2013 KingsIsle Recap Post!

Dec 21, 2013

So it’s that time of year again, to celebrate and look back on everything that the world has given us and look forward to the bright future. So, on this special occasion we have prepared a post for you, this post will take you back to January and through to December; highlighting everything that Kingsisle have given to us.

2nd: (Pirate101) Pirate101 nominated by Massively for best game of 2012

8th: (Wizard101) New Housing Game – Food Fight (Read about it Here)

16th: (Wizard101) New Level 75-90 Wands in Crown Shop

17th: (Pirate101) Tribal Crew Pack is Announced (Read about it Here)

18th: (Pirate101) New Pirate101 Commercial (Watch it Here)

23rd: (KingsIsle Fa-la-la-la Llama Raises $100,000 for Charity (Read about it Here)

25th: (KingsIsle)  J Todd Coleman Leaves Kingsisle Entertainment as Creative Director (Read about it Here)

28th: (KingsIsle) Community Manager Appreciation Day (Wizard101 Central Thread)  (Pirate101 Central Thread)

28th: (Wizard101) Hawk Rider Bundle become available online (Hawk Rider Bundle information)

4th: (Wizard101) Skyvern’s Hoard arrives! (Skyvern’s Hoard information)

6th: (Wizard101) Friendship Festival arrives to the Spiral

12th: (Wizard101) Wizard101 becomes available on Mac (Download Wizard101 on Mac)

14th: (Pirate101) Me Hearties Sale and Pirate101 Central Reaches 10,000 Members (Read about it Here)

28th:  (Pirate101) Companion Updates! (Read about it Here)

4th: (Wizard101) Pat ‘O Gold is back in the Spiral!

14th: (Pirate101) Bag O’ Gold Sale (Read about it Here)

19th: (Wizard101) Shaman’s Hoard Pack arrives in the Spiral! (Read about it Here)

21st: (Pirate101) Spring Time Pets (Read about it Here)

21st: (Wizard101) Eggbert arrives in the Spiral! (Read about him Here)

27th: (Pirate101) Stitching comes to the Spiral (Read about it Here)

1st: (KingsIsle) Slowpoke Sloth reaches the Spiral! (Pirate101) (Wizard101)

11th: (KingsIsle) 101 Sale (Pirate101) (Wizard101)

22nd: (Wizard101) Majestic Bundle becomes available online! (Majestic Bundle information)

24th: (Wizard101) Hairstyles, Lost Page Events and more come to Wizard101 (Read about them Here)

25th: (Pirate101) Marleybone and Aquila Teaser Images reach Fansites (Read about it Here)

2nd: (Pirate101) Pirates de Mayo Sale (Read about it Here)

5th: (Wizard101) Dragon Hoard Pack retires (Dragon Hoard Pack information)

9th: (Wizard101) New Mechanical Wings mount (Read about it Here)

17th: (Wizard101) Two new mounts: Sabertooth and Frostfang Tiger (Read about it Here)

23rd: (Pirate101) Marleybone and Aquila go Live! (Read about it Here)

30th: (Wizard101) Three new bundles enter the Spiral! (Read about them Here)


6th:  (Pirate101) Producer’s Letter (Read about it Here)

11th: New Pirate101 Class Commercial! (Watch it Here)

12th: (Pirate101) Sale into Summer Sale (See it Here)

18th: (KingsIsle) KingsIsle Blog is Released to the Public! (Read about it Here)

19th: (Wizard101) New Musical Instruments, PvP Tournaments and more (Read about it Here)

21st: (Pirate101) New Golem Mount and Pet!

28th: (Pirate101) New Level 60 Gear and Weapons in the Crown Shop!


2nd: (Wizard101) The Patriotic Leprechaun is back in the Spiral (Read about it Here)

16th: (KingsIsle) Ryan Visits Pirate101 via Make a Wish Foundation (Read about it Here)

17th: (Wizard101) Dino Bundle becomes available online! (Dino Bundle information)

18th: (Pirate101) Class housing, Gifting and More! (Read about it Here)

25th: (KingsIsle) Christmas in July! (Pirate101) (Wizard101)

2nd: (Wizard101) Aquila arrives to Wizard101! (Read about it Here)

5th: (KingsIsle) Shark Week (Pirate101) (Wizard101)

6th: (Pirate101) Arrrgust Sale! (Read about it Here)

13th: (Pirate101) Arrrgust: Left Hander’s Day!   (Read about it Here)

20th: (Pirate101) Arrrgust: New Mooshu Furniture!   (Read about it Here)

23rd: (Wizard101) Islander’s Hoard Pack is released! (Islander’s Hoard Pack information)

27th: (Pirate101) Arrrgust: Gryphon Mount and Minotaur Pet!   (Read about it Here)

29th: (Wizard101) Wizard101’s 5th Birthday Celebration is announced (Read about it Here)

30th: (Pirate101) Henchman come to the Crown Shop! (Read about it Here)

2nd: (Wizard101) Happy 5th Birthday Wizard101!

18th: (Pirate101) Pirate101 now available on Mac! (Read about it Here)

19th: (Pirate101) Talk like a Pirate Day! (Read about it Here)

20th: (Pirate101) Exclusive New Ship! (Read about it Here)

2nd: (Wizard101) Wizard101 Halloweenfest begins! (Read about it Here)

2nd: (Wizard101) Gear-a-Palooza! (Read about it Here!)

15th: (Pirate101) Happy Birthday Pirate101! (Read about it Here)

16th: (Wizard101) Nightmare Pack Returns! (Read about it Here)

17th: (Pirate101) Happy Halloween! (Read about it Here)

28th: (Wizard101) Prehistoric Bundle becomes available online (Prehistoric Bundle information)

30th: (Pirate101) Spooky Companion Sale! (Read about it Here)

5th: (Wizard101) Lost Pages Events Return! (Read about it Here)

9th: (KingsIsle) Veteran’s Day Item! (Pirate101) (Wizard101)

15th: Khrysalis, Shadow Magic, Castle Tours, and More (Read about it Here)

17th: (Pirate101) New Empire Bundle! (See Empire Bundle)

19th: (Wizard101) New Hive Bundle! (See Hive Bundle)

20th: (Wizard101) Harvest Hannah comes back to the Spiral!

23rd: (Pirate101) Thanksgiving Eyepatch!

25th: (KingsIsle) Thank You Gift!

26th: (Pirate101) Admiral’s Bundle available Online (Read about it Here)

6th-18th: (KingsIsle) New Charity Mount and 12 Days of the Spiral Returns! (See 12 Days of the Spiral)

10th: (Pirate101) New Gameplay Updates! (Read about it Here)

Woah! That’s a lot of updates for this year! Let’s hope 2014 is just as great

Happy Holidays and have a happy New Year!



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