Interview with Paige Moonshade!

Mar 30, 2013


We are very honored that we managed to get an interview with the Twizard of the Year: Paige Moonshade!

Orange = AoS
Purple = Paige 

1: When did you start playing Wizard101 and How did you find it? 
Way back in Dec 2008 , TV commercial  actually :)

2: What’s your favourite School in Wizard101 and is there one that you are not fond of?

Oh see this is very hard question, I always get asked. Balance is by far my favorite. I will tell you I have likes about each and every school. My very first Wizard Paige MoonShade is Death school.

3: I am a regular reader of Paige’s Page, can you tell us how it all  started?

I wanted to expand my community reach and a Friend of mine said try blogging. So I look around and found The Friendly Necromancers blog. Decided I wanted one like that. It takes awhile to find what you really want to talk. Once my housing posts started well that is all it took.

4: When did you receive the title of ‘Official Fansite owner’ and how  you felt?

I know it took me awhile. I can tell you it was such an amazing honor.

5: What are the best things of Pirate101 and Wizard101 so far? 

Housing!, housing and did I mention housing? ;) Oh wait who does not love being a pirate! Love ships too.

6: What don’t you like about Pirate101 and Wizard101 so far?

 I am not really fond of PvP. We will see what happens when Ship to ship happens. Collecting quests are my worst down falls.

7: Are there any hints you can give to anything new coming to your blog?  

Main thing is find something you really like about the game and be constant about it.  If you are not happy about what you are talking about how can you make other interested?   

8: To conclude this interview, do you have anything you’d like to say? 

Thank you so much for this honor. I never really think of myself as Interview worthy so it always honors me.

For these of you who haven’t found their way over to Paige’s Blog, Click Here!



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