Mastering the Mastery Amulets

May 8, 2019

Hello Wizards, Pirates, and everyone else! I’m Bryce, and I’m new to Adventures of the Spiral! Some of you may know me as Cedric Young in Pirate101, but I’m also a fan of Wizard101. I’ve been playing Wizard101 since late 2010 and Pirate101 since its beta days, so I’ve been around both games for a while! I’ll be writing posts for both MMOs over a variety of topics, so I hope that you’ll find something helpful, thought-provoking, or entertaining. Thanks for stopping by, and see you in the Spiral!

Mastery amulets can be a powerful tool to any wizard in PvE or PvP by giving you the ability to use another school’s spells with power pips. They’re often given up for other amulets that give stats and better spells, however, especially at max level when you have so many good options. This guide is here to bring light to all 35 of the mastery amulets currently in Wizard101 (yes, there are that many), how you can get them, and how they can be beneficial to you at any level.

Basic Mastery Amulets

These mastery amulets don’t have any stat bonuses or jewel sockets, but they don’t have a level limit either meaning they can be used on any level wizard. You can get one of these by purchasing it from the crowns shop for 9,950 crowns. You can also get one of these as a drop from Luska or Sylster in Waterworks, or Ervin or Lyon in Tower of the Helephant. The drop rates aren’t very high, but with an experienced and/or high-level team it isn’t hard at all to farm these bosses effectively.

Exalted Mastery Amulets

With the release of Aquila came Exalted Mastery Amulets. These amulets sport a level 90+ requirement, but they do give some critical block to two schools (except the balance one which gives universal block), some damage to the school of the amulet, and some healing incoming/outgoing. The stats don’t make these much better than the basic masteries, but they also have two jewel sockets (Tear and Square) and have a better drop rate. You can farm these from Gladiator Dimachaerus in Mount Olympus, Sand Squid Tentacle in Atlantea, or Cronus or Hades in Tartarus.

Luphilim’s Mastery Amulets

You’ll have to be level 110+ to use these, but if you’re wanting a mastery amulet with some more beneficial stats, look no further. These masteries give health, along with resist to the school of the amulet. They also give a blade matching the school of the amulet, which makes the balance one especially helpful. You’ll have to defeat Omen, a tricky skeleton key boss located in Polaris to have a chance of getting one, however.

Empyrea Mastery Amulets

There are 3 types of masteries available in Empyrea, all for level 130 wizards. The Zanadu Mastery Amulets are very similar to the Luphilim Masteries dropped by Omen, but instead of a school blade, they give 2 school spear cards. You can farm Admiral Dynt for a chance of getting one of these mastery amulets. The other 2 Empyrea mastery amulets are the same, but with marginally better stats. The Paradox Amulets are dropped by the final boss of Empyrea part 2 as well as some other fights near the end of the world, and the Alphoi amulets are crafted using the Zanadu Masteries, and give the same stats as the Paradox masteries. The only exception is the Balance Alphoi and Paradox amulets, which give 4 universal resist instead of balance resist.

Thanks to @merlinw101 on twitter who helped clear some things up the Empyrea masteries!

So, what can you use masteries for and which ones are the most useful?

7- Storm (Least useful)– Mastery amulets are most often used for utility spells because of how the best gear in the game generally gives the best stats to your school and not others. Not much utility, and you generally don’t want to use attacking spells that aren’t from your school. One of storm’s best utility spells is enfeeble, which isn’t an easily obtained treasure card unfortunately.  However, if you decide to be a bit unorthodox, it isn’t too crazy to consider using a storm mastery while questing for schools that don’t have a good aoe in the early levels like life and death, especially if you have some gear from hoard packs/bundles etc. that gives universal or multi-school stats that’ll benefit storm without sacrificing stats to your own school too much. It isn’t hard to get storm aoe treasure cards, which may help enough with the endless mob fights to hold you over until you get forest lord/scarecrow. Storm dispels can also be used against some cheating bosses like Sylster to stop their blade removal cheats from activating.

6- Ice– Ice mastery amulets have most of the same problems as storm masteries. Ice is a great school for tanking, but they don’t have many utility spells. One of the best spells you can use is Steal Ward (normally 2 pips), that you can use to steal a shield from an enemy. This can be useful against ice enemies that spam tower shields, or against some cheating bosses that keep a shield up most times. If you’re into PvP, you can also use this amulet if you play a school without a damage bubble and use balefrost to replace your opponent’s bubbles (assuming you aren’t fighting an ice). You can also employ spells such as winter moon which can reliably stun your opponent, as well as frostbite to help break shields and deal some damage. Ice dispels can also be useful in some cheat fights where a boss puts up a big tower shield, or to keep your opponent from putting up a tower shield in PvP.

5- Fire– A fire mastery can be used for early-game aoes if you’re life or death, just like a storm mastery. However, fire masteries really shine if your school doesn’t have many damage over time spells. Dots can really help against any opponent that likes to shield in PvE or PvP, or against certain cheating elephants who like to spam Ra way too much and keep on showing up frequently.

4- Death– Death masteries can really shine with utility they can provide. Virulent plague is a great card that can lower the damage of all of your opponents’ next attack, and sacrifice can be used to heal someone else if they’re low on health or dead. Doom and gloom is useful in some cases in PvE like Malistaire the Undying, and it can help a lot in PvP if your opponent is healing too much. If you’re in need of a Damage over time spell, poison is an easily obtainable and pip-efficient alternative. And if you’re into team PvP, beguile can be a huge game changer if timed right.

3-Myth– If you’ve quested in Zafaria, you probably know the pain of getting an earthquake in your face and losing all of the blades that you’ve been stacking from the previous rounds. Well, with a myth mastery, you can make other people feel that pain in PvE or PvP! While earthquake isn’t useful in most PvE fights, it can be really nice to have in PvP and can help mitigate the damage your opponent is doing while removing their shields, making it easier for or a teammate to land the final blow. A myth mastery will also make it easier to use shatter if you want to remove shields without wasting traps and can stop some cheating bosses like Sylster from removing traps. And if your school lacks an early game aoe, humongofrog is a solid option!

2-Balance– Balance masteries can really give you a lot of utility. You can reshuffle for half the cost, you can easily put up tri-dispels (elemental and spirit defuse), you can donate pips, and you can heal others with helping/availing hands. If you like PvP and you’re lucky enough to have gotten Loremaster or Savage Paw those are both spells that can be useful in the arena even if you aren’t balance. There’s just so much you can use the amulet for that it’s always a solid option.

1-Life (Most useful)- A life mastery is really only good for one thing, and that’s healing. But with satyr being trainable, pigsie being craftable/droppable, and healing treasure cards like rebirth being abundant, it can be incredible easy to be a pseudo-life wizard if you have a life mastery. If you’re into soloing, these masteries can be an incredible help against tough boss fights where you need a heal, or if you’re running a dungeon with other people and there isn’t a life wizard in the group. There’s also many other heal boosting spells you can train like primordial or shadow seraph that make it easy to provide more than enough healing for the entire group with the right gear setup and the right spells trained or in your side deck. You may not get much utility out of a life mastery aside from healing, but if you have one it can make your life in-game easier in most situations.

All in all, mastery amulets are definitely something to consider buying or farming for. They all their uses, and there’s one out there to fit most builds or playstyles, even some of the strategies that you may come up with may be unconventional. And even if you go with a staple like the life or balance mastery, it’s bound to help you in many different situations!



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