It’s Story Time: Fantastic FairyTale Bundle Review

Jun 3, 2019

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, in a magical land known as the Spiral. A young wizard by the name Dustin FireRiver was in search of a bundle. This particular bundle was so new and mystical, he knew it would be perfect for one of his brethren of the Spirit Schools. But, Dustin would soon learn he was in way over his head…

How was that? I’m practicing my story time skills. I thought with the release of the new Fantastic FairyTale Bundle on Wizard101, it was the perfect time to do so!

Crickets? Crickets. Ok, I’ll just talk about the bundle. Jiminy is going to be so disappointed in me.

A New Bundle!

Wizard101 and KingsIsle have just released a new bundle entitled the Fantastic Fairytale Bundle. What does it center around you may ask? You guessed it! Because…well…it’s self explanatory: fairy tales.

While wearing your new royal attire and riding around in your new Pumpkin carriage, you’re ready to rule over your own village, filled with some of the most popular story time houses. (Not the actual people, though. Wouldn’t that be great?) “The Three Little Pigs”, “Hansel and Gretel”, “Rapunzel”, and “the Woman Who Lived in a Shoe” all have their famous homes set in this new castle, the EverAfter Village. Of course, by your side to help you rule your new kingdom is your new Noble Toad pet.

So, now that we’ve gotten through the introduction, let’s chit chat.

Our New Threads

Firstly, we’ll take a look at our new fashion.

Gear | The Monarch’s Attire

You know how in most fairy tales, there’s always a handsome prince charming or a beautiful princess? Well, KingsIsle definitely took inspiration from that! Thus, we have our royal garments: The Monarch’s Attire.

Royal and Boujee

When you redeem the outfit, as usual, the base color is red. Your trim color, however, is a royal blue (pun intended) with gold linings and an appropriately royal white fur with dots. Now, don’t you just feel fancy!

So, we’re bringing the vibes of medieval monarch – and it makes sense, since many fairy tales do happen in medieval times. Interestingly, it seems that KingsIsle is following a trend with these “medieval” style bundles, another example being the BattleMage Keep bundle that was released a year ago. That bundle also happens to have been reviewed by AoS. By my fellow co-writer Julia Lionflower! (Yes I shamelessly just plugged another article on the site. Do I regret it? Nope…)

Always Accessorize

Wand | The Poison Apple Wand

With your new threads, you also have a lovely (not really) apple as a wand in the style of a skull. It’s eyes are steaming and it’s dripping either nice delicious juices or something you wouldn’t want in your morning tea. If the poisoned apple that cursed Snow White looked anything like this, I’m concerned knowing she still ate it.

I’m scared

Mount | The Pumpkin Carriage Mount

Finally, to show up to the party in our new threads, we have to do it in style. And we can’t do that without our new Pumpkin Carriage which also adds to our mystical style! The difference between our carriage and another (well known) pumpkin carriage is that ours doesn’t need horses to drive it. Cinderella is shaking.

Grande please!

This would have been an amazing entrance to the Met Gala. Too bad Zendaya stole my idea.

Still iconic though…

Now that I’m through channeling my inner fashion guru, let’s move on to something really important. Gear Stats!

New Gear Stats

Gear Stats

I have somewhat mixed feelings about this.

The hat, robe, and shoes, as you can see, all fall in with the similar attributes to previous bundle gear. The hat and shoe’s main advantages are the big boosts in damage and critical chance, making them more offensive compared to the robe. Instead, the robe falls more on the defensive side with increasing resist and critical block. However, I’m not that impressed with this, compared to what I’ve seen before from different packs or gear that’s simply dropped in a dungeon. However, what I would really like to pay attention to is the wand.

Poison Apple…Overpowered?

The Poison Apple wand supplies you with…

  • +132 Critical Block Rating
  • +132 Critical Chance Rating
  • +12 Outgoing Damage
  • +1 Power Pip
  • +225 Pip Conversion Chance

And to finish off, two square jewel socketing slots, opening up more room to add more defense such as flat resist or critical block.

Now, this is something I can say I was a little surprised by. Usually with wands, KingsIsle will have them fall more in line with the functions that the hats and robes would supply and that’s mainly offensive. So the critical chance and damage increase is not surprising. What is surprising however, is the addition of critical block which especially in the higher levels, you don’t really see.

Maycast Poison

One of the biggest perks or (not my words here) what makes this wand overpowered is the new maycast spell called Sleeping Toxin.

This spell is basically another version of Poison, only with more added effects. Namely, there isn’t much of a difference with damage output, but along with the Damage Over Time (DoT) that will already be placed, the target will be stunned for one round.

Personally, I think this is a great advantage, especially for Death wizards. However, others believe this is too much and will have a negative effect on other aspects of the game, mainly PvP. Levels below 100 do NOT receive the maycast so that’s definitely something to consider if you have a Death that’s not necessarily at Level 100 yet.

A Noble Companion

Pet | Noble Toad

Noble Toad. His name is Prince Maxwell

Does this pet look familiar to you? It should….

See anything familiar?

It’s the same toad you see on the second version of the loading screen for Empyrea. It’s also one of the enemies we fight in the Chaos Jungle. Except now, they’re mini-sized and super cute! They also come with their own little crown! They’re basically the heir to your fairy tale throne. Watch out Prince Naveen. Someone’s coming for your spot (yes I’m aware he was in fact a frog, not a toad).

They also like to spit up little things they’ve chewed on. Such as some left over food, your Arcanum promotion papers, or your new shoes you just picked up at the bazaar (fairy godmother forbid). So I’d be careful where you set things with this little guy or gal hopping around.

Going on a PSL Run? Take Your Friends!

Mount | Pumpkin Carriage

I’d like to give a shoutout to Leesha WillowThorn, Catherine Lionflower, and of course Julia Lionflower for helping me get some amazing shots of the four passenger Pumpkin Carriage mount. These are Julia’s photos by the way. You see those angles? Professional photographers are quaking.

Also, due to technical difficulties in that moment of time (aka me being stupid and not reading fine print), we got some help from Dustin FireRiver’s mystical brother, Marcus MythRiver.

The King’s Crew
Trying to catch me ridin dirty…

The new Pumpkin Carriage mount is nice, but at the same time, I expected better. Firstly, I thought the speed boost would be a little higher. If we’re talking about the same famous pumpkin carriage that got Cinderella to the ball, then it would be more accurate for the speed to at least be 50%. Considering she had to literally speed home before the magic wore off at midnight, it would make more sense for this mount to move a little faster.

Also, thanks to Julia once again (She’s a star), I spotted some graphical issues with the mount. If you have a tall hat or a long robe, they will clip right through the mount’s walls.

Tall hat
Long Robe

However, I do like the 4 passenger feature. The animations when in motion are a little weird to me but in a good way. For instance, the waving of arms for the passengers sitting inside and…I’m not really sure how to describe what the person sitting on the front is doing.

So now, we move on to the grand part. The entire foundation of Fairy Tales for this bundle.

Home Sweet Homes

House | EverAfter Village

You’re EverAfter Village!

First Impressions

  • Lots of open space.
  • Great for super gardens.
  • Expected a grand castle for the main house.
  • Love the open area for the PvP arena.
  • The center house is literally just a carbon copy of the Red Barn House and it’s just like… *angry demon noise*
  • Not a lot of space inside the houses, but that’s to be expected given that there are multiple houses rather than just one.


I love the open space the land provides. If you’re as much as an outdoor/exterior decorator as you are an interior one, then this is the land for you. There’s so much you can do and so much potential this house holds, the possibilities are almost unlimited!

I definitely love all the space you’re given to grow your super garden. If you’re an OCD freak like me, then you have to have some type of organization when it comes to your garden. Whether it be plant patterns, soil type lineups, growth sections, or whatever you want to call it, you have the space for it here.

I also do appreciate the special attention to the different types of fairytales placed throughout the area. For instance, how the path to the Witch’s Candy house is ‘hidden’ in the woods or how the Three Little Pigs houses are lined up in the order they were targeted in. We’re all aware it’s a long climb to the top of Rapunzel’s tower, so the same goes for the long the ascent you have to get to the top level of the bundle’s tower. I thought that was a really cool detail put in place!

Where is she?

Also, love the placement of the PvP Arena. There is lots of space around for any of your friends to watch you go toe to toe with the Big Bad Wolf after they tried to eat your Noble Toad pet. Talk about rude.

No one dares!


With such a great amount of open space, it’s literally essential to have a mount on with this house or it will literally take you an extensive amount of minutes to get all the way to the candy house.

The main house where you will find your bank is almost an exact copy of the Red Barn Farm house. Not the best move really, because it seems someone just decided to take the easy route when deciding on how to design the main building for this entire house. The only exception is the secret pathway to the actual barn but even then that’s not much.

Red Barn Farm House 2.0

No Windows

There are literally no windows in ANY of the houses. The Candy House, I can understand. The main house in the middle, it’s already basically a copy. The shoe house, you can kind of get away with. However, the area I was expecting most of all to at least have a view of the outside from the inside was Rapunzel’s tower. If Rapunzel didn’t gaze and let her hair out through one of the windows in the tower, then the Prince never would have been able to get up to her.

But she can’t

Especially considering how they’re are clearly windows on the outside. But when you get on the inside and don’t see any, it makes you a little upset that you can’t gaze over your entire village from atop the tall tower as you watch the sunset.

The Flat Forest

I do think they could have made the lining of the trees or forest that surrounds our village a little bit better. Just looking at them and how they are, it just destroys the idea of this place feeling real. When I play Wizard101, I feel like I’m stepping into another universe, and these trees sort of ruin it for me.

General Thoughts

In brief, I do very much like this house, especially the idea and the design put into the many different elements that come together in making this kind of property. The Wishing Well is a very nice touch in my opinion considering the idea behind wishing wells in general and how they’ve made an impact on our culture.

Spiral Tales

I do believe some changes need to be made. Mainly with the lack of WINDOWS inside the houses and the outline of these trees that surround the property. To clarify, I do think the trees look great. However, it bothers me that I can see how they bend and twist around the different parts of the property.

In addition, if it wouldn’t be too much, but a little more consideration into updating the main house in the village would be very nice. Just so it’s not immediately recognized as Red Barn Farm 2.0.

As for what wizard I think this house would be good for, I would say it’s between the Spirit Schools for the most part. Life gets a benefit from all the gardening you can do and the greenery and outdoorsy feel from the area around you. Myth, however, would be a huge consideration with the entire foundation behind this bundle being built on fairy tales. Death could also be argued a little considering the dark nature behind these fairy tales and their characters.


In conclusion, I definitely think this is a great bundle to have especially with the house and its gear stats. I personally would recommend redeeming at least the wand at a higher level (specifically over lvl 100) as it would be more useful there, especially for Death wizards! Even though the clothing stats are pretty typical for bundle gear, they definitely can be split up and used with different wizards. For example, the robe, can be used with life or ice wizards who are helping to keep their team healthy and defended.

In summary of the general vibe or aesthetics of this bundle, I definitely would say if you’re the type who dreams big and loves the idea of living out your own fantasy or fairy tale, this is the bundle for you. I definitely feel this could be aimed more at the girls rather than guys, but I do strongly believe that it can be rocked by both.

As for my points earlier with who the house looked better with, I have to give this one to Myth, though Life and Death do have some great ties to the property. As I said before, it’s centered on fairy tales, which are another form of myths. So this is like their mushroom to their Mario. A tip, Avalon music goes great with the outside, specifically the tune for Abbey Road!

Welcome to your Fantastic FairyTale Life!



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