Pirate101 Tips for your Nautical Level

Jul 8, 2019

Nothing feels better than having a max level ship with a max Nautical Level. Don’t you think? In order to achieve such a thing, though, it’s important to do it right. So, today, I’m offering the best tips I have!

First off, let me tell you, I do love ship combat in this game. A lot. The experience is pretty different than your ordinary pirate game and the concept of flying with your ship instead of sailing in the sea is pretty wonderful. I think Kingsisle did a great job with building such a stable system indeed. But with time and maxing 5 characters, It gets painful. I get the feeling. But the fun never gets old!

Always make sure you’re putting your idle companions to a good use

How many times did we forget about companion tasks? I personally did forget about it a lot. But trust me, it’s super beneficial. Especially when the double rewards from companion tasks member benefit is up. Put all of your idle or useless companions in a Sailin’ order. They’ll go on their own nautical adventures in order to get for you some Nautical Experience. The higher the level of that companion is, The better the NXP you’ll get from them. A level 73 Companion can get you 2.5k NXP with the member benefit active and 1.2k in normal times. Imagine stacking a few companions with the same order together. You’ll level up by 2 to 3 nautical levels in no time!

It’s always about the ship!

You read it right. Your ship and it’s level among with it’s stats truly matters. Always buy a higher level ship when you can. The higher base health and damage leaves you with a great advantage against enemy ships by far. Not to mention that it gives you the ability to survive longer and make it a bit harder for enemies to bring your ship’s health to yellow to board you. Always check the ship vendors in the docks of every world or place you go to! I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Stay in a mid range when you’re fighting an enemy ship

Keep yourself away a little bit when you’re fighting an enemy ship. Don’t stick yourself by the enemy’s ship. It gives them more accuracy to damage you. Meanwhile if you stay away from them a bit while charging them with your powers, it gives you a 50 50 chance to manage and dodge a few hits or so. Don’t underestimate such a trick! It always helps a lot and saved us sometimes!

Drop by the bazaar and check for the best equipment for your ship!

Always check the bazaar for ship equipment to see if there’s a better one, in terms of powers or stats, than the current ones you have. Other pirates can drop a thing or two you may actually find better for your own ship to buy. Even if it’s difficult to find anything compatible with your ship type, the Bazaar can always surprise you! Be aware though: his prices can be super expensive for higher level equipment and it’ll drain your gold.. Greedy Harvey Deuce!

Boarding enemy ship gives double NXP

If you didn’t already know, boarding enemy ship can give you twice the amount of NXP you can receive when you sink an enemy ship. Let’s say you sunk an enemy ship and got 125 NXP. You’ll get 250 NXP for boarding, eliminating the enemy ship’s crew members AND sinking it successfully. It obviously can be painful while questing as it makes a nautical quest take a bit more long in order to finish, but the results are worth it at the end.

Charrrge these skyway turrets with your friends

If you have any other pirate friends or allies, go together and attack skyway turrets! You can find them in almost every skyway in every world in the spiral! There’s a turret in Cool Ranch’s Tumbleweed Skyway. Another Turret can be found in Khotan Skyway in Mooshu. A third turret can be found behind Beachhead, which is an Armada Assault station, in Westminster Skyway, Marleybone. You can also fight against the Haywire Dreadnaught in Skull Island Skyway with higher level pirates! They give tons of NXP and amazing rewards.

NXP Events are your best bet for endless NXP Farming

Always keep an eye on Fansites. They do ton of Nautical farming events for those who’d like to go hardcore and farm for their nautical experience and earn special rewards! Speaking of, our Community Manager Bat Masterson (Known as Sparck in Wizard101) will be hosting a Nautical XP event to farm with other enthusiastic pirates like ye very soon!

As the article comes to an end, it leaves me to ask: What do you do in order to boost your Nautical XP? Are you doing any of the methods I’ve mentioned up there? Are you using Nautical XP boost elixirs? Something else? Let us know in the comments!



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