Embracing Your Inner Noob in The Spiral

Apr 27, 2015

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When KingsIsle had it’s Look-Alike Day I had to start a brand new account to make my new wizard as my classroom has been full for 6 years. I was beyond enchanted revisiting the old stomping grounds of becoming a noob wizard. (My thanks to Kevin The Noob for stopping by to help illustrate my point).

  The very first time I went through the tutorial I was in sensory overload and at that point, I didn’t have a clue how to take a screenshot to keep some memories of all the beautiful works of art the artists at KingsIsle have created for us to introduce us to the wonders of the Spiral.

  When I created my other five wizards, I am sure that you were the same in that, I was in a hurry to get my new class going and just blew through the tutorial just to get done.  The wonderful developers of this fine game put a LOT of time and effort into the first thing a new wizard sees and learns and I thought it would be a fun idea to luxuriously enjoy the whole process and give it the attention it is due.

Ambrose & Gamma Find A New Wizard Wallpaper.jpg

That wonderful feeling hearing the Headmaster of such a prestigious school say that I was the one they were looking for and that mysterious excitement when I first approached that life changing Book of Secrets.

Picture 2015-04-21 08-46-03.jpg Meet Christina Dawnsinger Brand New Wizard.jpg

 Then the joys of all the choices of how my new wizard was going to look in her “Jammies” as I like to call them since it will always be your look when you are an older wizard and you take all your equipment off.  A brand new wizard with so many adventures ahead of her.


FIrst View of Wizard City.jpg

Now the excitement begins as my charming little noob gets to see Wizard City for the very first time.

  Newest student ‘eh?  Ya can’t get any nooobier than this lol. I have a nice visit with the Headmaster and he can’t resist showing off just a bit.

Ohh Shinies When Do I Get To Learn To Do THAT.jpg
Ohhh, SHINIES!  When do I get to learn to do that?

In the midst of all these pleasantries something happened that I had completely forgotten about….Rain in Wizard City.  The Commons land of eternal sunshine is hit with an earthquake and the storm clouds descend.

 The Beauty Of A Stormy Wizard City.jpg

Even in it’s scariness the lighting and beauty of the rain is just stunning.

Picture 2015-04-21 09-18-50.jpg
Poor Gamma does his best to usher me
inside the tower to what is perceived safety.
A First Look At What Will Be A Well Known Foe.jpg
We get our first glimpse of a
foe that will become very familiar to us.

I rush after Headmaster Ambrose and meet, for the first time, the wicked Malistaire. What a delightfully villainous looking wizard. He gave me those kind of butterflies you get at the top of the hill of a great rollercoaster.  He is such a rude fellow too.  I wonder if it runs in his family :D.

 Our First Real Look At Malistaire.jpg

I settle down to watch a good wizard’s duel as I anticipate the Headmaster stepping in and taking care of things for me.  Well Ambrose had other ideas.

Excuse Me You Want Me To Do WHAT I Don't Even Have A Wand.jpg
You want me to do WHAT?  I don’t even have a wand!

  There is nothing like that feeling of stepping into that magical circle for the very first time.  Even if it is the tutorial and you know you are perfectly safe, it is still quite a rush.

There Is Nothing So Magical As Your Very First Spell.jpg
There is nothing so magical as your very first spell.

At this point another forgotten tidbit surfaced as the Headmaster asks me to call him a fool.  I will have to consider if this is a rhetorical question or not.  I don’t want to wind up in detention the very first day I am here although Kevin The Noob assures me that it is quite nice in the detention dungeon.

Wow Did Headmaster Ambros Just Tell Me To Call Him A Fool.jpg

My worries are set to rest as Malistaire steps in and does the dirty work for me. He seems quite good at rude snarkiness. Perhaps another family trait?

OH He Must Have Been Talking To Malistaire.jpg

The battle goes back and forth and I feel quite over matched as there are two of them attacking me and my life numbers are going down fast.  Then it happens, Ambrose gives me my very first healing spell.  The battle goes back and forth and I feel quite over matched as there are two of them attacking

The way these screenshots caught the spell casting without a wand I am feeling a bit like I Dream Of Jeannie here 😀

The First Taste Of Wizard Life.jpg

With the help of a healing unicorn, the battle is won and Headmaster Ambrose asks me to go to his office to complete my enrollment. Seems simple enough. Just sign some papers, right?  Um……..Not quite.

And So It Begins.jpg

Wizard City Commons.jpg
I accept his request for help and step outside
his office to the beautiful Wizard city Commons

It was really weird to see all the gates barred and I was such a noob that I wasn’t allowed ANYWHERE, lol.  Then I spotted another long forgotten part of this journey.  Along the sidewalk were magically sliding arrows that would show any noob wizard exactly where she needed to go.

I Forgot All About The Sliding Arrows.jpg

I turned around in the now very sunny Wizard City and spied my first side quest. Good ol Zeke.

 That First Introduction To Zeke.jpg

Being a card carrying questaholic I always pick up every quest I come across. Besides, Zeke’s quests give those very valuable training points and it is really fun trying to find where the developers hide them.  I just love running around, poking my nose into off the beaten path nooks and crannies to see what surprises may be waiting for me. In no time at all I have my first Smith located and Chrissy Dawn Singer hears that wonderful horn for the first time.

The First Smith.jpg

I then follow the sliding arrows and approach a very grumpy looking guard and give him my letter with Ambrose’s wax seal on it and I unlock my first gate.

It Seems So Weird To See Unicorn Way Gated.jpg

I enter Unicorn Way and collect my first quest. It seems I need to defeat some Lost souls.

It is a scary moment for a little noob to approach her first bad guy all on her own.

The First Real Bad Guy.jpg

  The battle begins with a lurch that throws my heart into my throat and I cast my very first Balance spell.

That First Real Spell.jpg

I have a real wand now so no more I Dream Of Jeannie stuff for this little noob.

Well, well, it seems that this Balance Noob can totally pack a wallop in spite of all the horror stories Kevin The Noob has been telling me about Unicorn Way. 😀

Picture 2015-04-25 11-56-30.jpg

  There is NOTHING quite like that first victory dance. I think I am gonna like this Wizard stuff.

That Sweet First Victory.jpg

A kindly Stork notifies me of my goals as I level up. Things look really fun and exciting from this point on.

So Much To Look Forward To.jpg
Picture 2015-04-25 11-51-07.jpg
I can DO this!   Next…………………………..

The adventures of the newest noob in the Spiral has begun. It is a lot of fun going through places I haven’t done quests in for ages and I am really looking forward to seeing what kind of shenanigans THIS Chrissy can get into. Come join me in the areas awash with noobs and we can revisit the good ol days together.~Chrissy The Blesser

Thank you to Chrissy The Blesser for writing this guest blog post! There will be another one in the future! 😀



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  1. Anonymous

    A very enchanted and delightful blog, I love all the work you poured into it and it is a complete fruitful sensation to read and look through.
    The details are stunning and yes very much indeed bring back memories of a happy nature.
    In my own opinion you do create and add to the magic that kingisle makes and works so hard on to come together and make a complete place to have a Grand Adventure!

  2. Chrissy the Blesser

    What a sweet complement 😀 Thank you very much for your kind words of encouragement <3

  3. Anonymous

    What a lovely story to read. Chrissy is an excellent writer and describes the experience as a noob a pleasant experience. I know that if this blog was available when i joimed, it would have helped me big ti!e. If you come across Chrissy during play, meet her for she is big-hearted and a great source of for seeking help.

  4. Chrissy the Blesser

    *Blushing* Thank you so very kindly. I do hope that this will help new players understand the game better and help older players enjoy it more and just plain make folks giggle. Your words of encouragement mean a lot. <3

  5. Anonymous

    this is new to me but I am level 55 so I needed this new awaking on why noobs are noobs. Also wizard 101 is so fun at the start. I love it when people do this kind of stuff.

  6. Chrissy the Blesser

    I am glad you enjoyed it and that you have also learned to embrace your inner noob. 😀
    Mission accomplished <3

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