Styling the Dashing Outlaw’s Gear

Jun 10, 2017


The moment it wasn’t actually “the moment”- I was messing around in my gear vault and technically that’s when I noticed…but i mean it was a matter of like a few hours so it still pretty much counts I tried on the new Dashing Outlaw’s Gear available in the new Avalon Outlaw’s Bundle I noticed how incredibly versatile it is! I know, I know, you could say that all gear is really versatile including bundle gear- it’s something KI does quite well -but I feel like with this set it’s particularly easy. It really brings this really rustic kind of vibe a hint of Avalon to any outfit (and I assure you that that “hint” is pretty zesty). Not only can you mix and match alternate gear with this set, but you can easily take parts of this set and match it with other outfits!

Author’s Note: I really wanted to showcase the lovely new Avalon Outlaw’s bundle that this gear set is a part of! All of these screenshots were shot right at the entrance of the Outlaw’s Refuge house. Isn’t it gorgeous? You can just see the ruins on the left and the entrance to the main house on the right. If you think I’m not gonna fill this place with Wyrm House Guests then you’re dead wrong. Next to me is Belle, the fairy fly pet included with this bundle. The Avalon Outlaw’s bundle was just released at Game Stop! If you’re an Avalon lover this is definitely for you!

The Dashing Outlaw’s Gear

Let’s start by actually just talking about the gear itself! This is what the standard set- as well as the Outlaw’s Recurve Bow -looks like, if you were to wear it just standard, straight out of the tin, ordinary without making any adjustments whatsoever  not that there’s anything wrong with that, this is a great looking set. The base and trim in this state is green on green.

And here are its stats at level 120…

Pretty crazy health boost on that robe huh? That double steal is pretty neat too!

I totally get it if you feel like these stats pale in comparison to your Malistaire gear. However, this gear completely and totally has stitch-able appeal. Legit I’m thinking about switching up my gear, but I just can’t quite let go of all black everything… And that’s pretty much the angle that I’m approaching this article with, that is to say: I didn’t really take any stats of the following gear into account. Good stat stuff is not always cute and everyone knows that. So, with that in mind- let’s have some fun!

A Note About Wands (aka. A Longish Author’s Note)

The different sections of the article feature different wands. While I did take their looks into consideration a bit, for the most part I was simply trying to pick wands that wouldn’t obstruct the piece of gear I was showing off, so don’t think about them too much. I also needed a way to keep the screenshots straight when I was putting them into the post, because man did they look the same in the tiny uploader. I know, I know, I could’ve taken this a step further and done wands too, but I honestly think those are a lot more subjective. With that said, if you really wanted to coordinate your wand to this outfit I’d look at options like:

  • Dawn of Spring/Root of the Reaping Season | Available from Azaelia the Armsmaster in Sardonyx
  • Any other bow wands | Available from the Bazaar, Packs, Vendors
  • Zander’s Legendary Staff | Recipe available from Ignus Ferric in the Arcanum
  • Redwind’s Viridian Blade | Dropped by Valeska Redwind

And to do my due diligence here is the list of the wands I used here:

  • Goldenbeak Sword | A code wand and tough to find – keep your eyes on the fansites
  • Staff of the Krampus | Available from Krampus during the holidays (this was just chilling in my backpack and my Amaranthine Staff- which is purple and black -would’ve just looked terrible with all of these outfits)
  • Outlaw’s Recurve Bow | Available from the Avalon Outlaw’s Bundle (as if I wouldn’t actually use this in here….psh….I didn’t almost forget! what are you talking about!)

Hats (aka. Hoods, Mainly)

I realize that I entitled this section “Hats”, but I also realize that the following screenshots are primarily of hood-ish hood-like or mask-like hats. Even though I know you can definitely make some cool outfits with more “regular” looking hats, I really feel like hoods and masks really convey the right kind of mood with this look. Keep in mind that these are just a selection of potential hat/hood combinations for this gear set! Hunt around in your bank/gear vault and you may be surprised!

Evergreen Cowl

This cowl definitely has the potential to take your Outlaw’s gear in a different direction. I found that for a lot of the pairings with this gear where the new item was leafy, the set really took on this new life as a “Defender of the Forest.” A pro would definitely be the uniqueness of the hat, as this one is on the rare side. The leaves that create it are really wonderfully detailed as well. However, a con is that this was only available in the Evergreen bundle which is now retired. However, I’d definitely keep an eye on KI’s bundle sales and throwback sales, because I’ve seen it available online since its retirement.

The Pixie Mask of Encanta, which I don’t have a screenshot of (sorry)  which is quite similar in appearance, would be a very viable alternative to the Evergreen Cowl. The difference between the Cowl and the Pixie Mask is that the Mask is much closer to a helmet in looks. It also has a full mask, whereas the cowl does not. I would venture to guess that the alternate colors of the Pixie Mask (The Mask of the Faerie Court, for example) would also work with the Outlaw’s gear provided that the colors of the set were changed. (Change the colors you say?! What!? More on that later) So, if you really like this style of headwear, but can’t get the Evergreen, you can try for this mask in the Hoard of the Hydra pack.

Evergreen Cowl – Available in the Evergreen Bundle

The Cat Ears

This was kind of just a random surprising combination that I found! I feel like the Cat Ears work perfectly with this outfit because the brown tones in them match those in the Outlaw’s gear. It’s a natural fit! This would work best for someone who isn’t a huge fan of hats. Basically all pros here….unless you’re not a fan of the cat ears in which case that opinion is incorrect… A couple potential cons with this one: First, this hair style is only available during the Halowe’en event in the Harrowing Nightmare Pack and the Cat Ears are only available on this one hair style, so you’d have to like the style to get the ears.

The Cat Ears – Available in the Harrowing Nightmare Pack

Stag Lord’s Helm

If a more dramatic appearance is your thing (and I mean, walk into the room everyone’s lookin’ at you, because that’s what you’re getting into with this one) then I genuinely think you should consider the Stag Lord’s Helm. This hat also lends itself to the “Defender of the Forest” concept, but makes the wearer look less like a fairy and more like some kind of wild forest spirit- a literal Stag Lord.  You could also take this in a different direction and say that this is the battle helm of the outlaws. I won’t outline pros and cons here, because I feel like this is a pretty situational hat. It either works for you or it doesn’t. The Stag Lord’s Helm isn’t a choice, it’s a lifestyle….or something like that…

Stag Lord’s Helm – Available from Eloise Merryweather [AV]

Brown Werewolf Skullcap

This was such a fun option I found tucked away in my gear vault! I feel like this can take the Outlaw set in a really fun directions. You could say you were the leader of the outlaws, honored by wearing a wolf’s head. You could be a werewolf hunter! I love how the whole set just gets this new sense of je ne sais quoi….wildness?…yeah let’s go with that “wildness” when using this cap. A huge pro is that the browns in the Brown Werewolf Skullcap are the same as those in the Outlaw’s gear. A potential con is that you don’t get to see your eyes or hair. Another con is that this is also a slightly rarer acquisition. The cap is only available during the Hallowe’en event in the Gloomhorn Nightmare Pack.

Brown Werewolf Skullcap – Available in the Gloomhorn Nightmare Pack

Duelists Hat (Any level)

I like this combo for anyone that wants to be a classier outlaw or, again, the leader of the outlaw’s band. Looking at my screenshot now, I think I should’ve reversed out my color combo and instead done a dark green base with silver trim. However, either way the gold trim really shines. I really like the mask part of this hat in particular- something that the Outlaw’s Feather Cap lacks. The biggest potential con to this hat is the fact that one must buy this for arena tickets. Even the lowest level one is 1,000 tickets, so you need to have a willingness to pvp in order to buy it.

Duelists Hat – Available from Brandon Mistborn outside the Arena

Honorable Mention

These hoods are all nice options, however I didn’t feel like they were -super- great fits. Out of all of them I thought the Spellbinder’s Hood would look the best, yet I was a little disappointed. However, if you’re shooting lol that pun was unintended…….or was it? for something more simple these could be perfect!

  • Spellbinder’s Hood |Available from Eloise Merryweather [MS]
  • Rogue’s CowlAvailable from Eloise Merryweather [WC]
  • Cleric’s HoodAvailable from Eloise Merryweather [WC]
  • Hermit’s HoodAvailable from Eloise Merryweather [WC]


I actually don’t want to talk about robes too much, because really, the Outlaw’s Tunic is really wonderfully designed. I love the details in it! The quiver in particular, because I’m gonna be honest, it always bugged me that the bows don’t come with quivers…I mean I get why, but a bow doesn’t make sense without a quiver. #archerproblems However, here are a couple of robe options none-the-less.

Evergreen Raiment

This was easily my favorite combination that I found in the creation of this post! Seriously, the screenshot doesn’t do this justice at all! Again, I love the place that this takes the outfit. Does this post make it sound like I have something against Robin Hood? I honestly feel like an elf guardian of the forest while wearing this. My love for this combo only got more strong when I got on my owl mount. (If you have all of these items and happen to have the owl mount I seriously suggest you try this yourself.) Naturally, the Vulpine Avenger works wonderfully as well. Unfortunately, as with its hat that I featured earlier in this post, this is only available in the Evergreen bundle.

The Evergreen Raiment – Available in the Evergreen Bundle

This robe actually has multiple color options if you choose to play with them. In my initial photo of the outfit the base of the raiment is dark green and the trim silver. Interestingly, the silver takes on a green hue. Here on my owl the base is black.

The Evergreen Raiment with a very subtle black base

Honorable Mention

I wanted to include this one because I know some people like having a more armored look. I thought the Khrysalis Armored Robe was definitely an interesting pairing and a pretty good representation of what a more armored robe will look like. The red elements are what knock it down to an honorable mention for me, however with a little tweaking of the colors in the other gear pieces this could be really neat. This might also not matter if you’re a regular person instead of a color stickler…

  • Khrysalis Armored Robe Available in the Bazaar


I would say that I actually had the most fun picking boots for this project and it was actually with boots where I first made the realization about how easy this set was to pair with things. There are without a doubt a ton more pairings than this. It was just so easy to match the set with different shoes. I do like the Outlaw’s boots a lot. If you have the opportunity, take the time to zoom in on them or turn your screen to see the really pretty leaf-clasp detail. They will change color with the boots and I found that they looked really awesome in gold, as opposed to green.

Brown Werewolf Leggings

These are easily my second favorite alternate boot pairing! The screenshot doesn’t quite do the experience of them justice. The brown tones found here- and it its hat counterpart -are the exact same tones in the Outlaw set. I particularly like the tops of the boots because they flow really seamlessly into the pants of the Outlaw’s Tunic. These work great for anyone who: wants their outfit to lean more hunter than outlaw, doesn’t like the thinness of the Outlaw boots, or wants a more “forest dweller” look or just wants to not look exactly like Robin Hood...This post does make it sound like I have something against Robin Hood doesn’t it? I don’t, I swear! Unfortunately these are only available in the Gloomthorn Nightmare pack.

Brown Werewolf Boots – Available in the Gloomthorn Nightmare pack

Borealis Boots Line

These shoes are definitely a slightly more difficult acquisition, however I happened to save these and I thought they looked amazing! I found pros in that they have this almost leaf-like pattern to them, which I think takes the outfit more in the direction of “defender of the forest” rather than “Robin Hood”. I also really liked the fact that the pointed top of these boots mirrors the triangle pattern at the bottom of the pants. A potential con is that they’re just slightly awk off in terms of the brown tone in them (it’s cooler than the tone in the rest of the outfit) I, however I feel like it isn’t too noticeable unless you’re compulsive like me. Another potential con is the fact this style can only be dropped by the Rat in Polaris. Regardless, if you’re going for a more armored look for your boots these are the perfect fit. (oops, look another pun)

Borealis Boots line – Dropped from The Rat

Another really cool thing about these shoes is that they have totally viable alternate color options! Above my boots are silver base with dark green trim. Below I have a black base with dark green trim and a dark green base with silver trim. And in case it wasn’t clear this style of shoe is available for all schools! So, you have a pretty good chance of getting this style dropped, even if they aren’t your school. Eloise Merryweather the stitching witch is actually the hero of all of our stories….Don’t agree? Well she’s definitely Wizard fashion’s mvp. (that rhyme was unintentional, but I’ll leave it here for everyone’s enjoyment anyway.)


Evergreen Striders

As with the rest of the Evergreen set I feel like the boots are an excellent match for this gear. If you don’t like the thinness of the Outlaw’s boots or want just a slightly armored look then these are perfect for you. The pros and cons are the same. However, I will say that these are definitely the most understated/non-committal of all of the Evergreen items. If you were looking at the other items and going “woooww that’s kind of a lot for me” but still want a slight elf-y look, these may be what you’re searching for. I’ll also add a potential con for these in that the top of boots- where they meet the Outlaw’s Tunic’s pants -is a little bit janky odd looking when paired with the Tunic. But, again, that’s pretty minor.

Evergreen Striders – Available from the Evergreen Bundle

These have several viable color options as well! Above is a silver base with dark green trim and below is a dark green base with silver trim.

Honorable Mention

Even though I included these boots in Honorable Mention, I think they’re all very viable options. (As opposed to the hats where I was very much like “meehhh”) However, I believe their viability is based upon personal taste. Out of these my favorite are probably the Frost Covered Mantis Boots. I very nearly placed them above. I also felt like the Pixies’ Enchanted Boots were a nice option, but they were a little bit too bulky for me. The point, though, is you may not feel that way, so by all means try it!

  • Whimsical Boots |Available from Eloise Merryweather [WC]
  • Frost Covered Mantis Boots| Recipe from Kazidan the Keen Eye (Style available for all schools)
  • Pixie’s Enchanted Boots | Available in the Hoard of the Hydra Pack
  • Djinn Slippers of Flux | Available in the Bazaar (Style available for all schools)


So, after all that something really important to keep in mind is that all of those outfits were created using the generic green on green coloring. Part of what makes this set so versatile is the ability for the player to change its colors! I honestly didn’t expect it at all and only realized that the option was available when I popped into the dye shop to die other items for this post!

Greenwarden’s Peaceful Shroud

I can’t actually believe how good this robe looks paired with the Outlaw set. I always struggled to find something to wear this with, because when this was released I really and I mean -really- didn’t like the hat or boots. However, all I had to do here was switch the Outlaw’s Cap and Boots over to an orange base and gold (orange would work too) trim and voila! An outfit! This would work great for someone who really wants to feel like a druid-type rather than an outlaw.

Greenwarden’s Peaceful Shroud – Available from the Wyvern’s Hoard Pack

Challenger’s Platemail

I utilized the same orange base, gold trim for this pairing as well. If you’ve done tournaments recently you may have received Challenger’s Platemail or others in the new tourney gear line. These are really a neat robe option if you like armor. They’re very unique and I rarely see people wearing them around. Just another option for someone who wants to have an armored look.

Challenger’s Platemail – Available from Tournament drops


I’m guilty of getting bundles and then throwing aside the gear set due to undesirable stats or how it looks. However, this article has kind of forced me to sit back and re-evaluate. If you feel like you aren’t a fan of the Outlaw’s gear I urge you to give it a try. I really think it has a lot of potential. Again, those are only a few pairings that I discovered while sifting through storage basically through my gear collection! I’m sure with very little effort I could find a few more.

Quick Tip | All About Brown
  • My biggest tip to impart- if you want to go hunt for more fun gear combinations with this set -is to match up the browns.
  • Brown is not a color option when picking in the die shop. Much to my disappointment I will say. Like why the hate on brown!?
  • Therefore, if you have a gear piece that has brown you should try finding others with that same tone. That’s the easiest way to start making pairings for this set!

And here you probably thought we would go through that whole article without a quick tip! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this article and not only see what this set can do, but really how versatile Wizard101 gear options are as a whole. The Dashing Outlaw’s set is included in the new Avalon Outlaw’s bundle, available at GameStop now!

Yes, that really is the end. I realize that I usually write gigantinormous novel posts, but I also like to sit back and relax. I’m a human, not a robot…This post was long, you say? ……..Well, at least I’m very consistent. Don’t worry the next truly gigantic novel post is coming soon. They do take a while to write…




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