Wizard101 Spring Update – What we know so far

Mar 24, 2015

There’s been lots of teasers for the upcoming spring update to the Wizard101 game, and today with the release of this detailed MMORPG article which outlines what exactly “Bedazzling” is, it’s time to get on board the Test Realm hype train and examine what we know so far!

Socket System

The first update – and probably the major update for Spring- to the game would be the new Socket System, which allows Wizards to add specific jewels to “Socket Slots” in their gear. Currently, the system is limited to just Rings, Athames, Amulets and Decks; to maintain the “Equilibrium” of the game but Leah Ruben, a Producer of Wizard101 hasn’t ruled out adding jewel slots to clothing in the future.

Credit: MMORPG

Wizards over the level 15 will be able to start learning the art of bedazzling by visiting Katherine RockHammer in the shopping district;

Jewels will be able to be obtained through quests, creature drops, fishing and crafting. There are four shapes of jewels: Tear, Triangle and two others. Jewels will allow you to add additional stats to preexisting gear, such as Critical Boost, Accuracy, Resist, Flat Damage [etc] and even Spells. According to Leah, there are over 7 BILLION combinations of Jewels.

Fishing in Dragonspyre/Fishing Update!

That’s right, fish will now come pre-cooked (Just Kidding) because anglers will soon be able to fish in the lava ponds of Dragonspyre!

What types of fish do you think we’ll be seeing, tell us what you think in the comments!

Side Quests/Expansion of Worlds

The last update hinted by the Wizard101 Vine account is the expansion of previous worlds and side quests such as Dragonspyre, with additions of the Patt Minotaur and Cyn de Lobster bosses (and possibly more!). Kudos to the writers for the references…Do you get them? Let us know in the comments!

Also, It looks as if the vegetables of the spiral are taking over an area of Wysteria…is the Nosferrabbit to blame?

Are you excited? We sure are…Wizard101 has said that the Test Realm very soon. When, however, is a question only time will tell.



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