trees with 8 Hold the Line 1 units and your companions are hiding behind them is an excellent example of invulnerability/immunity for a round or 2. Which will ruin and bring down your opponent’s key plan to stress you to failure. And they’ll be put between 2 choices, arrogantly continuing to charge or backing down for sometime and their used buffs will go to complete waste. And since we’re speaking about rushing oppoenents, We’re definitely talking Melee classes. Trees are working very good against Melees specifically. They’re made to halt them for sometime.

Late game bait

When both sides companions are dead and it’s down to a Pirate vs Pirate situation, It is called the “Late game position”. And here comes the trees as a trump card that’ll work very well if your timing and your moves are smart/good enough. Place them down and if you’re using the Grizzly Heart Banner, Place it too. And the battle will turn from a pvp match to a survival match. As your opponent will be struggling to fight 8 trees (which are like 2 companion crews combined) with a highly boosted damage. You can also use them to walk through Hold the line 3 units if the opponent is a buccaneer. Not to mention they will be outchaining your opponent out of First Strike 3s if it’s a Swashbuckler. Meaning you can land a hidden assassin strike without getting out of your hide effect as they’re out of First Strike talents to activate in this round. Incredibly ridiculous and broken for sure

Trees and winning

Do Angry Orchards increase your winrate chances or guarantees a win? Definitely not. And let me here explain why.

Trees at the end of the day is just a power like any other power. Powers don’t give you wins, It’s the players themselves going for the win, Powers are just tools to help you win. If it’s abused correctly by the right mastermind/skilled player, It’s a broken power that’ll change the battleboard to a bloodbath. If you’re an average or below average player i can guarantee you that things will remain the same for you as it won’t give you any results due to poor gameplays or lack of experience. At the end of the day, Think of it like that, You can’t put an employee that only knows how to code or design games at a higher position such as Marketing or business when they clearly have no experience about it.

Regardless, The power is indeed quite broken if it falls in the hands of an experienced player that is good or highly skilled.

Will you be going for the Fall PvP Weapons next year? Let us know in the comments below!



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