Fishing Database

Tips and Tricks for Celestian Fish

While fishing comes down to patience, persistence, and energy... It doesn't hurt to know a few tips to make your fishing life easier.  As many of you may know, the most recent Wizard101 update involved fishing in Celestia!  What that means is there are new fish for...

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What’s New to Fishing?

Test Realm has been released! With the Test Realm release, not only are we seeing some fishing tweaks but also new fish and new fishing locations! Tweaks On the bottom right of your Angler’s Tome, you will see an icon that will bring up a pop up.  This pop up consists...

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Announcing the Fishing Database!

The AoS team is overjoyed to announce our newest product that we have been working on for the past month: the Fishing Database! Just like our Companion Database, which you can view here,  we wanted to provide an interactive way to view information on a very...

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