Wizard101 Spring 2018 Test Realm – Hatchmaking, Loading Screens and More!

Mar 26, 2018

The wizard101 spring 2018 test realm is now live, and with it brings some exciting features and updates to the game.

The first of which is a highly anticipated cosmetic update that has brought some very cool loading screen updates to the game. Each world now has it’s own loading screen featuring your favourite characters, check them out below.

[metaslider id=3369]

Secondly, the pet system has had some interesting updates to it. One being the new hatchmaking kiosk which allows you to place your pet up for hatching. Currently only two crown pets are able to be put up for hatching, the Red Panda and the Polar Bear Cub, other crown and more valuable pets will need to be obtained through hatching in the hatchery.

For every successful hatch, you will receive a hatching pepper reagent that you can use towards the new elixir recipes from Dr Purreau himself. Hatches will cost gold as per usual, and once your pet has been hatched with it will be removed from the hatchmaking kiosk for an hour as a cooldown, quicker than the usual 12 hour cooldown when using the hatchery.


A rather useful update to pets has also been introduced, the Pet Tome. This is an extension to the pet tab in your spellbook and tells you of every pet you own on that character, including it’s crown status, snack like and whether it is a hybrid or not. It will automatically include pets that are in your backpack, but in order to update the tome with any pets that you have in your houses you will need to visit those houses (including your bank, shared bank and attic) to update it.

After last month’s KI Live, the Renee Wooften was introduced that required your wizard to do some surverying in the Wizard City Commons, and a major cosmetic update to the Commons was hinted at.

In this update, Phase 1 of that update has been completed, adding a fishing dock to the commons lake (don’t stand too close to the edge of the dock or you’ll scare off all the fish!) and the shopping district has also received an update, narrowing down the streets and giving it a slightly darker feel. What could be in future phases as we head towards Wizard101’s TENTH birthday? Comment below what you think!

A new Skeleton Key boss fight has been added to the Zanadu Sewers in Emyrea, as well as a introduction to Skeleton Key Bosses quest similar to Diego’s PVP introduction fight with Roberto. Maps have also now got an indication on them that tells you if skeleton keys are dropped by anyone in the area.  As always, some fixes and changes were added to the test realm, which can all be read here on the Update Notes – including a reduction in difficulty of the Medulla fight.



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