New Khrysalis Wallpaper!

Feb 9, 2014

Have you seen the new Khrysalis wallpaper that was released by KingsIsle yesterday?  This wallpaper is giving us a sneak peak to many of the mobs, NPCs, and maybe mounts or pets that we will find in Khrysalis Part 2.

My favorite creature I see in this wallpaper is the one with the hood and the big staff.  He has a very unique look and makes me and many others curious on who he might be; maybe a boss near the end of Khrysalis part 2?

Another question that has been going around: Is this really the end of the Morganthe arc?  It’s making many people wonder because, for example, in the Dragonspyre wallpaper, Malistaire was in the wallpaper because that’s where you encounter him.  Will KingsIsle not end the Morganthe arc in Khrysalis?

If you would like to download the wallpaper for Khrysalis or any other world… Click HERE

If you have any other speculations or if you really like the look of one of these creatures, comment below, share your thoughts!



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