Wizard101: Is It Really Over?

May 17, 2019


Warning: Spoiler Alerts ahead if you have yet to finish the game.

There has been much speculation in the last year if Wizard101 would be coming to an end soon given the well anticipated conclusion to the 3rd story arc with Emperya Part Two. Many content creators for Wizard101 such as AwesomeTheSauce, Jklenk, JWhisp and more, have been discussing the possibility of Wizard101 dying following the updates to the game from this year’s Spring update and last year’s Summer and Fall updates.

AwesomeTheSauce’s video
Jklenk’s video
JWhisp’s video

We, as the almighty Wizard, were discovered to be Bartleby’s Scion and took a trip down memory lane of all our past adventures during our pursuit of Mellori to bring her back to consciousness. We restored part of a broken jungle, fought a Titan twice, and at the end discovered we were the paradox between Light and Shadow or the Divine Paradox. There couldn’t possibly be anything else they could come up with or write about that would top everything we just did, right? Let’s talk about it.

The Story So Far

First, let’s discuss all that’s taken place, everything we now know following the events of Emperya Part Two, and ask some essential questions raised by the story so far.

Grandmother Raven and Grandfather Spider have both decided to stay in the Primordial Forest leaving the fates of their previous homes/prisons of Grizzleheim and Khrysalis uncertain. What lies in the future for both these worlds?

Grandmother Raven sitting atop tree in Grizzleheim’s Hrundle Fjord
Grandfather Spider’s true form in the dream Khrysalis

Bartleby now has both of his eyes back and is no longer under the threat of the Pestilence that was making him sick, therefore giving him the chance to return to his full strength. So how could that affect Wizard City and the Spiral as a whole?

Updated Bartleby in Ravenwood

The Storm Titan’s waking adds another new dynamic to the story. The Wizard fighting a titan sets a precedent for later titan fights and, even more concerning: the other two titans have already been close to waking up before, thus making it more of a possibility of their awakening being used for later storylines.

Dragon Titan in Dragonspyre
Ice Titan sleeping under Grizzleheim

We’ve discovered that the Wizard is probably one of the most powerful wizards to have ever graced the Spiral and that they are indeed actually from Earth. This opens the door for a multitude of enemies who may want to come after the Wizard in the Spiral and other doors to explore the Wizard’s past on Earth.

Divine Paradox restoring the Chaos Heart

There’s also the hint we were given at the very end of the story arc when Sybil, the Tree of Knowledge awoke to deliver a very cryptic message to the Wizard or Scion specifically.

Sybil’s warning about Nothing

What Does Nothing Mean?

This leads me to believe that there is definitely something cooking up for the Wizard in the future. Our adventures aren’t over yet and given what Merle Ambrose told us just after Sybil had called out to us, there will be many more adventures for our Wizard now that we’ve been discovered as Bartleby’s Scion.

Merle Ambrose after Sybil has awaken and called out to The Wizard

Merle Ambrose

This statement from Merle Ambrose actually holds a lot more meaning when you think about it. In this past story arc, we’ve graduated from Ravenwood Academy and earned a new title for our Wizard as Scion. We’ve reflected on our past adventures throughout this entire story arc learning more about ourselves and the Spiral itself. Now, with this new discovery and possible threat coming our way, it’s like a new beginning with the the feeling of déjà vu.

Think of how in the beginning when we first started out, Merle Ambrose said he had no doubt that a great destiny awaited us. Now he’s basically saying the same thing just under different circumstances. Everything has somewhat become a parallel of each other. We were once a student of the Ravenwood Academy and had our dorm there and now we’re an understudy in the process of being promoted at the Arcanum and we have our own apartment. The Scholars of the Arcanum are like the Professors of Ravenwood. Sybil, the Tree of Knowledge is the center of the Arcanum in a sense like Bartleby is the center of Wizard City and Ravenwood Academy. It’s like a fresh though familiar start to a new beginning.

New Wizard City Updates

Finally, the updates that have been released. During the summer of 2018, the staff at Wizard101 had been hinting for a while that some big changes were soon coming to Wizard City and wouldn’t you know it, they weren’t kidding in the slightest. Many areas in Wizard City were revamped and updated with better looking graphics and textures making the city look more real and magical than it has ever felt before.

Then almost a year later, the rest of Wizard City was updated to match the current style of the new graphics, with the exception of Crab Alley.

(Image created by Frostcaller for New Wizard City Updates)

KI also seems to be hinting at a new dungeon with the hole in Olde Town. The conversation between the workers was just updated as well, now giving us more clues as to what’s going on. Could it be new a new enemy seeking to undermine all of Wizard City and its new beautiful look? Or could it be something from our past that has finally caught up to us and is here to haunt us?

You can read more about the tunnel and it’s mysterious possibilities in Austin Thorn’s post here.

Hole in Olde Town in front of Triton Avenue

There’s a possibility of a summer update, considering all the graphics updates and all the new features that were just released in April. Then, of course, the big anticipated fall update where there will be the possibility of an entire new world to explore. It’s certainly hard to say what’s to come, as the staff at Wizard101 has been very keen on keeping everything under wraps.

Gameplay Updates

Let’s not forget new added features as well such as the new popular item, the 7th character slot elixir!

Classroom selection screen with the new 7th Character Slot)

This big change was an extremely welcome one in the Wizard101 community. Remember when you had to make a whole other separate account if you wanted to be able to explore all the 7 schools of magic? Well, not anymore! At the same time, it does raise some questions such as the possibility of new schools of magic coming to the Spiral.


As a long-time player of Wizard101, I’ve personally never been more excited to see what’s coming to the game and the new changes taking place. With all the buzz and excitement about the new updated Wizard City and possibility of other worlds being updated as well, who knows what else is to come? Plus, the community is growing more and more with new players coming in more frequently and veteran players returning to the game as well. Our content creator community is expanding as well, with more people not only wanting to watch videos and streams of Wizard101, but also make them themselves. So, to answer everyone’s question if Wizard101 is really coming to an end, I can say for certain that KingsIsle hasn’t even had that thought cross their mind yet. Wizard101 is here for the long run.

Greetings from Wizard City! My name is Zamir Dove but here, you can call me Dustin FireRiver which is also my main wizard’s name in the MMO game, Wizard101. I’ve been a long time player of the game since 2011 so in short, I’m old. Kidding, I’m only twenty (still old). I’m very excited to be here as one of the new writers for Adventures of the Spiral. I will be exclusively writing about Wizard101 and all things related to it and KingsIsle Entertainment. I’ll be talking about in-game content, updates to the game, storylines/story arcs, and many more topics that I hope you find helpful and fun to read. That’s it! Hope to see you fellow Wizards around in the Spiral!



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