Spiral Trivia Contest! [Closed]

Apr 14, 2014

After over a year of blogging, we have reached 100 posts on Adventures of the Spiral! To celebrate this achievement, we’re hosting a contest with some Hoodoo Bundle items as prizes – one winner will even win the entire Hoodoo Bundle itself!

Tomorrow, on Tuesday,April 15th at 6:00 EST, we’ll be posting a series of trivia questions. Simply put, the person who gets ALL of the questions correct first will win! Other prizes will go to whoever gets all questions correct second, third, and so on. If all of the prizes are not given out by Friday, March 18th at 6:00 EST, exactly 3 days after the questions are posted, we will award the remaining ones to those who got the most questions correct first.

Sound easy? It won’t be! Some questions will be relatively simple, but others will be much harder! Make sure that you have completed main, side, promotion, and trainer quests to be prepared… there may even be questions beyond what you see in the dialogue in the game! Only the best of the best will prevail and win the prizes we have to offer:

First Place: Hoodoo Bundle (Comes with 5,000 Crowns)

Second and Third Place: Hoodoo Cornelius Companion + 3,000 Crowns

Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Place: Witchdoctor’s Lab Housing Add-On + 1,500 Crowns

Email all of your entries to admin@adventuresofthespiral.com. Please note that publicly posting answers to any trivia questions will result in automatic and immediate disqualification.

Thank you for sticking with us for 100 posts – more will be coming soon!

-The AoS Team

Congratulations to the winners:

First Place: Zane DarkHeart (24/25)
Second Place: Logan (23/25)
Third Place: Duncan StormThief (22/25)
Fourth Place: Katherine NightSong (21/25)
Fifth Place: Alex (20/25)
Sixth Place: Tattle Tale (20/25)

*We are very, very, very proud to say that no one got all 25 correct!*



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