Scrip Farming!

Dec 18, 2014

Scrip is one of the many new additions with Pirate101’s newest update… and it’s certainly our favorite! What makes this new currency awesome is the fact that it encourages group play and makes nautical ship sinking parties worthwhile for even max level pirate captains!

If you haven’t seen yet, the Black Market can be accessed through the Skull Island Bazaar… but Squid Viscous won’t accept gold. You’ll have to pay him Scrip, a new type of currency. There are a couple of ways to get Scrip, but by far the easiest is to sink ships out in the Skyways – the further you go from Skull Island, the more Scrip you’ll receive. Not every ship will drop Scrip, and if they do, you’ll receive a random amount, generally between 1 and 14. This may not seem like very much, but after a little while of sinking ships, you’ll be earning plenty of Scrip!

Recently, many players have been organizing farming events to collect Scrip – these are a great way to meet others and all work together
to earn the maximum amount of rewards for your character. If you prefer to sink ships alone, that’s fine too – it may be more of a challenge, but what makes this feature especially cool is that you’re free to go at your own pace in collecting Scrip.

If you’re looking for a good place to start farming, try Marleybone or Aquila. Not only will these worlds tend to drop higher amounts, but you can easily find bosses in the skyway – in Marleybone, you can even find a Turret, which will always drop Scrip. Turrets are tough to sink, though, so make sure you bring a team if you’re looking to fight them! If you want to take a short break from questing, try heading over to the Achaean Way in Avery realm… you might just find a couple pirates challenging Pluton or Spartacos for their Scrip!

So, what can you buy with Scrip? Well… lots of things! And by lots, I mean LOTS – gear, housing, doubloons, accessories, pets, you name it
– even a modified ship cabin that you can’t find anywhere else! This ship cabin comes with a second floor, but be warned: it’s very expensive at a price of 25,000 Scrip, making it the most difficult item to acquire in the Black Market.

Looking for a bit less of a challenge? Try the gear sets, the battle standards, housing dividers, or simply a pet or an accessory – all
of these are great and will help customize your character. If you’re daring enough to save up for that ship cabin, it’ll take lots and lots of ships… supposing that you can get Scrip from one in every four ships, it’ll take a little more than thirteen thousand ships to earn enough… but who’s counting, right?

As of right now, I’ve been farming in both Marleybone and Aquila for Scrip, and have received a good amount – I’m aiming to buy the gear
set for 5,000 Scrip to let everyone know that I’m an expert ship sinker!

Here is my progress in collecting Scrip over the past few days:

What are you looking to buy with Scrip? Have you started
farming for it yet? Let us know in the comments!



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