What’s New to Fishing?

Nov 11, 2014

Test Realm has been released! With the Test Realm release, not only are we seeing some fishing tweaks but also new fish and new fishing locations!


On the bottom right of your Angler’s Tome, you will see an icon that will bring up a pop up.  This pop up consists of the following: total amount of fish caught, total amount of different fish species caught, total number of small fry caught, and total number of whoppers caught.

You will be able to see when someone gains a fishing level around you.

There is a new badge when you catch a total of 2,500 fish!

New Fishing Locations

With this update, we are introduced to four new locations with dungeons…. and FISH!

To point out some of the most significant fish that will be useful to catch in these new locations: Ninja Fish, Samurai Fish, Jolted Dekoi, Jackson Pollock, and more!

Check out our “Sort by World” page on the Fishing Database to see what is in each location.  More information will be added to the pages so keep an eye out!

New Fish

In these new locations, there is a total of seven new fish!  Click the name of the fish to send you to the page with the information about the new fish.

With this update there is a total of 75 fish species that have been added to the game!




Pit Bull Shark

Kid Carp


Royal Gurnard

and… More!

Mega Snacks can now be crafted… with fish!  Here are the mega snacks that can be crafted:

Cherry Tomato

Bad Honeyed Dates

Golden Wheat Bread

Caramel Corn

Cubby Broccoli

Fruit and Nut Bar

Killer Kumquat

Mystic Dragon Fruit

Captain Cantaloupe

Crab Knight Cakes

Muscle Sprouts

Sunflower Hearts

There are craftable Tapestries to the new areas!  Here are two out of four of the tapestry recipes:

Kembaalung Tapestry

There are new multi-aquariums!  These new aquariums hold NINE fish!  Here are the six new multi-aquariums:

Regular Small Fry Multi-Aquarium

Regular Keeper Multi-Aquarium

Tall Small Fry Multi-Aquarium

Tall Keeper Multi-Aquarium

Large Small Fry Multi-Aquarium

Large Keeper Multi-Aquarium

You can now craft new decks!  Here are the school specific decks:

Storm – Cards of the Hallowing Wolf

Ice – Village of Carpathes Case

Life – Tatyana’s Lost Tarot

Balance – Set of the Lovelorn Spirit

Death – Lord of Death’s Hand

Fire – Dragonbone Pasteboards

Myth – Deck of the Bound Spirit

That’s a wrap!  Let us know what you think about these new additions to the game in the comments.  What are you hoping to see in the future?  Look out for these updates coming to live in the coming weeks!



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