Design-A-Pack Winners!

Apr 2, 2013

Ok, we have gone through the entries and chosen our Winners!


First Place: Nicholas RubyShard

-Name of the Pack: Ellisa’s Frozen Pack

– What are the Gear and Wands called?:

Wands: (With level 90 stats)

Rhino’s Enchanted Horn (Fire), 1 Steal Charm, 5 140 Fire hits, 100 critical, 30 block, 6% incoming.

Elissa’s Sifted Staff (Ice) 1 Snowdrift, 5 140 Ice hits, 150 block, 14% in, 14% out.

Leopard’s Longsword of Light (Life) 1 regenerate, 5 140 Life hits, 20 critical, 20 block, 31% in, 26% out.

Gear: (With level 90 stats)

Elephant’s Turban of Despair (480 Health, 9% Resist, 15% Damage, 30 block, 40 critical, 17 Pet energy, death trap card)

Elephant’s Tunic of Deceit (580 Health, 10% resist, 18% damage, 50 block, 30 critical, 21 Pet energy, deathblade card)

Elephant’s Sandals of Doom (395 Health, 8% resist, 12% damage, 90 block, 18 Pet energy, feint item card)

Rhino’s Destined Cap (800 Health, 10% resist, 35 block, 10% incoming, 10% outgoing, Guiding light item card)

Tunic of the Enraged Rhino (1000 Health, 12% resist, 50 block, 14% incoming Virulent Plague item card)

Zamunda’s Layered Boots (900 Health, 8% resist, 100 block, 16% outgoing, 2 Tower shield item cards)

Hood of the Mooncaller

Robe of the Full Moon

Conscience-defiled Boots

 -What is the theme of the pack?:


-Does it offer Mounts, Spells or Both?: Mounts, “Rhino Warrior”, “Miniature Giraffe”<3, etc.

Also offers pet’s:

Name, school, item card

Striped Giraffe, Balance, Giraffe (Creative, I know) Item card (280 Damage & 30% balance bubble for 4 pips)

Angry Wolf, Death, 1 berserk item card.

Brave Mouse (Reference to stone town), Myth, cloak item card.

And just for fun…

Adventurer of the spiral, astral, Adventurer. (5 150,000 Astral damage wands for 0 pips)

Second Place: Joshua Ghost Blade


A Wizard101 Hoard Pack

Gear Set 1: Death Knights Armor

Gear Set 2: Dark Sky’s Protectors

 Wand Set 1: Lord of the Underworld’s Staff

Wand Set 2: Forceful Blade

 The theme of the Lore of the Evil Dead is death, and the afterlife.

 Mounts: Undead Arachnid

of the mount – A spider with a black base color, and a dark purple as a
trim color. Parts of the legs would be purple, and the eyes would be a
glowing purple.

Spells: Eery Spectre

Spell Animation – When the spell is cast, a forest would appear, and the spectre would burst out of the forest.

he would look to his left, to his right, and then stare his victim into
the eyes. His illuminating and fearful eyes would literally suck the
life out of the victim.


Runner Up: Jack Lion Caster


With all the Horses in the Spiral we have, why not a Horse’s Hoard!?!?!?!

– 7 Day Chestnut Pony Rental
– 7 Day White Mare Rental
– 7 Day Black Stallion Rental
– 7 Day Moonlight Pony Rental
– 7 Day Starlight Pony Rental
– 7 Day Sunshine Pony Rental
– 7 Day Starshine Pony Rental
– 7 Day Spritely Seahorse Rental
– 7 Day Rugged Seahorse Rental
– Permanent Unicorn Mount
– Permanent NightFlame Pegasus (Super Rare)
– Permanent Skyracer Pegasus (Super Rare)
– Permanent Spritely Seahorse
– Permanent Rugged Seahorse
– Permanent Chestnut Pony
– Permanent White Mare
– Permanent Black Stallion
– Permanent Moonlight Pony
– Permanent Starlight Pony
– Permanent Sunshine Pony
– Permanent Starshine Pony
* Permanent Sunshine Pegasus (Extremely Rare)

-Stallions Staff of Spirit
-Clydesdale’s Cape of Courage
-Hoofed Walkers
-Helm of the Pegasai

-Fog Unicorn
-Grove Unicorn
-Royal Dragon
Housing Items

-Teleporters (Assorted Colors)
-Large Hedge
-Unicorn Statue
-Carousel (Very Rare)
Reagents, Plants and Pet Snacks

-Diamond (Reagent)
-Black Lotus (Reagent)
-Mist Wood (Reagent)
-Ruby (Reagent)
-Trumpet Vine (Plant)
-Helephant Ears (Plant)
-Pink Dandelion (Plant)
-Pink Laugh-o-Dill



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