The Fantastic Voyage Bundle Sails into Port

Jul 17, 2017



A new ship has docked in Wizard101! I’m not usually the biggest fan of the gauntlet bundles it’s because they don’t come with houses…yes, really that’s the entire reason…it’s ok, I know I have a problem, however the new Fantastic Voyage Bundle presented a pretty awesome, unique opportunity for me that I was excited to seize!

I bought my Island Getaway several years ago and decorated it like a pirate’s pit stop, complete with a dock and several ships. Thus, when this bundle was released, I realized how great it would look (ie. As a pretty picky decorator, I really just couldn’t handle putting this on land, because that wouldn’t make sense) to have the entrance to the dungeon in the water, accessible via the dock that I’d already created. Glitching it in was a smashing success, so, in this post I’m going to guide you through achieving this same result for yourself!

Get ready to amass a big collection of rugs, because I’ll be teaching your not only how to install the gauntlet, but how to create a pier/dock to get out to it, as well!

The Gear

Before we dive that pun was unintended at first and then I noticed it and it wasn’t unintentional anymore… into housing talk, I’m gonna really briefly cover the gear and other items that come with this bundle.

The Abyssal Warrior’s Gear

This gear is straight out of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I want to highlight the robe here, because it’s definitely the biggest statement of this gear set (the boots are pretty understated, though the helm is quite distinctive as well.) It’s all about the details as usual with this suit, but they’re subtle enough that you may not appreciate them fully on first glance. The suit looks a lot like a wet suit, but it’s covered in scale detailing and features pauldrons (armor that covers the shoulder) that appear to be made from shells. If you look closely you’ll notice little bumps on them, just like real shells. It definitely has some versatility and could be paired with other helms/boots. As with other bundle gear sets lately you can change the colors of this scale-y set, but I’ll definitely say it may not be for everyone.

Here are the stats for all three gear pieces at max level:

The Abyssal Eel Whip

The Abyssal Eel Whip is a super unique wand! If you feel like the stats aren’t anything special I think this has a ton of stitching potential. It’s the first whip-type wand in the game and the animations for it are really a lot of fun. If you want to stand out from the crowd anywhere you are, really in battle this wand is right up your alley.

Here are the stats for the Abyssal Eel Whip at max level:

The Shark Skirunner

This new mount is all about speed. It boasts a whopping 50% speed boost and it’s my new favorite mode of transportation mount when I have to travel longer distances. It’s pretty cool looking too! You may be asking yourself, “where is the picture of the mount Julia?” Well, I will tell you: I’m sitting on it in all of the pictures I use in this post! So, don’t get all excited.

Tutorial Part 1 | Creating Your Dock

You can’t install your gauntlet in the water without providing some way for your guests to get out to it. This is where the pier/dock comes in. If you already have a pier/dock/bridge/highway/corridor/front area made, feel free to skip down to Tutorial Part 2 | Docking the Voyager’s Gauntlet. So, without further ado, let’s get to decorating:

Supplies | What You Need

  • Bolted Boards | Outdoor; Crafted

I found that the best housing item to use for this are the Bolted Boards. They’re easy to craft which is a good thing, because you’re going to need quite a few of them.

Quick Tips | The Bolted Board Recipe
  • 3 Black Coal
  • 1 Simple Vial
  • 6 Deep Mushrooms

  • Rope Fence | Outdoor; Ea’arik

  • Wooden Platform | Decoration; Crowns Shop (available for gold)

I use the wooden platform when I’m creating this because I wanted to have a bit of height to the dock. It’s literally the most subtle bump in elevation, but it’s enough that the boards won’t interfere with the water. It also makes it very easy to glitch the boards into place.

  • Tatami Floor MatsFurniture; Bazaar/Mooshu Housing Vendor

1 | Setting Up the Wooden Platform & Putting Your Boards Down

Setting Up the Platform

You are going to need Tatami Mats here- as always, when glitching -but watch where you place them on your Wooden Platform. Your wooden slats in the the platform should be running in the same direction that you’re building your pier. Awesomely The platform can be placed on rugs when you’re building out into the water, but building on the beach, as I am in the photo above, will be the easiest bit.

Putting in the Boards

Your Bolted Boards are going to sit on top of the wooden platform. When you’re setting your boards down, make sure that they over lap. If you’ve placed them correctly the parallel lines with the “bolts” will line up. Once you’ve placed your boards, remove the tatami mats from beneath them. Note that this will remove your wooden platform as well. This is ok, simply redo your wooden platform, place it again, and then place your bolted boards down.

Quick Tips | Don’t Forget You Still Have to Place Your Gauntlet
  • You’re going to want to create both vertical and horizontal paths with the boards, however, I suggest that wherever you’re putting in your gauntlet you hold off on building the horizontal path that will go in front of it.
  • This way you can glitch the gauntlet into place without dodging boards

2 | Adding the Details

A really awesome thing about Rope Fences is that you can place them directly onto the Bolted Boards without glitching them into place! I simply buy a bunch and link them up to create the rails of my pier. After all, we don’t want our guests wandering off into the water! I’m just kidding…they can’t…. Another small detail I added was one addition Bolted Board that begins on the beach. I also glitched it in without using the wooden platform, so it appears to be just a little lower, creating a sort-of step effect. Obviously something as small as this isn’t a necessary addition, but I’m just picky like that.

3 | The Final Product

How large you decide to build your dock/pier is entirely up to you! and your housing item limit I really liked the effect of several offshoots from the main pier and several different boats (and one raft).

Tutorial Part 2 | Docking the Voyager’s Gauntlet

Ok folks! So, installing “docking” your new Voyager’s Gauntlet in the water of your Island Getaway- or whatever house you’re using that features water  -takes a fair amount of glitching, but it’s pretty easy to do. I’m gonna take you through my process of putting in my gauntlet using my already made dock. If you’re observant you may be asking yourself, “Julia, why are you in your regular leafy gear?” It’s because I’m testing you…

1 | Pull Out Your Rug Collection & Install Your Gauntlet

Rug Path

The biggest thing here is creating a rug bridge long enough to reach wherever you want to put your gauntlet. That means you’re going to need a bunch of rugs and a lot of tatami mats for those rugs. If you don’t have a big enough rug collection to reach where you need to, just head over to the bazaar! Don’t judge the size of my rug collection…I decorate a lot. Build your rugs out to the location that you want your gauntlet to be and note the placement of your last rug, as you’re going to be attaching your gauntlet to that last rug.

Dock Your Gauntlet

When you have your rugs out to the location that you want your gauntlet to be, simply attach two tatami mats to the gauntlet in standard glitching fashion, and attach it to the furthest rug. It’s as simple as that! Or at least I hope it’s simple….if it’s not simple let me know and I shall elaborate! Hmu on twitter @JuliaLionflower….that’s not a plug I swear…I’m just providing support for the wayward decorator!

2 | Finish Building the Pier

Depending on how you decided to do things you may have left building the pier in front of the gauntlet till right now. That’s great! Now build it out in front of your gauntlet. Make sure that it touches the front of the platform, otherwise people won’t be able to get over to it.

3 | Making Tweaks

The length of the pier in front of your gauntlet is up to you. I toyed with the idea of making it longer, but ended up removing the extra set of Bolted Boards in favor of a dock that was just a touch longer than the gauntlet itself.

4 | The Final Product

Here’s my final product when I was installing my gauntlet! However, depending on how long you decided to make your pier you can potentially decorate the pier itself a bit. Obviously, after you’ve completed construction you can then remove the rugs you used to get out into the water.


I hope this article gave you some inspiration for placing your new Fantastic Voyage Gauntlet! I really feel like this unique gauntlet entrance belongs in the water or at least near it. As I said earlier, let me know if any part of this was confusing! (I don’t write glitching tutorials that often, so I never know if I’m making sense at all.) Good luck!



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