AOS Blogaversary-Scrapbook Contest! [CLOSED]

Mar 24, 2015

It’s our second Blogaversary, and it’s been a wild ride with many memories! In celebration of this great event, we want to have you guys make some memories too…by making a scrapbook!

Every day at 4pm Eastern time, we will be editing this post to give you clever wizards 1 clue (total 10) which will lead you to 10 different locations found throughout the spiral.  Finding all of the locations and submitting them correctly will reap fantastic rewards!

What you have to doEach clue will be in the form of a riddle. Your job is to solve the riddle, travel to the location it refers to in game, and take a screenshot. To be valid, screenshots must have the menu chat phrase “Let’s go,”  (Activities→ Let’s go… → Let’s go) somewhere in the picture. Entries will be invalid if this phrase is not included.

Note: You will NOT need to fight any creatures to get to any of these locations.

Rules1. Winners will be determined based on the time we receive your email with ALL correct screenshots.2. A level requirement is not necessarily required, but it would be handy to have had finished the game, as we will be using the whole spiral for this contest.3. You may work with others, but each person must enter this contest separately.

How to enter1. Take a screenshot of 10 different locations that refer to each of the 10 different clues.2. The menu chat phrase “Let’s go” must be in each screenshot.3. Your wizard name must be in each screenshot. (Options → Adjust Gameplay Options → Overhead Names)

4. Submit your entry with all of your pictures via email to with the subject “AOS Scrapbook Contest.”


1. A doodle for you, a doodle for me,you may just find one near a tree.

2. Everytime I pass, my envy does grow, 
however the key is to not let it show.

3. The place is the same, but the people change,  
each with their own unique timerange.

4. One of the mysteries that started it all, 
look over and you just might fall.

5. A secret path between light and dark, 
through it new knowledge is sure to spark.

6. I’ve never seen someone more focused in the spiral, It’s no surprise his thoughts went viral.

7. A giant bug greets you here, Where is here? The end is near…

8. Home to one very notorious ghoul, Just outside is a mana pool.

9. When you need to cheat the cheat, there is one vendor you’ll often greet.

10. One person looked after us all the way through, always giving advice and often leaving a clue.


1st and 2nd Place:Evergreen Bundle
3rd and 4th Place:10,000 Crowns
5th-9th Place:5,000 CrownsUPDATE:
End date is April 13th at 11:59pm CST!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send an email to, tweet us at @OfficialAotS, or ask us in the comments below! Good luck!

1. Mooshu – Tree in the tree of life
2. Zafaria – Magma Peas next to the gardener
3. Wizard City – Fountain in the Shopping Disctrict
4. Wizard City – Death School in Ravenwood OR Nightside
5. Wizard City – Behind the waterfall in The Commons
6. Azteca – Philosoraptor in Mangrove Marsh
7. Khrysalis – Bug statue in the Shadow Palace
8. Khrysalis – Outside the Graveyard sigils
9. Zafaria – Treasure Card vendor in the Baobab Crown
10. Wintertusk – Grandmother Raven

Answer Explanations
1. The doodlefish and dooflefishette can be found in the water next to the main tree in the tree of life.
2. Many people want Magma Peas=Envy. Grow=seeds grow.
3. The fountain is always there, but the people who come visit it change depending on the time of year.
4. The mystery of the death school was introduced in the very beginning of the game. The gap is big, so you might fall.
5. Commons is a bright and cheerful place. The passageway through the waterfall leads to Nightside, a very dark place. You are able to train spells at the death school=”New knowledge is sure to spark.”
6. The raptor always looks like he’s thinking. “Viral” was a hint to memes, which is what the raptor reminds many people of.
7. A giant bug statue greets you in the Shadow Palace. The end of the game is very close to here.
8. Notorious Ghoul=Undead Mali. Outside the sigils is known to have lots of mana wisps.
9. Cheats can often be dispelled by dispels. The ZF vendor is the only vendor who sells all of the dispels.
10. Grandmother Raven is our narrator and helps us through every journey.

Anyone who posted an entry won!  You should have received an email with your prize.



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