Pirate101 Backpack Expansion Elixir

Aug 1, 2019

Greetings Pirates! This article might be considered a bit different than the usual, but I’ve wanted to bring this up for sometime and I think now is the time. As we know, every game in our world has what is completely beneficial (at least for some) and other things that other people might find a waste or useless. That is of course how point of views are. Agreeing, disagreeing and “agreeing to disagree”.

However, perhaps some people might be underestimating certain things, especially when it comes to Pirate101. It is one of those things that i’m going to be discussing in this article: The Backpack Expansion Elixir.

Other pirates might find the backpack expansion elixir to be something that isn’t essential or necessary for them. This could be because they believe the backpack boost they get from their membership or their base 80 slots are good enough. Today, though, I’m going to convince you how more space is essential.

Read on below to know the major problems we’ve walked into through the years without the backpack expansion elixir.

Item Destroyed

We all value the rare treasure and good loot we get in combat. However, imagine farming for that one thing you’re hoping to get, and have been farming for for ages, and finally receiving that item… BUT it was automatically destroyed due to a full backpack? Pretty frustrating and could possibly turn out to be a rage quit, right? Whether you are a member or a free to play player, it’s happened to us all at one point or another and at the same time we all wish we had more backpack space.

Carrying your important loot/gear

We all love to carry our special loot or equipment in our backpack, especially the ones we use in PvP. Different gear sets for many different situations and battles are a must. Updates bring even more interesting gear to the game with the potential for use. Unfortunately, nobody has time to move from home to bank to get an item and go back and forth, so gear and loot just fills up your backpack until we’re dealing with the first issue I listed.

Farming with continuous breaks to sell or trash back and forth

One of the most frustrating things with a backpack with limited space is its tendency to get full after only a few battles. This is especially true for the free to play players stuck with their 80 backpack slots at higher levels. I feel you. This was a main problem for me a few years ago. Ever had to go every 4 battles, real quick, to Avery’s court seller to quick sell and return back to where you were fighting? It’s incredibly annoying.

What’s so useful about Backpack Expansion Elixir?

Now you’re starting to get onto the right course! That’s a great question. The Backpack Expansion Elixir saves you from all of the hassle mentioned above.

You can buy this elixir for just 2.5k Crowns to get an extra 40 backpack slots. Not only that, but every Pirate character is eligible to buy the elixir up to two times on the same character. This gives you an extra 80 backpack slots to carry your loot. That means you’d only have to spend 5k Crowns. Sounds like a good deal, don’t you think?

Benefits of the elixir?

Sure thing. Let me sum them all up:

  • Lessens the chances of getting your items discarded, as your backpack slots are much higher than the base offered by the game, regardless if you’re free to play or a member. This means you’ll worry less about space and thus worry less about having an item be discarded.
  • Carry all your favorite equipment pieces and loot without worrying about your backpack space being eaten. You’ll have plenty more to carry!
  • You don’t have to walk back and forth to your bank to get an item unless it’s a very unique and rare item/treasure. Why do such a thing if everything you need is in your backpack already?
  • You wouldn’t worry about moving to sell or discard items and teleport back to farm every 4 fights or so.

Statistics and Math

Not convinced yet? Fan of numbers and statistics? Here’s the math:

  • If a crowns player or a free to play player with a base 80 backpack slot buys the elixir once, it gives them a 40 extra backpack slots which leaves them with 120 Backpack space. That’s the same base of a pirate with a membership! If you buy the elixir twice you’ll get extra 80 backpack space which gives you 160 backpack space total.
  • If you’re a pirate with a membership and bought the elixir twice it’ll give you 80 backpack slots on the 120 space base you’ll have with membership. Over 200 Backpack space! That’s over two times more than the base 80 spaces any free to play pirate gets! This means you can farm with almost no worry about backpack space or limitations and carry your gear and loot all the way with nothing to worry about. All for 5k crowns. How cool is that?

In summary, let’s not look at the empty half of the glass or judge or underestimate something by it’s price. You’ll find, at times, a great value in things compared to their price. In my opinion, in this case, the price is a great deal for something that saves you a lot of space and time when you’re on your pirate adventures!

As the article comes to an end, I wonder: Will you be buying the Backpack Expansion Elixir? Let us know in the comments!



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