Spring Pirate101 Update!

May 16, 2014

With the new Pirate101 spring update now upon us, we wanted to provide a breakdown of the new features:

Advanced Pets

The long awaited update to pets has finally arrived! Your pets can now train talents and powers themselves to improve their usefulness in combat. By accepting a new quest from the Town Crier, Mickey Dugan, you’ll gain access to Bestia – here you can morph new pets, buy pets, snacks, or gear for them, or participate in pet sparring matches, both practice and against other players’ pets!

Pet training is far less boring and tedious than you may be used to in Wizard101, so be sure to give it a try! You might be surprised at how easy it is to master and how effective your pets, both new and old, will be in combat.

Advanced/New Companions
Ever wanted your underused companions to be more useful? Now they are! Not only can you set them so that they’ll be randomly drawn from your entire list if you choose, but they can now go on special job orders that could reward you with anything from gold to pets! They can even farm for nautical experience or gear for you – make sure you recruit all of your companions so that you can maximize your crew’s potential!

You’ll also find companions like Shiruku Neko to have been improved, and you’ll be provided with a free reset for all of your companions as well as your Pirate’s own practice points. When you first log in, too, you’ll receive free companion training tomes equal to your number of companions!

New Free to Play Zones

There’s a new area for all free to play players out there – Xol Akmul! Not only does it expand upon Pirate101 lore, but it also draws intriguing connections to Wizard101’s Azteca. Speak to Lasko in Traitor’s Cave (who will send you to Manny… who will then send you to a certain “barmy” character) in order to obtain these new quests.

Paying members will also be able to access two additional chapters that have been added to the Skull Island questline. If you’re already past that point, you’ll be able to access these areas for free!

Much, Much More!

Doubloons. Mark and Recall. New class badges. Skyway chat. Combat graphical effects. A new accessory slot. New interfaces. Expanded dungeons. New (awesome!) Crown Shop weapons for each level and class. There’s so much to list that it wouldn’t be possible for us to say it all – check out the entire update notes to read more!




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