All updates to our sites will be posted here under the appropriate tab and with all historical news and updates posted underneath the most recent update. 

Earth Date Jan ## 2021

New Year, New AoS

– Rebranded the entire site, including logo and site theme

– Added the new “Community Hub, a point of reference for all things in the Community. Links to Fansites, Blogs, YouTube Channels and Tools as well as in depth and useful guides for both Pirate101 and Wizard101 are included.

– Added the Site Rules page to ensure that we have a clear code of conduct for all users, in anticipation of future feature announcements and use. 

– Updated the AoS Team page (finally!) to correctly display current and former members of the team, as well as social links and contact options. 

– Added a Privacy Policy page to allow all users to know how we handle and process their data. A new GDPR compliant Cookie, Privacy, and Site Use opt-in is now in use, to ensure user acknowledgment. 

– Updated the Contest Policy page.

– Various backstage fixes and use improvements have also been made. 


Earth Date Jan ## 2021

– Implementation and Introduction of our new Cookies, Privacy and Site Use policy. 

– No change from previous policy, cosmetic updates implemented.