Merle Ambrose – Where the Magic Begins

May 27, 2013

Hello Everyone! Today, I found something VERY interesting! A very nice Piece of Motion Picture that shows Merle Ambrose Summoning a Black Tusk Cultist from Zafaria! This is very interesting because we get to see Merle Ambrose actually using his wand and his magic! Obviously, this probably isn’t what he can actually do, but, still, It’s very Cool! Here it is:

From the Green Grass Site: “Here at Green Grass, we’re serious about games.  From character design & development to story telling cinematics, our team loves every aspect of game production.  That is why we jumped at the opportunity to  demonstrate our character design, animation (utilizing a local mocap studio), and vfx abilities for Wizard 101.  Enjoy!

Feel free to put the video on your blog, please don’t remove the Logo from the end, the company worked hard on that video!

Have Fun, Sheldon! 



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  1. Amber

    Do you know what school Ambrose is from? I think it is Myth but I just want to be sure!

  2. Sheldon

    I don't think anybody but KI know what school Merle is, if I was to take a guess I would say a school that is yet to be discovered.

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