Diving into the Undersea Enchantment Bundle

Nov 21, 2019

Kingsisle’s newest giftcard, the Undersea Enchantment bundle, features a ton of aquatic themed goodies for Wizards to enjoy. They’re available from Gamestop for $39, and it comes with a choice of a month subscription or 5000 crowns, a house, a mount, gear, a wand, and a pet too, just like the other $39 house bundles. Get your diving gear ready, as we’re about to plunge into everything the bundle has to offer!


Luckily the water isn’t too cold, as the entirety of the house’s exterior is underwater! There’s coral, clams, arches (that you can actually walk on!), and underwater statues all over the place. The house itself looks remarkable from the outside, and makes the whole area feel very enchanting (fitting considering the bundle’s name!). The exterior is huge with many different levels that overlap, and there’s a neat hidden room with a whirlpool, that we sadly (or luckily) can’t get sucked into. The most unique aspect of the house though is that you can place fish outside without using tanks!

The inside of the house fits well aesthetically, but it mostly just consists of rooms and hallways. None of the rooms are very big, which may make it feel somewhat claustrophobic. There’s a fishing area inside of the house (and a new fish!), and some neat elevator pods that take you to separate rooms. There’s plenty of windows too, which give you a look into some of the (hopefully) friendly underwater life.


Personally, this is one of my favorite items from the new bundle. It may not have any stats aside from the 40% speed boost, but it’s 2 passenger which is great if you like to play with friends or if you play on multiple accounts at the same time. It’s very simple and elegant, and it doesn’t take up too much of the screen like some other mounts do. Jumping with the mount and equipped is nice and floaty, which definitely doesn’t help my obsession of jumping while I’m running place to place.


I personally love the design of the gear. It gives an awesome underwater warrior vibe, and the robe in particular fits well with many potential stitches. The gear is dyable too but regardless of how you dye it there will be light blue on parts of the gear unfortunately. This may make it kind of difficult if you want to use the outfit cosmetically with colors that don’t go well with the blue.

The stats on the gear (Hat, Robe, Boots) are actually pretty decent and comparable to popular gear sets at max level. It follows the trend of offensive hat, defensive robes, and balanced boots. Farmable gear will be better for most people, but this gear might be worth considering if you currently don’t have better gear, or if you want to use it at a lower level when there aren’t as many options for great gear.


The wand looks pretty awesome, and with your wizard donning a shield and trident, you’ll let others know you aren’t to be taken lightly. It shines a bit too, so it’ll definitely get other people’s attention!

The stats on the wand overall are pretty average. It gives great pierce, pip conversion, and has 2 square slots which is nice, but the damage and low critical are too low to be worth using for most builds The wand isn’t bad at lower levels, but it doesn’t have as much damage as the Sky Iron Hasta which you can use from level 30+ so I don’t think you’ll see many people using it for stats. All of the 100+ wands have maycast tempest which is actually pretty interesting since it’s an aoe and it’s based on the amount of pips you have when the maycast is triggered. That may sound tempting to storm wizards, but the base damage is capped at 500 which is basically equivalent to a 2 pip tempest enchanted with epic.


The pet Sea Courser fits in well with the rest of the bundle and it’s pretty cute too! It’s a fire pet and gives a fire dragon card at baby. Personally, I wish the pet had a different card since it’s pretty useless for schools outside of fire, and fire wizards probably won’t use it much either if they already have fire dragon trained. It has some decent potential talents like fire dealer, but it’ll take some hatches if you’re wanting to make it into a really good pet.


Overall, I love the theming of the bundle, and the house is probably the best part of it. Every part of the bundle fits the magical underwater vibe, but I really wish every part of the gear was dyable, that the wand was a bit better, and that the pet gave a better spell card. But with an amazing house and mount and great gear, I could see this bundle being worth it to many people, especially for the fishing enthusiasts out there.



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